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You want a Wolfdog, but which mix is best? Do you go for a Husky Wolf mix, a Malamute Wolf mix or a German Shepherd Wolf Mix? Wolf Girl Anneka Svenska has owned and worked with full blood wolves, wolfdogs and owned all of the above breeds - she will go through each breed explaining which ones she feels are the best bred with a wolf. To subscribe to both Anneka's GreenWorldTV channels click here: (Animal Watch) http://www.youtube.com/c/annekasvenska and (GreenWorldTV News) http://www.youtube.com/c/greenworldtvwildlife Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/gwtvanimalnews http://twitter.com/annekasvenska?lang=en Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GreenWorldTV... https://www.facebook.com/annekasvenskaofficial/ Instagram: @GreenWorldTV & @annekasvenskaofficial Website: www.greenworldtv.com Anneka's website: www.annekasvenska.com


Aileene : For those who are curious, Samoyeds are 50% floof and 50% cloud.

Smurfie : I'm gonna breed a Tiger with my cat

Jason McCoy : i owned an f1 1/8 german sheapard 7/8 canadian timber wolf and he was a hand full. he was very protective of my family and very unpredictable in town around other people.we live out in the mountains of idaho so he had plenty of space to run around.he was a strong 125 pounds and stood at my waiste. there was very little training him other then the basics. he lived a healthy life of 12 years but l don't think i would be able to handle an animal like this again at my age now.

reddphoenix16 : I find it funny when the pictures of the dogs are appearing looking all fierce and then there’s the picture of a Samoyed like a boy smiling ready for school 😂😂💀💀💀

Heather Williamson : You missed out on mentioning the best one; the Norwegian Elkhound. The Elkhound is decended from self domesticated Grey Wolf.

Lady Wolf : I breed Wolfdogs.. My alpha female is my profile pic.. White German Shepherd and Arctic Wolf Hybrid.. I will not sell a puppy to anyone who has children.. No renters !! They must take my 8 hour class to educate them on owning a Wolfdog... A monthly checkup at their house for the first year.. Responsible owners makes happy Wolfdogs..

Kiki k : Please do not support the breading or selling of wolfdogs. Most of the poor animals end up euthanized, they end up in shelters because people realize they're wild animals they cannot be kept, tamed, or domesticated. Actively killing wolves in the wild is still normal, this alters the ecosystem and damages environments, if you want to support wolves donate to sanctuaries and wild life protection funds.

flyingrabbit : What's the point of getting a wolf dog. Get a domesticated breed that looks like a wolf— like a Belgian shepherd cross husky— that will look like a wolf. People should appreciate that domestic dogs where bred to be perfect companions for people for 100,000 years and its so nice to have a dog you can take anywhere and trained to do anything— because its not a wild animal its domesticated.

Dave : My pure breed German shepherd is awsome, she's my best friend, and we have a perfect pack, including group howls, I'd never get another breed


Emma Lee : Please don't get Wolf Dogs. They do need homes, in the rare instance that they get created without the influence of human breeding (because they SHOULD NOT be purposely bred,) but that's why there are wolf dog sanctuaries.

Oisin O Lochlainn : Funny that, wolf experts and dog experts will tell you not to get a wolf mix

josh lee : and ppl dont realize that the dog breed with the most bites on record is the infamous chihuahua...

Cera : It's easy to say - don't get a Wolfdog. They can hardly be controlled or trained.

Lucas kras : Very Informative and nicely presented video. Thank You, Anneka!

Oooo A : Can you please do a video on Alaskan Klee Kai’s??

Wilhelm w : Ill save you 14 min...do not get a wolf dog. There are many reasons why

Smartassdroid : Working at a shelter, the biggest issue I saw were young women buying Huskies and Malamutes with no real dog experience. They usually work all day and keep the dog in an apartment or small backyard. So the dogs become untrainable, aggressive and end up becoming seized by Rangers for attacking other dogs or people. Unless you are willing to run at least 5km a day, dont get a sled dog.

Sarena Huisman : This is why German shepherds are the best

M Ildiko Mester : very interesting! have you ever owned a Norwegian Elkhound?

