Pastry Chef Attempts To Make Gourmet Cheetos | Bon Appétit

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xingcat : I love how much Claire loves the junk food she tries to replicate.I love the feedback and camaraderie with the test kitchen coworkers. I love that the failures are just steps toward getting things right. I love this series!

elizabeth brogan : This channel really emphasizes corn starch and all of its possible applications 😂😂

Black_Blossom : Dang I can't believe I never knew that Americans call ( ) parentheses and [ ] brackets :O I've always called ( ) brackets and [ ] square brackets lmao

Anna Has : Brad is the best work husband 😍

Michael Bacon : I love cooking and it's a lot of fun experimenting but to be honest I'd rather walk 5 blocks to the corner store and buy Cheetos. Lol but Claire you did an amazing job.

Noreen's Kitchen : I Totally love these videos! I Love how you really break down the ingredients and try to create an even better version of the original! Thanks for the inspiration and the insight! I think it's awesome to see the entire process and how you get to the final product!

Garik Kazarian : omg her eyes, cant look away!

Issa_me Priscilla_007 : Am I the only one who is wondering why she never tried a Cheeto

Tosh T : This particular series is super interesting to me. Seriously. The entire process, challenges, trial and error, setbacks and ultimate success. Claire is awesome. 👍

Nicole Gabriel : "Your honesty is admirable, but also kind of soul crushing" A++

NATA5 : Claire must have had a healthy childhood because every time I see one of these videos it’s like she’s trying junk food for the first time.

Bunny Fluffball : All these titles at gourmet, but she’s really just trying to recreate it, but making everything herself.

Sam Halfpenny : The thinner crunchy ones are Cheetos and the foamy ones are cheesies. At least that's what is Canadians call them lol.

How to Open Your First Successful Restaurant : Gourmet Cheetos Restaurant

Megan Z : Why, oh why, can't the nitwits who try to make a cheeto in an natural way do it like this? Cause they *cannot* even get them to taste good let alone get that crunchy texture.😥 They need this video. Just...If you're gonna do a cheeto, do it justice or don't do it at all. Or have Claire do it for you cause she rocks.💖 And wow do I want some cheetos right now.😋

Oshimimers : *Pastry Chef Attempts To Make Gourmet Water | Bon Appétit*: Part One: What is Water? “Ok, so we have some water here, and I’m gonna kind of get a taste for it. Hmm... It tastes a little bland, not much flavor to it...” Reads Ingredients: “Hydrogen and Oxygen” “Ok... Not much to it” Part Two: Making the Water *Sets up laboratory and obtains liquid oxygen and pure hydrogen*

Antony Lives : She should make her own channel, think she'd be happier

Taylor R : This girl is adorable.

classyfacemakeup : boujee Cheetos 😋 👏

Noor Al-Shaer : After she read the ingredients I was like I'm never eating cheetos again, so I thought.......... 2 minutes later eating cheetos. lol

Heiryuu : >“I’m going to go vitamix it’s got a much more powerful motor” >Cuts to dried cheese gently bouncing around in the vitamix

Kylie Belk : I will never ever make any of these diy snack foods (most of which would require a large loan & a full kitchen remodel), but Claire is a damn genius & this series is fantastic

Ruby Farooqi : I don’t get why cooking isn’t generally recognised as a talent, I’d have no idea where to start with this, she always does an amazing job and shows perseverance!

pauljs75 : Sounds tasty, but so much work and stuff needed. I'd think I'd just go and buy some Cheetos. Now Pringles on the other hand... I'm guessing one would need to just get some Potato Buds, mix it like you would for mashed, season it, roll it flat, and throw it on an oven pan and bake until crisp. Much easier for the home cook.

Orion Heim : I have never seen somebody handle a cheeto so gently and with such passion

Sabrina Trinidad : If I could marry anyone on earth I would choose Claire Saffitz

Zozo : anyone else ship claire and brad?

hoorayforyou : This little series is the best thing on this channel, you're amazing Claire!!

Slimey_ jolee : Is it just me or have u just been binge watching these too😂👌

heily avalos : wait , did those ppl rlly not know what cheetos tasted like until then ...

Teddy Westside : When in doubt , add Cornstarch

xVx Naratis : I just love that taller guy cuz every time she's like hey what do you think about this and he tells her an idea that either somehow actually works or she kinda ignores a little bit great criticism and honesty lol

Zoinks : If she touches me, will she steal all my powers?

Sarah Yost : After all those ingredients...”oh it’s gluten free!” 🤣

My Dog Is Bae : Take a shot every time she says cornstarch

Milk Wagon : She and brad are so cute 😅

KidComicBookWiz : Lol why is she always so on edge.

andrineslife : I loved the gushers video, and this is great too, so much fun and science-y 😀

Gohan N : when i saw the cheetos episode i wanted the flaming hot. You got my hopes up! lol theres goes my munchies.

DirtyBird760 : i could buy a dehydrator.. or a lifetime supply of real cheetos hmm

Mr. Knight : Brad and Claire got something going on. I can see in their eyes in every video

SammySlammerB : This makes cooking seem like a science and an art, really makes you appreciate the skill beyond following a recipe

kingtoyab69 : *"ooh it's gluten free"*

Sophia Williams : They puff the corn not fry it

Aryan Anand : The way she got happy after eating her first Cheeto and was lost for words made my day

Alaa Atari : Nah its the opposite, if you think of cheetos most people will have the puffy ones in mind. Everyone ate them as a young child

EZZ PZ :P : She looks like ben from lost

- Shooting Starlight - : *CHEETOS ARE ALREADY GOURMET!!!*

Mari Reyes : Adam is me when I ask for advice and I don’t get the response I want, but then I kind of think about it and come around to actually take it..☺️

Nelly Moake : Wow her determination is amazing, after two tries I would be done