Metallica - Enter Sandman [5:31]

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I wonder how quickly Lars Ulrich emails me for a copyright violation. I give him 24 hours. Nyway, while I can do some older Metallica, I cannot quite perfect some of those solos yet. The ones where Kirk does not use the wah-wah pedal incessantly lol. But in any event, here's the opening track form the Black Album ("Metallica" - 1991). Enjoy!


Wendy Uriostegui : Now why can't my kids learn that in school instead of Mary Had a Little Lamb?

GBirdo : I wish I was still elementary school so I could play this on recorder for music class. Maybe I would have liked recorder then.

Kaydence Gradin : Just learned how to plan Iron Man by Black Sabbath on my recorder from 4th grade😂👌🏻

Plane Ignerints : Strong, boss.  Strong.

ManuMC : hahaha funny is subbed :)

ch.makes-stuff : my pc specs are : GTX 960 STRIX 2x FX-8320e CPU 16GB of ddr3 2400mhz 990FX gigabyte gaming MOBO CS650m 80+ gold 650W PSU 1tb HDD Cooler master master case pro 5 H60 CPU cooler Jetflow 120 X3 sp 120 X1 Thanks!

Grant Lee : YEAH YEAH!!!

James Wolf : dat joke :D

Dank-E-Kang : I love you.

Rhiannonnn xo : i love you. my g.

Only Tr0x : Can you give notes? pls

90aisaify : beautiful..........

90aisaify : beautiful..........

Liam Rutherford : hey dude what key is the recorder I play fife and wanna learn by your vid

Mike Antonio : 5:31

90aisaify : wow

Dana Wetherell : Super cool!

90aisaify : wow