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Random Coyote : I had a coyote-Samoyed mix, long ago. Beautiful dog and easily the smartest dog I had ever encountered. She was super mellow and almost never barked. However, she had the "wolf look" and the angled-out canines, so people were wary of her at first. But she was so lovey that the wariness didn't last. Big, fluffy, waggety tail-- gods, I miss that dog. She died around 2009 or so.

josh lee : and ppl dont realize that the dog breed with the most bites on record is the infamous chihuahua...

Frank Black : Getting a wolf-dog is such a bad idea for a multitude of reasons. The vast majority will be purchased by someone without the slightest idea of what they are getting themselves into and the animal ends up getting put down. If you really love wolves, go to a zoo or go work at a rescue facility. A "wolf" is NOT a "dog". Please put the animal's well being ahead of your fantasies.

Wolf Lady : I breed Wolfdogs.. My alpha female is my profile pic.. White German Shepherd and Arctic Wolf Hybrid.. I will not sell a puppy to anyone who has children.. No renters !! They must take my 8 hour class to educate them on owning a Wolfdog... A monthly checkup at their house for the first year.. Spay and neuter is mandatory... Responsible owners makes happy Wolfdogs..

icic5 : what about the samoyed, I was interested

Tiisiphone : I didn't knew that German shepherds had 10% wof DNA. I learned something today!

Jean Wang : my alaskan mal was the most loving, gentle-giant, patience, and affectionate dog i've ever had. he was so smart and responsive to us. he's never been aggressive as he's a lover. he's also very disciplined and never touches his food without our permission -with the right training it's not difficult! they're such beautiful animals, will be getting another one! i've also seen malamute/timberwolf mix that was extremely tamed, loyal and calm and was my mal's friend. timberwolf were known to be very dangerous and protective.

ƁυввƖє Mαgιc : My mom had a Husky when I was just a baby and he was so protective of me and never left my side whenever I was outside when I was 3-8 years old. He always somehow broke the chain my mom had him on and always went miles away from the house, my mom and I would have to drive around to search for him and whenever we found him my mom would say "Wanna go for a walk Hawk?" and he'd jump right into the back seat with me (He was such a goof ball and fell for that line all the time and ended up howling when my mom hooked him back up to his chain and always gave my mom a hurt expression for tricking him)

Angela Challita : He killed your Pomeranian 😱

yo lo : Too much work. I'm just going to get a pet snail

Michael Crichton : The correct answer is "Unless you are a trained professional, NONE of them". The trendy idiots who think wolf-dog mixes are 'Kewl' and who deliberately pay people to breed them are the people who are LEAST qualified to actually care for them.

Emma Lee : Please don't get Wolf Dogs. They do need homes, in the rare instance that they get created without the influence of human breeding (because they SHOULD NOT be purposely bred,) but that's why there are wolf dog sanctuaries.

ßildØva Dova : just get a Tamaskan, I am lucky to have one and he is the best thing ive ever done, i say that cause as a puppy ( 14 weeks old) he woke me up and sat next to me till i tested and got my blood sugar back up and he has this more than once with me and my mother . his name is Achilles and i think there are a few videos of him on youtube. don't buy a wolf dog mix, unless you just want problems imo

NOYBeezwax : Love how the doggo kept licking her.

SiberianHusky Lover : siberian husky for life!

Roderick Balenda : The best wolf dogs, in my opinion, is the Czech Wolfdog and a Siberian Husky, but you have to have knowledge about these dogs before you truly decide to own them, to each his own. Some people love the idea of owning wolf-dogs, other don't, that's just the way the world works.

Shoulders of Giants : Non-human animals... You don't *own* them, you *care* for them. You're not their *owner,* you're their *carer.*

Danielle Davis : I have a German Shepherded Rottweiler mix! He is so sweet, if anyone goes near him, he tries to lick their face!!! (Even me!)

bububububak : So the UK is fine with somebody owning a borderline wild animal, a dog that kills other dogs is fine as well, but anything resembling a pitbull will get gassed as soon as it's discovered to exist on the island...

