Professor Whiskers - Music Video #2 / Aunty Donna - The Album

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Star Foxxy : Zach better be playing a doctor/professor in every single one of these songs.

TheOddSusie : *He did it in the shed*

Cyranek : very glad this exists

2 Left Thumbs : I expected the auto-fellatio to be the core joke here. Instead I was taken on a whimsical journey about a destitute man living through a species identity crisis, when many highs and lows, laughs and sorrow. RIP Professor Whiskers, you were loved and you will be missed. The fact that he sucked his own dick may have been a large part of his life, but it did not define him.

Troy Brophy : Just want to take a moment to apologize to any members of my family who enjoyed me sharing the Dad Song on Facebook last week, and came here to see what other wholesome stuff Aunty Donna does.

manox14 : Was almost expecting Mr Bull

A H C : I was happy the Frogman was safe, until I remembered the number one killer of frogs is suicide.

preparetotakeaim66 : I need a backstory of man-man

Jimmy Donnelly : That policeman loves poofs

Scott Hamilton : "I just need one bullet to take nine lives."

Kieran Brennan : how were you able to dress that horse as a cat?

NatashaLovesGreenday : Chuffed had me worried aunty Donna was becoming normal...this has greatly eased my concern

ReadieGamer14 : "Listening to this song doesn't make chuffed"

Yasmine El-Ghoul : Why is that horse dressed as a cat?

Mat Sheard : #1 triple j hottest 100 mark my words

TaintedEmpire : this sounds like something Mark would improvise on the podcast

TheUnorthodoxGears : I wish I could meet Man Man

Dean Norman : Dear Boys, Was feeling like a sad boy myself but now i dont. Thank you

SpankMyBumAndCallMeDaddy : That cop seemed a bit aloof to be a cop, the bloody poofter

ShowMeHow0 : I wish i had the money to pay broden to sing more

Brae Cala : Just killed a guy and tried to give the coppa a 50. Turns out that doesn’t work, anyone a lawyer?

Ben Ratcliffe : *Don't wanna know how the cat got pregnant*

Michael Galvin : Man, I’m really digging this new series. Thank you so much boys, me and the rest of the folks here really appreciate the quality content produced here. Good on ya

Matey! : I bet that cop loves puffs...

BTV S : How did the other cat get pregnant...... If the cut off his own balls

Ajomoni : not even lizard lad?

Mike smitty : Broden has such a beautiful voice

bananenparty : - Professor Whiskers - We are now setting a bar. - Professor Whiskers - Cause furries take their shit too far.

Christian Wanamaker : That was a strange Wilfred episode...

Brody Knowles : This is one of your best

Awful Sandcastle : RIP 'Man man'

Main Mang : There's a deeper story with Wayne. Will we ever know?

simkalpin : This was a great video, and it's got me chuffed.

Martin Halsall : This makes me chuffed.

Bandit : This doesn't make me chuffed

EveryoneHatesAlexander : Wish you'd have that sick guitar at the end throughout

xXx_mega_ yeetathon_xXx : not really sure about how to feel right now

Ew : furries


Munners : SAMMY J

Smeckos Gurb : When is Randy going to make a cameo with Sammy J?

TheGingerking video thing : This is so messed up!

Captain Randomigo : I have some serious concerns about the integrity of the Veterinary Professionals and Law Enforcement Officers in your area boys

LeeCDylan : This took a very dark turn

Mike Ditlevsen : Didn't have the same YES YES YES effect as Chuffed... Hope to see a better one next Friday.

TomboFry : Mate, how about first, amirite?

Kitchen Wizard : fucking furries

A plant : love these

Owen Chelvanaigum : Sammy j ❤

Emily Babb : This song will never leave my brain.