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Mr. Reverse : What is wrong with me? ;)

Yespacito : *_It's rewind time_*

Ramkrishna joshi : How to make a reverse video: 1) Start by thinking of making a reverse video 2)Collect all the stuff that you need 3) Throw that stuff down the staircase 4) Make a video of you doing this litter 5) Edit that video and play this entire process in reverse Most importantly, 6) Do all this stuff before your mom arrives. And make sure that you are doing all this stuff in absence of your siblings. That is all!

Luke Downes Luke Downes : Who else was waiting for the toilet paper

tomkomel : 2:09 latino moms be like😂

Jammy : This is not on reverse. he's just trying his new power

RedWolf & More : *When recommendations are actually useful for once...* Ok guys you need to chill. It was just a joke!

H1N1 : 1:18 the text of the paper WAS intentional, wasn't it?

uh jeff : 1:50 I can't be the only one waiting for this moment

Josie Crue : Me: gets in trouble My hispanic mom: 2:08

Віктор l : I’ve just wasted two minutes of my life and I’m not mad at all

Sambit Nayak : I wish life has this reverse option. 😏

Jadden : I just wanted to see the toilet roll, roll up by itself because those can be a pain in the ass.

Erin Bourne : I actually feel kinda bad because u actually have to tidy all of that up!!😖😖

matthew 2.0 : how much do you wanna bet he just went around his house like: *"hmm what would be fun to throw down my stairs.."*

Brennan A : This makes me want to see the non reverse part of it

Ashley Del Cid : The title : How to clean your stairs...

Zander Burt : If only clean up was this easy

Siddhant Bhagat : Great catches tho😜😜😜💯💯💯

youngest lord : How I wish I could clean my room after a house party before my parents get home from a vacation

Jthor The Gamer : I wish that I could clean my house that fast

Olrah Oj : If you watch this video backwards he's just throwing stuff down the stairs

Stizzo : Dont you hate when you drop your‘e toiletpaper down the stairs

Sami Abushaikha : No only if you could clean up your room like that

Truth seeker : Wow what a simple concept... Yet oddly satisfying to watch!

FoeTecTM : Lemony lime *I now reverse time*

Ben Prescott : Why are you shirtless in this

TommyGaming 2314 : Oh yeah.....thats hot

HENRY THE RC CAR : Better than Youtube rewind 2018 👍

Pärsâ : May the editing be with you...

Fire Fire : Why I'm here?

Yoga Prasetyo : Nice superpower dude. You need to join avengers.

DarkRed : When you have telekinesis

Templar Knight : *You're a wizard Harry*

Jovanny DC : When you figure out how to reverse video 😂

Pedro Pimentel : Why did you record your videos naked?! 02:02 I see your arm shirt-less

Lloyd : Just take away the "I" in the title, and you're good to go!

Royal Knife : *Viewers of Will Smith also watched this video*

aea : This would be easy way to clean up

Abdul Khaled : Imagine you can actually clean your room like this.. I would be cleaning all day long

Moist Water : This gives me anxiety 😫

😖CRAZY WORLD😖 : It is very satisfying

Bluerie ._. : I don’t know what seems more impossible; the fact that he put the pen back EXACTLY where the ink was without going outside of the line, or that the roll of toilet paper rolled back up so perfectly. P.S. I know the video is in reverse, I’m not a moron.

SwagyBoyBlaster : Why don’t you reverse the like button

Transparent : I bet cleaning up after the vid sucked

Stephen : This is the least creative thing I’ve ever seen in my life

James King : Who else was waiting for the toilet paper

justNessi : The shirt folding itself was sooo smooth and I got goosebumps bc it was so satisfying

Charlize Downey : When your mom tells you to clean your room

Forenzyx : The toilet paper was the best one!