Liszt - La Campanella (100,000 special)

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Sheet music: Click the 🔔bell to join the notification squad! ♫ Listen on Spotify: ♫ MIDI: ♫ Facebook: ♫ Instagram: ♫ Twitter: ♫ Buy me a coffee: Hope you enjoy my performance of Liszt's La Campanella. Outro: Flight of the Bumblebe - Rimsky-Korsakov/Rachmaninoff. Hello, I'm Rousseau, I make piano covers of classical and pop songs with a reactive visualizer. New videos every Monday!

Comments from Youtube

Ryan Kunda : I paused the video a lot so his fingers could get some rest

Juicewahh SavAg : You’re right hand is um... having a seizure

The Guide Rabbit : *Gets the last note wrong*

ho jun jie : Definitely going to add this to my playliszt.

Lars's Wig : Can you shred on a piano? Rousseau: Hold my beer 2:47

Ludwig Van Beethoven : I have several questions....

1000 Subs with no videos : At 4:23 I see a rabbit with very long ears!

Kyle Cortes : What is Liszt doing right now? Decomposing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Luciano Leite da Silva : I dont care about the fingers. The important question is: How many halves this guy's brain have???

Vivian Lee : He must be really good at piano tiles

Graf : One can only wonder what you'll end up doing for 1,000,000.

Chimmy Slayin’ : *Lizst has created a chat* *coordination joins the chat* *practice joins the chat* *skill joins the chat* *left hand joins the chat* *right hand joins the chat* *speed joins the chat* *speed is typing...* *right hand has left the chat*

Nesisorator : I bet Liszt only composed this to show off and was like "yea I wrote that huh, no big deal" just to annoy other composers lol Also I like to think that he wrote that 2:42 part only to sip from a wine glass and give the ladies a wink while not even looking at the piano

Demise1 : Pfft, shaggy could play this with .3% of his power

Ithilion : I like to imagine this piece is meant to represent that one annoying friend who rings your doorbell in creative ways when you can't open the door immediately.

VeryHard : *right_hand.exe has stopped working*

-Sidon- : 1:17, who needs a metronome when you are one yourself

ivanthegamernerd : Fingers broke just by watching😄👌🏻

mohammed alaidaroos : 4:52-5:17 finally something i can play

Sim : 2:12 magic beginns! Sorry: 0:00 magic beggins ♥ =)

Care for Environment : His hands are faster than my internet. Edit- Make this reach 2k likes then I will edit this comment into a "." (Full stop) and everyone wud be like how the heck does this have 2k likes!?!

Henry Wolf : Damn, Liszt really hated the d# and the e on his piano

Cool_Gamer : Rousseau needs to do a face reveal Like if y'all agree

Alexander23 : by the way your hands look, you seem to be young, and already playing liszt? gosh, you should also compose at this point

Nikita Sreiners : I wondered why it took me so long to learn this, maybe because i went from turkish march to this

Franz Liszt : I only have 5 fingers on each hand

BerDani : This is Hungarian classical music Funfact: Liszt in Hungarian means flour

Greg Robson : Rimsky-Korsakov: Check out Flight of the Bumblebee - that should be quite tough to play. Liszt: Hold my beer...

reikuma : I feel so sorry for that D#... Rip

Am Greyg Dawg : If liszt is asian imagine his songs.

Mopada Jason : Who's watching at 2019? Hahaha that trills. While other fingers are playing. <3

Gifarly .M. Afdalash : Wish me luck guyss! I'm gonna play this piece on a cat piano

OneGreatZombie : This is osu mania with a lot of keys

Jack Keefe : Are you Ling Lings Big brother or something?

cmd1zz13 : "Satan in exchange for my soul can you give me the ability to play this?" Satan- "good luck dude I dont even have those powers"

Davi : 4:23 You have a lucky girlfriend

DemiGoD : The Last 30 seconds of this was the most beautiful part for me, i wish it lasted longer. So amazing

NuBeKiNg34 : 2:42 trying to find that one spot on your girl and then she whispers "right there!"

T Lannister : This is an incredible machine. Those moving parts remind me of a human hand.

Danto Aninditho : I hope that piano was 18

Henry Pelleter : So I looked up what the hardest piano song is and it said this was the hardest piano song so I came here and that looks *hard*

Christopher Sparks : i never thought i'd donate to someone on Patreon, but this is so beautiful that I have to.

Simon H : 1:34 Student: what's the fingering for that part? I never get it right Liszt: ... yes

John Cena : Your technique is amazing. These pieces are being played by someone who is truly accomplished. Bravo!!!

Arsh Agarwal : I added it to my Playliszt

Zachary Pilgrim : This man was bred to play piano

beautifulbaek jay : 6 months practicing and I haven't complete learning this piece.. THIS IS MAD😭

Balaanji Gundepalli : Here, I've been struggling to learn "Hot Cross Buns..."

Powerslider : Rousseau, what kind of piano do you have? Does anyone know?