David Willard : I got a Husky a half Husky lab and a half Husky Great pyrenees. Love them all there great dogs

mary doherty : i have a malamute x rottweiler, he has the long coat and curley tail but with rottie coloring and he is just the sweetest dog i have ever met. 2 months after i got him for my birthday, i was taking him for his last walk for the evening, around 10.30pm, we were walking through a parkland area full of trees, i heard something rustling in the trees and every time i stopped to see or hear what was going on, the noise stopped then carried on when i started walking again , my dog 'miles' kept looking towards the trees and growling, i called out a warning that i would set the dog loose but the noise still carried on but only when i started walking again, after shouting the 3rd warning the noise still carried on, so i uncliped his lead and he instantly took off into the trees in the direction of the noise, after about 20 seconds i heard a lot of squealing and screaming then after the screaming stopped my dog returned and when i was stroking him my hand touched round by his mouth and it was really wet, when i took my hand away to wipe it dry it was covered in blood, when i got home i told my hubby what had happened and we checked my pooch for any injuries but found none thank god. the following day my hubby and i returned to where it happened and spend a couple of hours looking for an injured animal but found none. my hubby is of the opinion that it was a man following me because the squealing and screaming was in low tones and not as high pitch as an animal. we reported this at our local police station and they told us that there had been several reports over the previous weeks but no one found. if it was a man following me then i hope my dog gave him a really good savaging!! love my pooch to bits because as far as i'm concerned he may have saved my life!

icic5 : what about the samoyed, I was interested

Mark Reynolds : Great information , thanks for sharing!.

jet fire : 0:18 "hold up what's that!?" 0:24 " ok nevermind continue "

stephencarlsbad : I have a white shepherd wolf cross. He's at least 35% wolf. He's very food aggressive toward all animals regardless and is food aggressive toward humans that he views as subordinates, like kids 12 yrs old and especially younger. I wanted to test his food aggression on me since I'm the alpha. So I kneeled down next to his food bag and stuck my face all the way into the bag. He walked over to me, stuck his head in the bag with my head and then placed his head underneath my head and lifted my head out of his bag. There was no aggression and usually, he'd snarl an bare his teeth an try to physically remove it if it was another dog in his food bag. He has other wolf characteristics too. He was impossible to house train. I didn't like having to do it but I had to go completely alpha on him and simulate an alpha attack to get the point across that the alpha didn't like him pooping and peeing in the house. The intent of the "attack" was to stir up some anxiety although I never physically hit him, I did wrestle him around on his feet and snarl and raise my tone to a threatening level. That wasn't any fun, I hated doing it, but It completely worked. He also likes collecting toys and storing them in a huge cache. Aside from looking like a wolf and having some behavioral traits like a wolf, the rest is ALL dog. He loves playing with other dogs, kids and is highly social with people. He loves to please but can still be quite aloof at times. Especially if he just wants his space to lounge and you're petting him and asking for affection, he might just get up and walk away and avoid being "baby Huey'ed".

Lorraine Hobbs : This was so interesting to watch. I have 2 Gerberian Shepsky littermate boys. Both are very different, different characteristics, traits & level of obedience! Both Howl & bark, the house is never silent haha. I love my wolf boys 💕💕

I-Love-Music : U have the most beautiful WOLFDOG on this Planet***

Andrew Parson : I have a husky/Belgian Shepard mix, great dog but stubborn AF

John Smith : "Theyre incredibly unpredictable" she says as she has her face within biting distance of the wolf dog. (:

Hashiyan : I have a husky Laika/Czech wolf dog. Great hunter

superapex21 : I never thought I would get this much out of a GSD... I have to get up at dawn, OK, but this girl has got my back!!! She's only 70 pounds but she's all muscles and bone - and teeth...

notsosilentmajority1 : I enjoy your channel very much and think you do a wonderful job educating and entertaining your audience. I do wonder why, with all of the different breeds that man has already created, people still feel a need to mix dogs with wolves, coyotes, etc.. Soooo many times it ends badly. It usually ends badly for the animal but sometimes humans are injured severely. There are dogs out there to satisfy just about every need imaginable. These wolf crosses seem to be made just to satisfy those people that want to have something different than everyone else. Yes, there are always people writing on YouTube about their great dog and how it was excellent and perfect and the best and smartest dog they have ever owned, etc., etc.. While some of these stories are true, many are not and on top of that we aren't hearing much from the overwhelmingly amount of poor experiences that people and families have had with these animals. I just think, in general, people should be discouraged from ever owning these animals. There are far too many breeds that already exist that can do whatever people may need. The amount of suffering for the majority of these animals just doesn't seem to be fair compared to so few people that actually get an animal that meets their needs and works out in the long run. People should get a Husky or a Malamute or a GSD, or whatever else is out there. Why have an animal that you have to fear will run away from your home?? That isn't so much a pet as it is a prisoner.

Kaitlyn Rioux : I LOVE HUSKIES!! But they run away often because they are THAT curious.

Nahuel Iriondo : I'll be honest with you: I love dogs and wolves, but I'd rather get me an Anneka Svenska.

