iPhone 8 Unboxing: Silver vs Gold!

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Anand Rao : Anyone remembers iPhone 6 from 2014? Apple remembers.

Amine WOOF : I want to see the black one. He picked the gold and the white.

dat calculation tho : *I swear this is an iPhone 7s* 😂

Vikas Sarang : That silver 8 reminds me of white 4/4s

chewinternet : it would be so nice if they bring the iphone 5s design back.

UnPhayzable : Watching this on McDonald's Big Mac wrapper

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious : When u broke af and ain't getting one, but just watching out of curiosity.

The Reaper : Is it a worth upgrade from iPhone 3g?

Vivek Chavan : Do we need to buy a wireless charger seperately? I have never had an iPhone soci might sound s but noob. Someone please help.

Dimas Naufal Pratama : We need Steve Job for Apple, And Apple need someone like Steve Job.

Carlo X : Watching this from the future. I must say the iGalaxyphone12plus is the best phone on the market. Yes Apple & Samsung work together to create a masterpiece in the future

David Dykstra : Apple can say "all new design" all they want. Looks like a big iPhone 4/4S to me.

Lana Machado : Guys, I don't know what color choose so can you help me? Gold or Silver ?

Fraz : I swear this is an iPhone 7S. ~MKBHD

AirCannonChannel : Fun fact, by this time Marques has earned enough money with this video to buy a new Iphone 8. ;)

Carlo X : Don't trust edited comments

dylan andrew : You should have skipped this review cause I don't really feel Apple even cared for making the 8...I'm more hyped for the iPhone X.

vinesh Vadlamudi : Hit like if u r not willing to upgrade to 8plus from 7plus

Roy Roy : According to me I tell you last best design on an iPhone was the iPhone 5s that's about it ever since then Apple is been producing ugly looking phones with super high unrealistic charges I mean Apple sells only cause of the brand value or else it's years behind than other brands such as samsung even the new essential phone is better in every sense what's new on iPhone "8" wireless charging I mean really come on Apple

Rayan gaming : Is it just me or does anyone else just love the new gold colour

The SektorZ : 'welcome to your first look of---' It's actually like my 7th or 8th look by now..

Ryan O'Shaughnessy : Looks like a 5c (remember those things)

Ant 16 : I would get the 8 plus because I have not owned an iphone since the 4 in 2011.

HeavyProfessor : Looks kind of like a gameboy color

C lilpump : Note 8 beat i8

Jörgen Nilsson : I get mine today with the watch 😁

Allain Lacomble : Samsung galaxy s 8 is beter

England is My city : The 6 and 7 and 8 are basically the same shity thing


Devin Lam : What’s the wallpaper you’re using on the phone?

Rinzuala Nexus : iphone 6s unboxing in 2017

Hanf. : And I'm still here, using my iPhone 4s.

Raza Khan : Do a giveaway??

NET Alliance : *go home apple. You're drunk.*

StrapSlash : If people were smart, people who come from a iPhone 5 or 6 would buy a iPhone 8 if they have the money for it. If you have a iPhone 7, don't buy the iPhone 8.

JWproductions : How did you say 'Pink'! For the last time, it's Rose Gold!

Devansh Assawa : 3 things certain in life - Death Taxes Hey guys what up it's MKBHD here...

Ronnie : 😂 who will buy this. Send me your current one. I have never own an iPhone and I am serious 😂😂

JonasTechTV : This gold looks sooo nice

Кирилл Жесткий Тип : I'll take the 8 plus because it's easier to watch porn !

Monkey D. luffy : I phone 6 with a glass back lmao

TechTubeHD ! : I kinda like tht gold colour wht abt u? Like If U Like Gold What am I saying😂

Stefan Ciganovic : one of the shitiest phones of 2017 definitely.

Iphone X : Well I am cheap! wish

Carlo Carnevali : Hey Marques!! You should really do a Tesla Model 3 review! Or at least an overview. That's a really nice car, and one I strive for-

Ahmad Nasriya : The silver one is much prettier

ZenewDST3P : Introducing the iPhone 7S- I mean, iPhone 8. Completely different design. More expensive.

John Dita : I think they should've of called it iPhone 7s and 7s plus, but is that just my opinion. You read that wrong

phoenix_86 : Copy cat apple copying Samsung phones. Wireless charge, fast charge, Amoled/Oled display, glass design... Ect so much innovation Apple 😂😂😂😂

R Bee : I got mine today! It’s awesome so far. I have the silver.