iPhone 8 Unboxing: Silver vs Gold!

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Iphone X : Well I am cheap! wish

huntb1969 : Every other video on the iPhone 8 the geekbench multi core was always around 10300, weird how his is low 6000's

Bobby Solorio : Rather wait for the iphone 9

Suppamomoyolo Esso : The glass back isn't new. Remember the iPhone 4?

Sagar Shahi : what's the music in the intro??

Flora Guan : and his is shit

FishyScales : The silver on the 8 looks like a lighter version of the silver on the 7

Andrew Hoffman : Like the compact size of the 8. Put it in a case with its own battery and get 256 GB model- should get me through a few iOS updates.

Axel Carrillo : The silver is really noice

That One Weeb You See Drooling Over Fanfics : People are gonna think i'm crazy but I like the silver better even though it looks very much like white It's so sleek looking 😎

UNBOX : It's the same iPhone 7

abhishek bagul : Don't buy iphome 8, it's battries are expanding.

Dania Lilac : Pray for me to get straight A's please. Really want this phone lmao

shania katshinak : iPhone 4/4s is coming back, iPhone has same glass as iPhone 4/4s and both cameras both backs. Glad that iPhone 4/4s is back to iPhone 8! Lol

Young Vgo 786 : will portrait mode come in iphone 7?

Lain Macauley : I love the borderline ASMR style unboxings you do. MOAR please.

mt89 : useless additions, first thing the user would do is to slap on a case and put on a protection glass.

La Shay Glenn : I'm in love with iPhone 8 plus 😢😦

8206,706 views : Iphone 6s the best

Daniel Christopher : I like how Apple makes their new iphone 8 look shitty compared to the iPhone X

mechaela97 : I still have a 6plus so yeah I'm for sure upgrading

Asad Chaudhry : Why don't you make a video on the boot loop issue of Nexus 5x

Ameera Humaira Suhaimi : Gold

DonProduction : in some review the iphone 8/8 plus scored above 10000 in multicore benchmark! were they fake reviews or something went wrong with your benchmark ?

Hannsen Lim : @Marques Brownlee may i ask a question? well my phone suddenly start boot looping and upon checking, it supposedly cause by the burned out flash ic, Do you know what are the causes and is it worth it to fix it? Thank you

Brian's guitar 自high系列 : Putting the iphone with Note8 side by side,the display of the note 8 is so much better...

William Holmes : Why do they keep calling it gold if it's actually pink?

CapnTates : Glass is not heavier than most metals... just saying.

MR. Spinach vlogs : one day i will meet you new jersey

TheDeejwitaj : Can you unbox some hand lotion for the next video?

All in one Entertainment with Aryan Chaurasia : hey brother I am also a YouTuber so I want to talk to you personally so can I contact u to and social networking???

aknalyrs b : NO ONE DESCRIBES A DEVICE LIKE MARQUES! NO ONE! So glad to see him blow up on YouTube I’ve been watching his videos from he started!

shekh bhai : please dont campare with iphone 7 becouse 7 is very better than this phone

Deepen Majumdar : Stupidity to buy such a creep @ $900...my 6s is legend

Tash M : stick with the 6s until then

Raga Valaboju : I was highly debating between Space Grey and Gold..finally decided to go with Space Grey for the sole reason that I'm just used to black bezels, and they're easier to ignore. And also, the earpiece, the camera, they blend in with the black, giving it a more solid, clean look, I feel.

Tomio Tommy : I see so "silver" is white and "gold" is pink

ASK TECHNICAL : Thouse who Sub my channel i Will sub them with two accounts

Yousef Siko : I want to have a iPhone please

Lydia T : if u dont like the gold u can always send one too me lol but the gold is beautiful has a little light rosegld shimmer too , good video

Amit Pal : Hey Marques, why not giveaway a lot of them... For reaching 5M :D


Neo Dintchly : wow wtf is this real they made a new one that quick

dylan : "silver vs gold" they are the same phone just a different color. how are you going to compare them besides the color

John Wick : "Glass is, after all, a heavier material than metal." Did you actually just say that?


Kania Syifa : they kind of remind me of the iphone 4s. just me?

Kurt Patterson : If you're a true American you would never buy an Apple phone or anything to do with Microsoft buy real equipment don't buy their pieces of garbage

Cody L : watching this on my galaxy s7 😂😂😂👌👌🔥🔥💯💯💯

Mark Van De Kolk : Please donate?!? :(