Pastry Chef Attempts To Make Gourmet Cheetos | Bon Appétit

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Sovash Chetty : You can't make Cheeto's better. They are the height of sophistication. Might I suggest pairing it with a delicious 2018 Mountain Dew?

Noreen's Kitchen : I Totally love these videos! I Love how you really break down the ingredients and try to create an even better version of the original! Thanks for the inspiration and the insight! I think it's awesome to see the entire process and how you get to the final product!

Sarah Yost : After all those ingredients...”oh it’s gluten free!” 🤣

onee : I like how Brad is always very honest. And doesn't mind telling you that it sucks at the beginning. But at the end, always says that you did a good job.

Paola Vargas : Brad and Claire are like Jim and Pam from the office

xingcat : I love how much Claire loves the junk food she tries to replicate.I love the feedback and camaraderie with the test kitchen coworkers. I love that the failures are just steps toward getting things right. I love this series!

Anne : " Brad your honesty is admirable but soul-crushing "

Mike Segobia : I am all about the streak of grey in Claire's hair 😍

Bunny Fluffball : All these titles at gourmet, but she’s really just trying to recreate it, but making everything herself.

Manya Goyal : Claire should try Doritos since she was able to make her own cheese powder.

Tosh T : This particular series is super interesting to me. Seriously. The entire process, challenges, trial and error, setbacks and ultimate success. Claire is awesome. 👍

SeanTheGamer : Would love to see you make peanut m&m's

Logo Tho : Flamin' Hot Cheetos are the only Cheetos don't @ me

angharad. : its weird because in australia we have cheeto puffs and the iconic cheetos cheese and bacon balls but we dont have normal cheetos.

Francisca Cochofel : claire is the bravest, most patient human ever

Alexabix : You need to address those Cheetos properly. Have some respect and say, "Mr President".

Aryan Anand : The way she got happy after eating her first Cheeto and was lost for words made my day

My Dog Is Bae : Take a shot every time she says cornstarch

A14M04I19A95 : I've never used corn starch before, but I now feel like I have to add it to everything 😂

DirtyBird760 : i could buy a dehydrator.. or a lifetime supply of real cheetos hmm

kingtoyab69 : *"ooh it's gluten free"*

AmericaninAustralia : I'd love to try making these but who the hell owns a dehydrator?!

Stock : The first time I’ve ever seen someone cut a Cheeto in half with a knife

Garasamar B : Noooo, I've seen all of them and there's none left.. also; she's probably the most beautiful woman I've ever seen

ashlyn woodcock : Please do a Drumstick ice cream cone!!!

Zoinks : If she touches me, will she steal all my powers?

Sam Halfpenny : The thinner crunchy ones are Cheetos and the foamy ones are cheesies. At least that's what is Canadians call them lol.

Mr. Knight : Brad and Claire got something going on. I can see in their eyes in every video

Victor England : Having worked at the factory, I can assure that Cheetos are NOT fried. They use a process similar to frying, which is called extrusion. After the pastry gets cut into shape, it goes in a conveyor belt, inside the extruder. This machine sprays hot oil on the pastry for a certain amount of time. There is no flavours added so far. Then, when it cools down a little bit, on another conveyor belt, it is dropped into a drum with the flavouring and colouring. This drum works like a tumble dryer and the thing stays tumbling there for a few seconds and go to another conveyor belt, to be taken to the packaging area.

Nithun Sridhar : You guys should dehydrate the dough first. Check out Indian Vathal! It's kinda like a papadom. Made with rice flour and spices. Then it's is dried fully in sun. It can be friednand eaten whenever you want. It is ridiculously airy and crispy like a cheeto

Abelhawk : Man, I want to work at a test kitchen.

Rey Schrute : I almost peed myself at the beginning of the Vitamix 😂😂

Sky He : After watching this series for the past hour , are her and Brad a thing ?? I feel like he plays hard to get. They are cute ❤️❤️❤️

RoughRider : I found out about this channel last night, and I'm so surprised every time! The amount of problem solving skills in these types of videos are insane. I cannot stop watching!


elizabeth brogan : This channel really emphasizes corn starch and all of its possible applications 😂😂

GrantSmithBass : Cheetos and MOuntain Dew = Most romantic night any sophisticated gal could dream for .........

Hapoploper Fernandez : Make this a series like brads, but it’ll be better

Nicey On Da Track : I'm eating hot Cheetos while watching this video.

Hailey Boissell : You should make gourmet Doritos

Black_Blossom : Dang I can't believe I never knew that Americans call ( ) parentheses and [ ] brackets :O I've always called ( ) brackets and [ ] square brackets lmao

Roro Hall : I love how she lists what’s in it and eliminates all the bad/ unhealthy ingredients. She makes it 10 million times better and 10 million times harder😂 I love this series plz continue. Can you do dum dums plz?

Natasha Foley : “Not found in nature” When cayenne and paprika are literally that color.

Kyle Li : Yeah hold on let me just pull out my industrial dehydrat- uh.

Red : This is very enjoyable to watch. I like the huge guy helping you in almost every video. Well the team looks cool. Keep up the good work! :)

Healthy Aspirations : “Oh it’s gluten free” lol we’re lucky it’s not radioactive though given all the chemicals in them

Taylor Arnott : Kinda looked more like the Cheezee brand ones we have here in Canada. I find they taste better too.

antonio Zamora : nice channel first time watching it and felt addicted already hope you come up with different topics as well

Beeboo Phan : Wholefoods has like some organic cheeto things too

Jillian Lee : That all act like they’ve never eaten Cheetos before. Don’t lie, we know this is what fueled your childhood haha