i took a 1 second video everyday of my last year of high school

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qq rarePinguiN : 1:10 gimme her number 1:29 nvm

qq rarePinguiN : How are you so cool

GMB : It made me feel really nostalgic bro. Maybe because this year is my last year at high school and I can relate. I'm super worried about where I'll go to university. Keep it up Josh <3

Stifinho : 1 to 3 second video

floppygoble : Idk why but I found it interesting, gl with life m8

MutantMeerkat : I thought you were American this whole time...

Der_ Pabst : 1:21 "Germans" Okay?

SkeletoN csgo : LUL deranked knoob

Sascha Is my name : What was the play? (Or musical)

Tico Martinovic : Cute shit! As a 2nd year uni student, proper hits me with that nostalgia mate. Keep it up!

cowkii ' : Good one :)

yungawkward : this somehow got in my recommendations?

Zubair Hasni : mr joshua, the song used for this video?

BananaTheFancy : I bet you're feeling stuff looking back at this

Manisha mistry : Made it

yaboi nöus : i love this idk why it reminds me how many things i experienced in 2016 and kinda makes me happy thanks

BackUp : Bro the amount of stuff I learn about you from this is insane

Erik Ritzert : Hey man, I love theatre too

Eric Yeung : Dude for an internert nerd theres way to many girls in these videos. Gl in the future anyway man

Abrynos : this girl was there pretty often. she your girlfriend? congratz :D

drei : 5:50 most important part

Overtone : Nice story

Niqob : this video is cool lol

Lettuce : Have you watched It

Mr_Ludde : You sexy fucker! Congrats! Good luck in life!

Pelh24 : 🤔 trying to figure out where you're from?

hyziu:] : gud

Slepi : sooo full time youtube?

Stifinho : Cool video :P

Jasper Lundquist : :)

Victor Rozvora : No homo but this is very beautiful and when my senior year of high school rolls around ill be on this impressive what you can learn from this

Žiga Ademovič : U r so gay

Nils Sjunnesson : Why the fuck did i just watch this

appe Biceps : congrats bro and check out my rap https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2KeyAW6SDQ