Rhino vs Buffalo real fight in Epic Battle | Buffalo real Fight | Rhino Fight Buffalo
Rhino vs Buffalo real fight in Epic Battle Buffalo real Fight Rhino Fight Buffalo

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Rhino vs Buffalo real fight https://youtu.be/H0B5pIX2B2o Cape buffalo attack and rihno attack is incredible video of two of the most respected Big 5 animals in Africa - the Cape Buffalo and the White Rhino. At the rate the Rhino is being poached in Africa, this may be the last time you actually see a Rhino in the wild. The power of a Rhino to throw a cape Buffalo in the air is unbelievable, and the Buffalo ended up dying the next day from its wounds. Please do subscribe to Channel for more videos... Rhino vs Buffalo real fight Cape buffalo attack Animal Fighting buffalo fighting buffalo vs lion rhino vs buffalo rhino real fight


incusniuses guy : When your younger sibling tries to fight you

Kin_raise Luz : The buffalo had collapsed the next day and died according to National Geographic

Shifu RC : Too much testoterone got him killed. "When keeping it real goes wrong"

J Why : Woman “I don’t want to see this” (continues watching) Man “Shh”

Deo Abdurahman : Buffalo is no match to rhino

YASH SINGH : rule no.1 of the jungle . Heavy weight wins

Ritwika Simran : The other bulls😂😂 Did they come for help... They ended up fighting with each other 3:42

Comic Games : Those other bulls are cowards

1jiatin : Rhino dont play those games

HOBBIT cadillac : buffalos have horns but have soft tissue while the rhino has a powerful horn and an almost impenetrable hide making it a literal tank!

Rahmat Burhan : heavyweight championship

Berkay Kara : Rhino x3 stronger.

Orange*County : That bull is an easy meal for a lion now

momthegreatest : That Buffalo is a small one..not the Bull Buffalo..Rhino has many advantage..it has a horn on the front side..it's body is more muscular....Rhino is a power house...

Paras Jaglan : Buffalos are fighting each other 😆😆 Very sharp mind it can do only buffalo 🤣🤣

Zeeman Pedro : Rhino is too strong

Dhrukumaruz 21Spade : Rino over power that bufalo easy

001-254 TV : one weak rhino = 10 very strong buffalo bulls

sten faille : The only thing that can move a rhino is an elephant

Isaac Cunha : Offensive line X Defensive line #NFL #CBFA #ALMIRANTES

Awad Said : Rhino is stronger than buffalo ......if is true like it

galnhus56 : How do you stop a rhino from charging? Take away his credit card.

Casey M : When your drunk friend picks a fight with the biggest guy at the bar.

Puneet Tiwari : What could be the opposite of TEAM SPIRIT..?? Ans- BUFFALO SPIRIT

David Ortiz : The rhinos head alone is as big as the bufalos head and neck together.

riverman83 : Every time a zafari truck starts up it sounds like a tractor from the 1950s 😄

Arwood Chaimongkon : Poor buffalo won’t stand a chance . Great video mate!!!

kevin stettner : EASY MEDIUM (HARD) *START GAME

16cygb x : An obese guy fights an extremely obese Over the last slice of pizza

Hule ka Balbon : That Rhinoceros has a weird looking lawnmower.

Sky Enforcer : Rhino (Spider-Man ps4): I so proud of you!

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ : Too much testosterone make animals stupid!)) even 10 buffalos cant fight to this gladiatoristic tanks! 3:42

Beardy Ry : Never under estimate a Buffalo they are deadly,perhaps no match for a Rhino but could deffo take on a fully grown Lion

-Speedy_-701 : The Rhino is one of the only animals that could ever throw a Cape around like that. Definitely surprised him when he started getting pushed back heavy.

Aashish Khatri : waao wtr power of buffalo it's not equal to rhino and no more powerful but it's very strong contender😃😃

zemih oojr : This rhino is only he wants to fight the first they fight it's so exactly..!

Jordan Ortix : apocalypse vs grizzly tank 😂😂😂

Pawan Sharma : Buffaloes are dominating species but this It won't work

Sengar anubhav : When Buffalo want to sucide then choose this fight

Taina Fan : Iv seen a rino there MASSIVE 😰 and I MEAN BIGG THEY COULD RUSH YOUR ARM

Captain Goomba : Great example of how too much testosterone can get you killed.

Josh Motorsport : Hippo(tank) vs buffalo(suv) 😂

pamela Mckenzie : rhino:you dare to challenge me buffalo: i got yes i got two horns you got one rhino: my horn is long imma test it on you buffalo:bring it on

Kasa Jizo : people who complain about the other buffalo not helping, its a 1 on 1 fair fight. even if they were humans you dont help the smaller one out just because they are smaller. if one is being wildly attacked then thats one thing. but in this case it was clear the buffalo decided to stand his ground so he was beaten. No need to interfere. the buffalo made his choice.

Jari Viitanen : Rhino is the better grappler, excellent on the clinch.

mike earl : Rhino wins

Minu Riram : Now, that's a never give up spirit,,,, damnnn

Paula Jones : I'm Taruas bull star sign the bull should win

John Xdjx : Why other buffalos deffend his partner? 🤔 Just attk the rhino from a side then i'm sure he ll leave