When Someone Requests a Prince Song

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Oscar Montalvo : I swear for a split second I thought I listened to Ray Charles,,,!! 😎👍🎵🎹

Ferdinand-Antonio Calairo : Out of this world!!!! Thank you so much for this!!! One of my favourite songs!!!

Heki Kahni : I suspect they wouldn't have known the difference, if you just made something up entirely, that sounded like prince.

It's Aaron : Amazing video man love these kind of videos! 😆

Mark B : Pink Floyd

Chris : Video starts at 0:00 Thank me later

Sham ACR : DOVYDAS loading......loading.....loading....than BOOM 💥 Bro you are such an artist..what ever ideas you pull out is turn out Great!! I do LIKE you & always follow your YouTube Channel /FB/IG keep up the great job 👌 cause I know you are the best 👈😎👉

Roy Nyqvist : You rly deserve a bigger audience! I know I would pay to see you live on stage. You're awesome, keep up the good work man!

MyName Here : Most underrated artist on this planet...Can’t wait for your album!

DØVYDAS No'1 Fan : How lucky do you have to be to be in a croud of just three people watching dovydas live.. proberly having a drink on a warm evening.. effectly a private performance... jelly...

Adam Schenkelberg : It’s videos like this where I wish YouTube had a “love” button instead of a thumbs up

huntingsthompson : I think I figured out who DØVYDAS is...he's a terminator who came back in time and decided he'd rather slay with killer tunes...


Ft. Lauderdale Beach Life : Wow...sign of a true performer...feeling like crap...sick...and you dig down inside yourself to do a killer version of purple rain. Inspiring! I think you surprised yourself too. Job well done.

Peek : I love your channel, man. Quite underappreciated, but nowadays music played physically isn't enjoyed as much or valued as much. Doesn't matter though, keep doing what you're doing!

Fadeaway : Give this man a superbowl halftime show !

TheMiffi1984 : Please kind sir, come to australia. I wanna sit in the sun on a Sunday arvo listening to this with a couple of beers...

hewehawi : Well that was excellent. I know it went for nearly 15 mins, but why did you have to stop?

Rick Berry : Excellent David... can relate to playing when not feeling well or when the voice is almost gone... in my 70 plus years I have been there several times... "the show must go on..." you WILL be playing for larger audience 😎🎸🎙🎹🥁

cathiasus : You made that new guitar sound brilliant. Very impressive solos in this one too.

Mystic_ 112 : Just closed my eyes amd enjoyed while laying in bed. Beutiful

Ken Zimmermann : That guitar face though 😩😂

Jesse Cranford : Absolutely beautiful. The loading text gets me every time. Steady on, brother.

Jadol ayay : "3 audience is a successful show for me" -doviboi 2018

Art Gringo : The 8 people who disliked this video are clueless to musical talent.

Nicklas Thulin : Can u do a cover to pink floyds comfortable numb? 😁😁😁 all cred to u man!!!

Andrés Morales : Wooow, absolutely breath taking.... Love your work.

metrocook : Next video: "When someone requests a Queen song"

Dave Aznar : Simply amazing. Considering you had the flu, it was the last song of the gig, and you still played your heart out to a modest crowd. Bravo. I can't believe people have the audacity to complain that purple rain is the song you picked and claim that's the only song you probably know... But then again that's YouTube for you.

Ian Lynch : Big smiles here. Looked like you got a kick out of that too.

Linus : The fastest I have ever liked a video and subbed to a channel before.

Christopher Williams : Might shout one out on Saturday night. Gotta think of something between now and then though.

Syaffiq Azwan : Classic Dovydas! Simply full of awesomeness!! I don’t always leave comment on Youtube videos, except for yours :) Keep hustlin’ , stay true to yourself and whatever happens don’t give up bro :)

BamaKaPow : Damn. I need this every morning! Completely changed my mood. Took away a ton of stress I was having. Made me feel calm and at ease. I've always loved this song. I need more of this in my life.

Stupid Kid : Очень круто бро!

Chris Lohman : Hard to believe you do this any better. For a minute I could hear a raspy Joe Cocker Love Joe. Love the tempo on this.

Omar Abouzaid : Watching you always makes me wanna pick up my guitar! You are truly inspiring and so underrated!

Globalklaus : I was gonna post some standard comment like "Cool af". But you know someone has hit it out of the park when you're moved to tears. So instead I'll say this. Somewhere beyond the veil - Prince nods approvingly.

TON : 😍😍😍😍 so sweet

Zbriu : Great stuff

Elmo on Acid : Damn bro that was nice!

Noah Sharbonda : Awesome as always! Thanks for the endless inspiration!

Rat Stomper : Chills......

jarka1361 : Any chance you would be playing near Orlando or Tampa? I was in your neck of the woods two weeks ago by Motorwerks. Awesome talent as ALWAYS! Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the sky!!

Uday Mehra : classic DØVYDAS content :D

Yash Tokas : Please update your albums on Google play music. They are not upto date.

karym willemsen : I saw your Steve Vai video today. Before today I did not knew about this channel. But i'm so happy I found it. You have so much talent. I subscribed.

Ken - TheHabitat : It was a pleasure hosting you here, it made our 50th concert here really quite amazing! And thanks for including our website link too! Really glad Heather requested this....

Jesus Molina : And this friends, is what you call TALENT. 👍👍👍👍

Nicmanu : You are the best.