The real reason Boeing's new plane crashed twice
The real reason Boeings new plane crashed twice

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This isn’t just a computer bug. It’s a scandal. Join the Video Lab! Two Boeing airplanes have fallen out of the air and crashed in the past six months. On the surface, this is a technical failure. But the real story is about a company's desire to beat their rival. Read about Boeing's efforts to get the 737 Max reinstated for flight here: is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out Watch our full video catalog: Follow Vox on Facebook: Or Twitter:


Ram Kumar : Fixing a hardware problem with a software fix 🤔

ROLEX SUBWAY : *Boeing CEO says it wasn't rushed because they took 6 years to develop it. Except it needed 7 years because they are officially still working on it. Greedy asshats.*

Val Alonzo : Vox left out the detail that the MCAS software that would apply the 'nose down' correction was dependent on a single sensor because having to build it to rely on 2 or more sensors (which would be safer) would require a re-certification program for all currently certified 737 pilots. Boeing decided to forego the safety feature of dual or redundant sensors as a marketing point to its customers. All critical systems in aircraft have redundant fail-safe features but this MCAS did not; when the single sensor went bad or was faulty, MCAS could not accurately gauge the pitch of the plane and continuously pointed the nose down. Boeing is stating that the 737Max planes are fixed but I am curious 'how' they fixed this single sensor issue. The blame lies on Boeing executives who knew this engineering flaw yet rushed any further testing for market share reasons.

binlee68 : Whoever designed this and kept quiet, needs to be put in jail. It's only fair to the dead... It's a crime

GAMEBREAKING LVL : Boeing should face legal consequences for this. Way too many people died to let this mistake slide.

DP ie : Boeing logic: 1. Lets reuse an aircraft design from 1967 to save cost, put 2 huge new engines that does not really fit and thereby make the whole aircraft unstable. 2. Then we create a secret software MCAS to stabilize the aircraft. 3. To save even more cost we make the extremely critical MCAS system only rely on a single sensor. (Industry standard is normally 2 or as Airbus does, 3). 4. To make even more money, lets sell the sensor malfunction warning system as an option, but still not tell about what MCAS does. 5. To save even more cost lets make sure MCAS is not described in the manual, nor include any mention about it in the 2hour Ipad training video to pilots. 6. Lets save even more cost by not having ANY indicator to the pilot that the MCAS system is active, and that the pilot is no longer in control of the aircraft. 7. To save even more cost, lets tell FAA that the aircraft is perfectly safe and approve it ourselves. 8. When the first aircraft crashed, lets blame it on pilot error. 9. When the second aircraft crashed, lets pretend it was minor glitch but hint that a very minor software upgrade might be needed. Try to minimize lawsuits but using very cryptic weasel language. 10. Finally lets pretend that this unstable aircraft, relying on a single sensor will become “the safest aircraft ever designed “ and force everyone to continue flying it.Lets pay FAA bribes to certify it. 11. Lets tell the world that Boeing cares about safety first..... This is total greed and deception. Boeing’s CEO and FAA’s chairman should be sent to prison. All Boeing 737 MAX 8 should be grounded permanently. Boeing! Do the right thing-Design a new safe, fuel efficient aircraft. Until then....I will avoid this model like the plague.

Muhammad Rizki : imagine when you buy a car, then suddenly your car crashes into a wall beyond your control. You ask the car manufacturer, then they say there is an auto driving system that they never told you that it exists. and here are still many people who defend Boeing's mistakes? good job

John Clifford : Great video and article and absolutely spot on and correct. Thank you.

Jessica Read : Corporate murder/manslaughter is a capital offence.

Josh Ye : And as usual, they'll get away with it.

TheOlJWShow : "You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality" - Ayn Rand

Robert Wood : Perfect explanation of the issue. Funny how media couldn't do this reporting.

Umar Farooq : Boeing should pay reparation to the families and someone should go to jail .. ..

M Alom : Wow, so a design error is being patched by a software. Even if the mcas system is less aggressive (the fix) , now the initial problem of stalling will come into play. This is even more scary then I thought.

Really Happenings : "Let's add some new software and not tell the pilots."

GK Fujiwara Esquibel : The New MCAS System And By That I Meant MCrASh System

Rock M4 : Physics law cannot be beaten with a software

cristina lexy : Because is a very dodgy plane built on a hurry, they should stick with safest Jumbo 747 instead?