Chad Alderman : Tmaskan , looks like a wolf, acts like a lab

RainyWolf : OMG! The facts about Malamutes are so not true unless I'm a special kind of person who is very good with Malamutes (I'm biologist and I've trained dogs when I was studying at the university but you don't have to be a special person to raise a Malamute. You need to choose a breed which is compatible with your lifestyle and personality and know at least something about that breed). They are not aggressive at all, although they can be dominant. Agression is a natural response of every dog which is dominant or afraid of something. Dogs always give you signs, always! (Malamutes and huskies do too), unless they were previously abused or they natural reactions are not usual due to the disease or brain disfunction. The fact that you can't always read them properly is the problem! You need to bond with your dog to be able to do that which takes some time. With commands you can do anything with a Malamute because they are highly inteligent! That are bored very easily (It's a common problem of almost all breeds which genetic material has not been modified that much from one of a wolf) so don't expect them to do the same tricks many times all over again and if they don't think you are their alpha they may not do the command. The last Malamute I got memorized my commands on second try, which was better than Labladors, German Shepherds or even some Border Collies I've trained previously. You can't train every dog in the same manner and expect them to respond in the same way. Dogs are like children (3-4-year olds maybe) - You need to use a different approach for every dog. The best way to train them properly is to start very early and use they natural instincts and desires eg: Malamutes are sled dogs and you can't expect a Malamute to walk next to your leg obediently - It's not in their nature. It's just like I will never run a marathon as I hate long-distance running. It's more wisely to let a Malamute walk in the front with you giving him commands from the back - command to stop, turn left, right, speed up, run, slow down etc. It works but you need to be their alpha! They are also excellent with children if they got used to them at early age. My malamute can do amazing things with disabled people or eldery although he was never trained to do so. They really love people and they are very gentle - this one is true. The last malamute I've trained reacted very positively to compliments or toy balls and less positively to food. Malamutes were actually raised by Inuits and the agressive ones were never breed so they less agressive than huskies. Also, Malamutes served during II World War, rescuing wounded soldiers and carrying the equipment for the troops.

BlueWise NinjaOwl : hahahahahahahahaha @7:46 As soon as you said they have never been bred to respond to people he looked right at you as if to say "mummy shush" I will tell you a little secret about these dogs! To train a Malamute you have to treat them like a cat and get them to think what your asking is what they want to do. You can only do this with reward based training. I got a Siberian trained to recall for an owner with treats stuffed in a sock tied to a piece of rope in a field. Before that the Siberian would never recall. Only problem now is when ever he is called he expects a treat. Like spaniels when they are sniffing the ground they go deaf. Bit like humans when they are reading a good book or watching a good youtube vid haha

Hey Stopthat : Kumi kinda looks like a coyote actually.

Danny Snarski : Hey. Don't get or support the "Wolf-Dog" mentality. It is a human motivation to feel powerful through these creatures, It is only frustrating to the animal that truly does'n;t know what it is or where it belongs. Go to the pound, adopt a big breed mix, lead, train and love it to death, but don't blend species. Not fair to the animal.

Suzette Smith : Some of the best dogs I've ever been around or owned have been German Shepherds. I like the big protective but loving and pleasing personality.

Olipotatoe ShadowCadet : I have a Germán shepard/Husky mix:)

Deanna Harby : There is no reason to mix a dog and a wolf. Adopt a dog from a shelter---save a life. Breeding these for looks , and owning one for any reason is totally wrong.

Mikayla .P : I have a Samoyed... SO FLUFFY

Chainsaw Kitten : I can't understand why anyone would encourage people to get this breed, knowing that it is often a death sentence for the animal. We have a local wolf dog rescue, and the guy who runs it says he is overwhelmed with requests from people trying to get rid of theirs. There just aren't enough rescues to keep up with the breeders pumping these dogs out. Really sad.

Ellie Eames : What about akita’s?

Hey Stopthat : Now if we can breed NEWFOUNDLAND dogs to look like small bears😍😍😍

Nethie : Totally right about malamutes... Beautiful dogs and friendly to humans, but they can attack other dogs out of nowhere, which happened to me once.

Madison Worstell : Our family had a short blonde German Shepherd named Fletcher for about 15-16 years. He was neutered when he was young, so he wasn't the most playful dog. He mostly laid down in the house and enjoyed a good pet. Even so he was a really good dog. I can agree with the protective bit, we have coyotes where we live, and they were scared of him. He may have been shorter than a typical Shepherd, but he was still bigger than them. He also barked at anyone that came over, even if they had been over before. Luckily he'd go back to being calm after a few minutes or so and just enjoy being pet. He really sweet dog and I miss him a lot.

