I made an L3-37 "Alexa" -- Solo: A Star Wars Story

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Los Los : Would love a tutorial for the RPI and alexas

Buckethead Props : Wow epic build! Such a cool idea....wait....stop giving me ideas!! 😄😄

Jojo : So cool! Upvote for a Raspberry Pi Alexa video! Love the the integration of the faux wires and the functional wires in your build. Excellent job. SUBSCRIBED!!

Dank Meme : Someone should try doing an R2 build (Have the servo spin parallel for the head of R2D2)

James Sowin : Does the head only tilt up and down or does it also tilt left and right? I thought I saw you had two servos mounted in there. One attached to the other for an extra axis of rotation. That would be cool if while it is talking it can randomly tilt it's head left and right a little bit. EDIT: also is there any expected time frame for the next chopper video? It's really amazing watching you design and work on it. Keep up the great work. Your videos are awesome. You can go more into detail about the build process and electronics specifically. I could watch your videos all day.

Nathan Allan : Great work, man! I built a droid of my own, and this type of Arduino application looks perfect for it. Not so sure about the Amazon stuff, kinda paranoid about anything to do with that (Alexa weirdness). The head on my droid is similar in shape, so might copy a few of the ideas you had here. Awesome!

Where Nerdy is Cool! : Wow! Very very cool!

Matthew Brown : That was amazing man!

Bryan ONeill : Amazing. Great job.

Adam Le Tarouilly : That is amazingly big

Doom Assassin : Amazing

Matt Fleming : Great job!

Haydon Beagley : I want one! ☺️👍

Potent Printables : Great job; love it! I always appreciate the little details you put in your videos. The Zoolander clip had me cracking up!

Keith Applegarth : Yes please. Tutorials for RPI and Alexa...

Your Average Otaku : This is awesome. You earned a sub.

nigmaxus : Yes I would be interested in rpi guide for Amazon alexia

Riku Forsman : So cool! Make one with HK-47 head and make him call you a meatbag!

Volt the Robot : This is awesome! :D

Paul Corona : Worst character in Star Wars. Good job tho.

Josh Wilcox : you know the good this about this? This L3 is NOT a feminist demanding equal rights AND it's a better version of L3 than the one in the movie

J-154 : Super cool work dude! Great, now I can keep myself updated on the current amount of genders, ask for forgiveness for my white privilege and have someone constantly scold me while I enjoy my dairy products and gluten.

burnzy3210 : they actually named a robot in star wars "1337"?! wow now i hate star wars _even_ more

The Smugglers Room : Absolutely well done! Love the build!

miquel mancera : Hey!! Here Trooper Revenge, thats amazing I want to see more xD

Raspberry Pi : love it love it LOVE IT LOVE IT LOOOOOOOVE ITTTTTTTTT!!!!!!

cdpetee : L3, I'm gonna flip your switch!  "Like you could FIND IT!"  LOL!!!

lil ginga : Every time you said „Alexa“ my Amazon echo turned on😂💆🏻‍♂️

Hackster.io : Fantastic! We shared on our blog.... would love to see full tutorial on Hackster.io, too!

TheGimmieshelter : Well Done! That is awesome work!

Shreknos : We just need the whole body

M Pixel : L3-37 is a horrible character.

Marco Junarta / TTP : this is awesomee

Your Average Otaku : Cool

Dirk's NUMA Files : This is pretty epic. You did a great job covering the programming of the raspberry. But I'd like to see more on configuring and setting up the servos. That is utterly foreign to me

RoPower : I subscribed!

Gary Parks : Question??? what infill do you like to print this at?

Justin Medina : Could you do an in-depth tutorial? I'm trying to re create your project with a different character. Also how did you get the head to move when activated

Gary Parks : Question? Should I start knocking out the printing?

Chad Olson : I would love to see a guide on the rpi Alexa build. I had some pretty good success installing the google voice aiy kit on my raspberry pi, but I never could get the alexa sdk to work properly. Do you suppose the voice hat will work with the alexa sdk as well?

Vaders Pain : Someone please take my money. I can finish and paint. That’s what I do but this is just too awesome!!

Steele Smith : I'd love to see a tutorial on the Raspberry Pi and Alexa. Really nice work on this, it's a fantastic project and well done. Thanks so much for documenting it so well.

STICKY ANIMATIONS : You made a fake plen cube

Coleman Becker : Dude great video now I want a battle Droid head. Roger Roger

Michael Banados : Yes an RPI Alexa toutorial would be fun

mysteriousfox88 : why would you do something for the worse part of the movie

Rick Childers : The Raspberry Pi and Alexa Voice services tutorial would be great

hoozyrdady : Excellent job with this build! Yes please for the raspberry pi video!

Eobard Thawne : It would be more awesome if you could change the voice.

David Green : YES PLEASE do a tutorial.