Discerning Troll : As the evidence comes out it is obvious it was a deliberate coverup in order to get the 737Max on the Market. Yes! A cover up. They knew it had it's problems. The reason they did not even put anything in the new manual. Gave nobody the true technical details. All to maintain the myth it needed no extra training. They did not even tell there test Pilots. To compound the matter they even had the audacity to infer Pilot error after the first crash. The FAA went along with it even though they had the details after the first crash. Boeing claimed the recovery procedure was simply to revert to the old Runaway Trim procedure. Another half lie. That's OK if you have altitude and time to think your way through. Heads have to role! This will go on for years. Sell your Boeing shares. It is only just starting. Mistakes are mistakes. This was no mistake. They knew the MCAS had it's problems. These Aircraft are meant to be safe for all Pilots to fly. Not just those with 20,000 hours and an Ex Military career. Pilots with lesser hours. The new Second Officer! You can't have all Second Officers with thousands of hours. The 737 is supposed to be the ideal place for them to start. A moderate size Aircraft and the most popular Aircraft in terms of numbers. Heads must roll.

Ocean S : 346 lives were lost just because a company wanted to sell the most aircrafts...

Dedi Syafutra : I'm from Indonesia, we don't know what to do, Boeing Ignorant! 🤕🤕🤕😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

prospecops : Even ISIS and Al Qaeda have refused flying on this plane due to safety reasons

FaTe SkillZ : If you switch up the letters is MCAS it’s SCAM

People Evil : Boeing never told the airlines about the new systems Also little to no training

CokeandManual : Dang, the shoes and personal items from the people onboarding hit hard.

Bunker Sieben : Boeing: Let's design new plane. Also Boeing: Let's have you guys get trained on an iPad. Also Boeing: We put new software and sensors, but you don't need to know about that!

Colleen Wasner : My uncle was an engineer there in the 60s and 70s - when he retired he could not believe what they were hiring.

Marina G. : Titanic story all over again, but this time it happened twice

Jos Timanta Tarigan : This just in: Nothing happened to Boeing. Shocking

vince's photo : And some people still say "if we got rid of all regulations the market will take care of everything!" THIS is why we need regulations. Those companies can make their profits back. We CAN NOT get those peoples lives back.

indophil_ball : 20 years ago 2 737 crashed because of Rudder Hardover Today 2 737 crashed because of MCAS

Nankeen Knight : 60 Minutes Australia did a special damning of the 737 MAX on sunday May 5th. It's all about the software according to them. No mention of their re engineering of the aircraft physically which necessitated the software. Boeing will want to push on with developing the software further, but maybe confidence has crashed too far. Surely, if the Tech true believers think they are ready to roll out Artificial Intelligence then software failures like this should be a warning. Replace CEOs & CFOs with AI first. If that works, then move on to planes trains and automobiles later.

Emre J.Aydogan : And of course Boeing will get away with it because they have soooo many military/government contracts with the US government and military

Bill Au : i will never ride a 737 max ever again, i dont believe software can fix a hardware problem.

MissNausicaa87 : So many lives lost, because companies take shortcuts....just for profit. Wrong incentives, wrong outcomes.

Paul Schneider : A design flaw fixed by software and more training. Do we believe it?

Cool Pipenator : Just be weary of VOX, they are anti American.

JoeL : I already HATE flying. Now I'm really freaked out about it. Ughhhh...

Darth Xial : Once is a coincidence. Twice is negligence. And a third would be a conspiracy.

Connor H : Probably the best Vox video in a long time.

Dresden Black : Should have just put bigger wheels on it for the extra ground clearance so simple a caveman could think of it.

AttackOn Kpop : How cruel people can be just for money. All the lives that went gone can't be payed or replaced with something else. People never learn😑

EAW : M.C.A.S. 'May Crash And Slaughter' everyone on board.

Anirban Dey : Boeing is a money hungry trash company, Airbus people are way more skilled.

Rezistor : OMFG! 2 hours iPad training? LOL! Even we (tramdrivers in Prague) have longer and deeper training when something comes (is implemented) to our trams. I'm shocked!

Lion of Zion : Making profit while risking and gambling with people's lives.

Dave G : Not the first time Boeing has killed people by way of 737 - United Flight 585 and US Air Flight 427, they tried to cover up hard-over rudder problem

Bunker Sieben : I didn't expect it, but damn, seeing those possessions displayed kind of messed with my mind. Like damn, those were people who DIED because of a stupid decision in design.

ItsMeYeah888 : "Competition is always good for the end customer."