Rhino vs Buffalo real fight in Epic Battle | Buffalo real Fight | Rhino Fight Buffalo

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Khizar Zehri : That was the first time that male cape buffalo realize that he was f**ked

J Why : Woman “I don’t want to see this” (continues watching) Man “Shh”

Shifu Careaga : Too much testoterone got him killed. "When keeping it real goes wrong"

Rahul G : The rhino is basically a bulldozer

Kin_raise Luz : The buffalo had collapsed the next day and died according to National Geographic

Nexus : When your younger sibling tries to fight you

Deo Abdurahman : Buffalo is no match to rhino

HOBBIT cadillac : buffalos have horns but have soft tissue while the rhino has a powerful horn and an almost impenetrable hide making it a literal tank!

momthegreatest : That Buffalo is a small one..not the Bull Buffalo..Rhino has many advantage..it has a horn on the front side..it's body is more muscular....Rhino is a power house...

001-254 TV : one weak rhino = 10 very strong buffalo bulls

GAME FOR GAME : Those other bulls are cowards

FulasFunkster : That bull is an easy meal for a lion now

Berkay Kara : Rhino x3 stronger.

Rahmat Burhan : heavyweight championship

1jiatin : Rhino dont play those games

Vincino Gstar : Bahahaha buffalo got YO ASS BEAT!!!!! My man mr rhino I salute you sir

Sionnach1601 : Sickening watching the other buffaloes just butting everything and anything. They hit that poor guy so many times and barely touched the rhino. And then started butting him and falling on top of him after his serious fight and injuries. I'm sorry. Humanely, they deserve to be our meat.

YASH SINGH : rule no.1 of the jungle . Heavy weight wins

Dhrukumaruz 21Spade : Rino over power that bufalo easy

Kasa Jizo : people who complain about the other buffalo not helping, its a 1 on 1 fair fight. even if they were humans you dont help the smaller one out just because they are smaller. if one is being wildly attacked then thats one thing. but in this case it was clear the buffalo decided to stand his ground so he was beaten. No need to interfere. the buffalo made his choice.

Zeeman Pedro : Rhino is too strong

Awad Said : Rhino is stronger than buffalo ......if is true like it

Jari Viitanen : Rhino is the better grappler, excellent on the clinch.

JJ Elpeso Condor : all the other bulls are bastard...!! they were beating their own-one instead of that Rhino...!!

Antonio Drugo : Women sayin "oh my god" all the time....

Keny Kharbudon : This is math questions paper and me in exam hall.


GAME FOR GAME : Why dont you help him

Ulrich Beck : Buffalo , very bad idea to confront a rhino...it was your last bad idea...

Derick Huynh junior : Rhino is stronge as a God

Antonio Fernández Carriedo : Moo Dogo vs unicorn tank Dogo not the woof bork ones.

Manchester is Blue : The coward attacks by the other buffaloes made the Rhino even more angry that's why he became furious in the end and started attacking everything that moves.. Rhinos are usually silent and shy creatures but when challenged they can kick anybody's ass loll

jaza abdulla : Rhino looks like a bulldozer

Mortis : If it was a gaur bull, it would be more evenly matched.

Moss Taylor : Rigno rigno.

rare reckon : Rhinos are over powered. Only an american buffalo stands even a slight chance. An Asian yak will also get destroyed.

Adolf Hitler : 1ton vs 2tons......

Duck gaming : I think this is a fair fight

T - Rex : the cow did not realized that he can't beat a dinosaur

mike earl : Rhino wins

Jay Ram : Its two knives vs a big ass sword

RAJPUT KO SUPPORT KRO HUKUM SINGH NARUKA : Nice video i love you beautiful queen

PvtMadnage : Rhinos are tanks man. But they are as blind as a bat.

jbentley8383 : Buffalo: " Yo chill chill!! I was playing yo..chill!!!"

Dister channel : Bull is the best👍

Nazmul Hasan : bull wins fully charged

Quitsche Äntchen : GORE GORE GORE

Clorax Bleach : Rino won

YoungXBardock - : They weigh like 3000 pounds more than a buffalo

darth hideous : Brock Lesnar vs a bunch of crossfitters.