Pastry Chef Attempts To Make Gourmet Cheetos | Bon Appétit

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Abelhawk : Man, I want to work at a test kitchen.

Menthol Kratom : i have the biggest crush on her

The Queen : Wait 25 years😲 is she serious

Emin Gani : just realized this is isnt buzzfeed

Brakernight : Up next how to make gourmet lard.

Sovash Chetty : You can't make Cheeto's better. They are the height of sophistication. Might I suggest pairing it with a delicious 2018 Mountain Dew?

- Shooting Starlight - : *CHEETOS ARE ALREADY GOURMET!!!*

Red and jonny : We LOVE you Claire!

Jack Septiceye3 : I can't believe I'm watching a video on people overanalyzing Cheetos

Emilio Fahr : I love how she shows me the color of the Flaming Hot Cheetos like I'm not unhealthily familiar with them.

andrineslife : I loved the gushers video, and this is great too, so much fun and science-y 😀

insertjokehere : Cheetos are found deep in the Himalayas so they are in fact in the wild.

cierrablue : This was the first time I came across the series. I'm surprised about how much it's holding my attention. It's like a mystery/riddle that you're trying to crack. I love it. Definitely subscribed. I want more.

MLG Doge : Acting like they never ate cheetos.

Dan Beattie : lol it ain't easy being cheesy

Tosh T : This particular series is super interesting to me. Seriously. The entire process, challenges, trial and error, setbacks and ultimate success. Claire is awesome. 👍

Rebekka : Its so funny because we dont have the “classic” cheetos here in the netherlands at all! We just get the cheeto puffs so I always thought those were the normal ones

not ok : you look like sarah from buzzfeed!

Not Neo : It would be more cost effective to just buy the bag instead of running a dehydrator for a whole day (cheese + base) 🤔

Hanna Johnson : P O P T A R T E S

Jonny DIY : 🐆 this video is *_Dangerously Cheesy_* 👍

Origami Stop Motion : This is buzzfeed without the SALT

Tony, The Stark : Wait.. what? She's 25?

Yianni Kellis : My recipe on how to make Cheetos: 1)go to the store 2) get the Cheetos 3) buy the Cheetos 4) eat the Cheetos 5) Mind blown

Miguel Peralta : Imma make that Cheetos dust for some popcorn

How to Open Your First Successful Restaurant : Gourmet Cheetos Restaurant


me : have they never had a cheeto before?

Jamie Williamson : I LOVE this format. I love watching the whole thought process, the ups, the downs, everything. So so fascinating and humanising. Please make more!!! And Claire is great!

Little more Games : The classic Cheeto is similar in shape with Indian kurure, they taste the same too; I just wanna take the time to say kurure has plastic in it....yea but Idk about Cheetos

classyfacemakeup : boujee Cheetos 😋 👏

Freedamon : She reminds me of lenna the plug

bob bob : Polvilho...

vegetarianmeat : she is really pretty

The Jewbaca : That's what we call nik naks

kingtoyab69 : *"ooh it's gluten free"*

Porki Chili : This 'chef' is a bit of a joke. It's like she never learned the basics a real professional cook has to know.

Tell-a-tale Productions : Refrigerate the Cheeto mixture before u fry it

Natalie Wong : I think I’ll just buy a bag of cheetos from the store... 😂 but these do look good

Katt 1345 : No hair net??

Lindsay Daly : I love this series because it really shows you the insane food science and at times even chemical engineering that it requires to manufacture these processed foods! I tried making a long egg at home and even f*cked that up lol

Rosesare Cool990 : I was eating hot Cheetos while watching this


Thomas Cook : i honestly avoided watching this for about 5 weeks because I thought she was from that show girls.

Just-In Animations : I have a hard time finding a cheesy pun for this...

Kevin Malone : Is this kitchen for a restaurant or what's going on here


abul hasan : i want kill her becos of her attitude

Bailey Henderson : Buy frsh not this video

Goncalo Madeira : "a little greasy"