They Come From Closets | My Rode Reel 2018
I made a 3 minute horror short about a bogeyman hunter

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If you liked the film please take a second out of your day to vote for us: They Come From Closets follows a bogeyman exterminator Eadie Salter as she sets out to help her latest client, a single father and his terrified son, but soon things start going off the rails and she realises that she may be in way over her head. Follow this link to the Behind The Scenes: Written and Directed By: Christian Grobbelaar Produced By: Ryan Johnson Director of Photography: Luke Gordon First AC: Jasmine Coryndon-Baker Costume and Makeup Design: Bronwyn Kilian Art Direction By: Jemme De Lancey On Set Recording/Boom Operator: Jayme Kingaby Behind The Scenes: Simbai Kanjere Grip: Devin Gordon Nourse Grip: Tom Dodson Art Assistance: Michael Marshall Original Score By: Liam O'brien Editing By: Rainer Duve Sound Design and Mixing: Jayme Kingaby Colour Grading: Jarryd Duthoit Cast: Eadie: Kristi Van Der Riet Father: Drikus Volschenk Nicky: Bjorn Bertholdt Bogeyman: Rainer Duve Special Thanks: David Wayne Smith Suann Woolls Danilo Patini Marelize Bertholdt Sponsored By: Plush Cam-A-Lot Gear Rental Aircross The Cottage Hire


santos : I got lost so many times, too much dark... But a like it

Xamon : That car shot from IT FOLLOWS :D

peter benson : Awesome.!

Cheapskate Dad : Very cool stuff

Brooklynyte : What an I missing? I liked it, I just can't see on my phone, too dark I guess... But why does the kid sitting up make the creature automatically go for him? Monster thought the kid wasn't there or something? I like it though, well done.