Liszt - La Campanella (100,000 special)

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Rousseau : In their time, both Liszt and Paganini were accused of having sold their souls to the devil to acquire their virtuosity. It's no wonder with a piece like this. Thank you all for 100,000 subscribers, there's no other piece I'd want to play for you to celebrate. It means a lot to me that you all keep coming back each week to liszten ;) A special mention (and dedication) has to be given to reddit, without which my channel would not have reached this milestone, thank you to the awesome community there for their support!!

Graf : One can only wonder what you'll end up doing for 1,000,000.

Arsh Agarwal : I added it to my Playliszt

Ryan Kunda : I paused the video a lot so his fingers could get some rest

Bintang Ekananda : 1k dislikes??? Why!

VeryHard : *right_hand.exe has stopped working*

Sheet Music Boss : WOW. You've accomplished something so incredibly difficult and now no one can take that away from you! Absolutely incredible. There's so many difficult techniques in this piece that it's a marvel to be able to pull it all off. Like the trills in the 5th and 4th fingers which I still have never mastered because it's so awkward to play. And so many fast leaps that are so so so so easy to make a slip with. It's truly a brave or silly person who tries to play this but you pulled it off spectacularly! Well done and CONGRATS on 100,000 subscribers! You've earned it my friend!! -Andrew

Cheddar Cheese : Heh. It can't be that so hard You know what they say If YoU cAn PlAy It SLow, YoU Can pLaY iT fAsT

Ludwig Van Beethoven : I have several questions....

Franz Liszt : I only have 5 fingers on each hand

Duhhrvy : I just can’t get over the fact that people are able to play this my mind just won’t accept it

Clash Royale : I can play from 0:00 to 00:12 😂😂😂

Pia Wang : I only see two hands but it sounds like there are 10 hands playing??? where are you hiding them??

Hassas Kofte : *right hand left the chat*

John Foudy : 4:14 DROP THE BASS

Lucas King : That's a super clean performance, really impressive! Amazing.

DBZGoten420 : pfffffffff........ bet u cant play it backwards

Wanye : I keep coming back here. Anyone else?

the beast : My favorite part is 4:15 anyone else same ?

DynAm1Te_Matt YT : I three crowned this on piano tiles...

Funguypiano : Speechless.

Juicy yciuJ : Sounds like pirates of the Caribbean at 4:28

ACham : I watch this at least once a day

Dankish Gamer 669 : 4:25 WAS SO FREAKING GOOD!!!!!!!!😆

Ouch hcuO : How can an epileptic seizure on a piano sound this beautiful?

Mark Fowler : Do you not find it difficult and get apprehensive that you'll make a mistake in a piece like this and have to start from the beginning again, over and over if you keep making mistakes, especially at the end of this piece, those left hand octave jumps are bloody difficult, I've heard a few recordings by concert pianists who don't get this part note perfect. You seem to have not made one single mistake in the whole of the recording! And it took you a week to learn and perfect this piece from scratch?

Captain Lol : Liszt told me to list all the notes in this piece

Master Beta : Research shows that 1 in 5 pianos get abused! It is time to stand up to stop the violence! Say NO to Liszt pieces!

Nickolas Sklavounos : Mom: Nick where are you? Me: Mom wait a sec. I have to do sth Mom: OK Nick. ( 1 year later*) Mom: Nick???

Efficiency : *Real pianos, not actors.* Yeah right.

A Vsaucy Boi : That right hand scares me lol. So much movement and precision. Beautiful performance, I was held captive by the music. I enjoy the content of SMB, but this. This seems like a whole different league to me. Truly magnificent.

Karma Sucks : *_The beat dropped harder than the taste of my mom's seasoned meat._*

Alex Williamson : Excuse me sir, i only have 10 fingers.

Technicend : I cant wait for the 1 million subscriber special!

jose luis perez gonzales : el único comentario que veras en español :V (estos gringos)

AtinPiano : Congrats on reaching this incredible milestone! You really deserve it :)

Alisa : I teach a group piano class, and they love it when I put your videos up. They find it so inspiring, plus it's super fun to watch, even if I turn the sound off so they can practice. Thank you so much for inspiring the minds of the youth!

Abyss Auction : This is how you get carpal tunnel

even riksheim : hold my beer while i play some 400 bpm snare rolls on my e-flat

s1 : I think this is the best perfomance of La Campanella. Liszt would be proud of you.

Zenith Baker : I think it's fun to gawk at synthesia "tutorials" for difficult pieces like this, but it is a pleasure unparalled to actually see your hands on the keys. The jumps are so precise and the technique is astounding. You, sir, are amazing.

ChompyDj : I can play a little bit of Fur Elise and Tetris. He can play a little bit of a lot of everything in existence. P.S Great job on 100,000 subscribers!!! You deserve it! I'm surprised you aren't at 1,000,000 yet!

Letter 8 : Whowould dislike this video

Keith Madrigal : this song reminds of mr crabs walking

Vitoria Ludmila : Show! Amei...😍

Erik Wingerter : I can barely play the right hand part with both hands

PolygonPanda : Beethoven be like: " Good that I'm dead, or else I'd have to defeat this guy "

pi hermoso : and just like any other Liszt composition... the ass-whopping is real..

Fernando Sánchez Guija : Lvl 35 boss

Mary Greenan : When you think you are good at the piano And you see this ;)