Random Coyote : I had a coyote-Samoyed mix, long ago. Beautiful dog and easily the smartest dog I had ever encountered. She was super mellow and almost never barked. However, she had the "wolf look" and the angled-out canines, so people were wary of her at first. But she was so lovey that the wariness didn't last. Big, fluffy, waggety tail-- gods, I miss that dog. She died around 2009 or so.

CALI 420 : Husky and German shepherd mix is a good choice? I love both

Martin Pike : Stop the cross breeding of wild canines and domestic dogs it just causes problems a wild wolf is perfect the way it is same for coyotes and foxes they are wild for a reason leave them in the wild where their meant to be controlling the balance of nature when you mix them they loose natural instincts to fear man which leads to attacks and diseases introduced to wild animals born free leave them that way

Audrey Getten : I wanna know about the Samoyed wolf mix

Jon de Carbonel : WOW! I'm inpressed, I've watched MANY " wolf" videos, you've nailed so many truths... I've lived with wolves half my life, your first pup looks very much like my first, but I know her lines, her parents etc, I actually had to catch her on my own. She was extremely well trained. By me LOL! Shy, not great around everybody, and I did have to sort of ward off trouble now and then, bikes, skateboards. But she was adored by pretty much everyone. And she wasn't a door dasher, if she did get out, she came home on her own, she had HER OWN Maine coon kitty to take care of! I've had a few others, some not so easy to handle. Yeah you got this. I'm a hard customer to please when it comes to discussing wolves! Ive met too many "wolf experts" that never laid eyes on a wolf in their lives! So that's a compliment! That said, I'd do anything for a Czech, she's so like my girl. And oddly, my family is PURE ANIMAL folks, wanted me to be a vet, always had exotics around. But my grandmother was wondering if I was going to breed Greywolf. I had a line a mile long waiting list for one of her pups, but I didn't want to force her, I was her job first. I worked outdoors, she was my guard. My grandma said breed her to something with brains, like a Belgian Mal... she had one I grew up with. My mom had Alsatian, said how about one of these? I had a NIGHTMARE samoyead, the malamute didn't put up with other dogs mainly my German shepherd puppy... So I see, you're right. I can't replace my Greywolf, her breeders were wildlife rangers, so she was literally one in a million, cannot be replaced, too late for cloning. It's possible I just found my answer, the Czech dog! Yeah! Thank you I'll sub, I hope to see more of her. Be well, be blessed, LOVE ALL OF YOUR DOGS... including Mr. ALOOF POOF! 💜🐾

Robert Vandergriff : when I was about around five years old my parents bought a F1 wolfdog. 50% grey wolf, 25% German Shepherd, and 25% great Dane. it had strong mother/babysitter instinct and she never left my side. If I wonder too far from the house she either block me off or guide to my parents by her mouth​ leaving no marks. Sometimes go out hunting for food when I was inside if we don't buy dog food. Only reason I know much is because my memory and my parents talking about her. Best pet I ever had.

Bella Noir : I want a Siberian Husky! Or a German/Husky mix!!

Sandra Erlandsson : I know this is abit off topic. But I noticed that this was mentioned in the video. It was something along the lines with "This breed attacks other dogs" I think she mention it about malamute? It's frustrating when people assume that their dog 'hates' other dogs. Or when they think a certain breed is more aggressive and WILL attack other dogs. I've read that malamutes have somewhat problems with other dogs. And I've got an husky/malamute mix, and she's not aggressive to other dogs - BUT that's THANKS to that Im trying to be strict with boundaries, rules and limitations. And also, training especially with socializing with other dogs under guidance with people that I've trust. Training yourself and your furball is essential. And dont forget, just like you and me - dogs are individuals - they have different personalities (even if its from the same breed) Dogs are the best <3

Jonathan Sherman : If you own a wolf dog, brush them. They get hot.

Nôrthèrn Ôcéãn : I like this channel so much ❤️

Marrowbones : In the mid-70s I knew a guy who owned an Alaskan wolf in Placerville, CA. He and his wife had done it right and raised him from a pup, sleeping with him in their bed, etc. They had a German Shepherd as a companion animal. One day, the wolf decided to go on a picnic adventure. He chewed through the 4X4 that he was tied to and then loosed the German Shepherd. They went down the hill to the local Safeway store, went in and got straight to the meat department where they selected a nice cut each, carried them outside while people just watched, too scared to intervene. Once outside, they ate their lunch and then went back up the hill and waited for their owners to come home. No kidding.

Tony El-Khoury : Been watching your videos since 2013...always amazing, wish I could meet you one day 💪🏼

micha McV. : i knew a husky - german sheperd - wolf mix named Dunken & he oftentimes had fun to jump over the 4m fence to play with the goats xD

Dean Prudek : Bluebay Shepard