These Hoes Aint Loyal - Pakistani Pimp Version - ORIGINAL Pakistani Chris Brown

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Haji Jackson : I really would like to hear him sing the whole song. His accent and style of singing would make the song even better. I can't stop watching it.

christene tene : The way he sang loyal tho

KingsOfDare : Is it just me thinking he actually sounds alright...

DJ Gorham : "Wen a rich neegga want ya, and you neegga can't do nothing for ya"

Fnaf Of duty : Who else came here because of Anwar Jibawi

Twinkal Sharma : Cant stop replaying it ....

R.Gray : His accent and style makes the song sounds so good. 😍Eargasm.

Veronica Ward : "When a reech n*cca wantchu, and your n*cca can't do notheeng for you, These h0ez ain't lawyerr, these h0ez ain't lawyerr. Yeah, yeah...." LOL, I'm dying.

BighypeBeats : how he sings the part of "these hoes ain't loyal" is nice

Aaron Reyes : His facial expression is the same the whole video

Shantorria sexy black : I can't stop crying my 7y old son cracking up on dis

Jess : Man, I wish he sang the whole thing

faraz ch : Still better than icejjfish lmao

LAN Evo : This little Hindu sings it better then chris breezy!!

Rocky R : He needs to do the whole song, this is too good.

KAREXM ! : Iam dead 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😂😂😂😂

twistr : lol The kid can hold a tune..... I got respects for him

Ecstatically Mee : iCant. This is funny as sh!t

Twinkal Sharma : Cant stop replaying it ....

Reza Barak : I love this video omg 😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😄😄😄😄

Reggie A : These hoes aint loyal worldwide..........!!!!!!!

Jaxon Reyos : That's better than the original

tdjmoneyman 1234 : Who gave dis kid the pass

Jessica : His face is priceless and his voice is an angel. ...These hoes ain't loyal.

Jina Jean-Gilles : LOLLLLLLL! Ok, I need to stop watching this now....

XxCookieCookiexX : Better than original habibi! 😌👊

Charles Thomas : These hoes ain't loyal or "lawyer"

olaf fam : sam pepper brought me here

William Bowers : LMFAOOOOO whew. 2 funny.

kakabaka6 : Who is this guy

The Man With The Plan : This kid has a caterpillar on his lip, also he is Bin Ladens son

Zedek Tobi : #boss


Lanny Marie : sam pepper brought me hereeee

ripseeze : Truer words have never been spoken, you can tell he has hurt in his voice and heart.

angel caballero : So beautiful 😢😢 he should be famous

Kiorae Garrott : i think he sings it better cuz his voice is deeper and he does the cool sounding thing when he says loyal

Gourgeos Ayeeeesha : Paki pimp? Hang orn a fukin minute you got no fkin right to call anyone a piimp ya lil fker excuse my swearin but i thiink its highly unacceptable to label someone like that and i bet this guy doesnt hav a clue that his video is up as a joke everywhere you should be ashamed of your self :(

MrAli : Lol what a freshie

Viktor Ivanov : even if they made it like a joke the boy can sing

rajon1189 : #IntenetWin

James Smith : Hahahahaha

Nick Mayley : Dude you're amazing

bossgeneration : I swear to god when I first seen this I haven't even smiled but said in my mind that he sounds really good. Y'all are just fucked up.


K D : voice of an angel

Brandon James : There is always a way to make something bollywood

Stan Arbouin/ EWMA Karate : I don't even find him good wtf

Chanefriend1 : He's just singing a song. Where did all the comments about his country, and others stereotypical comments come from? Please just let the young boy sing the song he's not bothering anyone :)

J Power : He is SO sincere LOL