Smartassdroid : Working at a shelter, the biggest issue I saw were young women buying Huskies and Malamutes with no real dog experience. They usually work all day and keep the dog in an apartment or small backyard. So the dogs become untrainable, aggressive and end up becoming seized by Rangers for attacking other dogs or people. Unless you are willing to run at least 5km a day, dont get a sled dog.

notsosilentmajority1 : I enjoy your channel very much and think you do a wonderful job educating and entertaining your audience. I do wonder why, with all of the different breeds that man has already created, people still feel a need to mix dogs with wolves, coyotes, etc.. Soooo many times it ends badly. It usually ends badly for the animal but sometimes humans are injured severely. There are dogs out there to satisfy just about every need imaginable. These wolf crosses seem to be made just to satisfy those people that want to have something different than everyone else. Yes, there are always people writing on YouTube about their great dog and how it was excellent and perfect and the best and smartest dog they have ever owned, etc., etc.. While some of these stories are true, many are not and on top of that we aren't hearing much from the overwhelmingly amount of poor experiences that people and families have had with these animals. I just think, in general, people should be discouraged from ever owning these animals. There are far too many breeds that already exist that can do whatever people may need. The amount of suffering for the majority of these animals just doesn't seem to be fair compared to so few people that actually get an animal that meets their needs and works out in the long run. People should get a Husky or a Malamute or a GSD, or whatever else is out there. Why have an animal that you have to fear will run away from your home?? That isn't so much a pet as it is a prisoner.

Coconut Coconut : German shepherd is the best


Hashiyan : I have a husky Laika/Czech wolf dog. Great hunter

AngoraHM 970 : Where do you think I can go about getting a Wolfdog, and how can I tell it is legit? Or can I not tell without DNA tests?

A.REX Burnley FAN Boy : I think the best dog in the world is a boxer, Rottweiler and German Shepard

Kylie West : I have a quarter wolf Siberian husky and she is the sweetest dog I’ve ever had, she loves people, and is great for children! I agree with most of the information with the Siberian husky/ wolf

Danielle Fisher : I have a 5 year old German Shepard lab mix named Buddy. He is kind, Loyal and, obeys commands. He sometimes acts like a big puppy who wants to lay in your lap and be petted. He is very sweet, adorable and follows my Mom around the house to be protective. We got him from the humane society a little over a year ago.

Marrowbones : In the mid-70s I knew a guy who owned an Alaskan wolf in Placerville, CA. He and his wife had done it right and raised him from a pup, sleeping with him in their bed, etc. They had a German Shepherd as a companion animal. One day, the wolf decided to go on a picnic adventure. He chewed through the 4X4 that he was tied to and then loosed the German Shepherd. They went down the hill to the local Safeway store, went in and got straight to the meat department where they selected a nice cut each, carried them outside while people just watched, too scared to intervene. Once outside, they ate their lunch and then went back up the hill and waited for their owners to come home. No kidding.

Nahuel Iriondo : I'll be honest with you: I love dogs and wolves, but I'd rather get me an Anneka Svenska.

samm 8988378 : Once again with Lucky: didn't know his content as he was a rescue, but he was obviously part German Shepherd. We used to joke that after we had him groomed (less as he got older. The only groomer he liked insisted on kennel cough shots every 6 months, while the vet said they were good for a year), he looked like a Wolf in Shepherd's clothing. Eyes - wolfy, attitude - aloof. When I came home he would go to the door, see me, get a happy, excited look, then go chew on his bone. Sometimes he would even toss it if he was feeling particularly happy. There were people he liked, people he accepted, and people to whom he was indifferent. Every once in awhile in our walks, he would get very alarmed about an individual and insert himself between me and the person. Once he did this and seemed as if he would attack if the man got closer. Lucky preferred that he and I hike the woods rather than go to the dog park. He liked to smell the ground, then go on his way. After he hit 2 years old, he just used to look at the dogs running around, but show no interest in playing with them.

The_AlphaIndoWolf : I've had lots of experience with a Alaska husky and golden retrievers and every dog I see always likes me in a big dog person so what gen would be good for me

News that matter : Breeding two f1 will produce something even more unpredictable than 50/50 split. You can actually get a pure wolf fom f1 crosses and a full dog out of that f1 as well.

Dagmar Heinz : leave the wolf alone ...most ppl. can not even handle a wiener dog.

flyingrabbit : What's the point of getting a wolf dog. Get a domesticated breed that looks like a wolf— like a Belgian shepherd cross husky— that will look like a wolf. People should appreciate that domestic dogs where bred to be perfect companions for people for 100,000 years and its so nice to have a dog you can take anywhere and trained to do anything— because its not a wild animal its domesticated.

Andreas : what is the name of the background music? 00:30