Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures - Burnie's Jokes

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Whats up? : Burnie went full dad.

All Day Anime : LMAOOO i knew they would make a RTAA out of that ahahaha

Joseph Licht : Then the cigar falls down to earth and land 5 feet down in the mud, making the last kid win

Mookal H : "No the brick" Brick? What bri... OHHHH MY GODDD

RentableDwarf : Why did the chicken cross the road? Because it was a parrot. Thank you everybody.

ThatAsianGuy : Does anyone remember those dumb jokes where it was like, "how do you put a giraffe in a fridge? You open the door, put it in, then close it. Now how do you put an elephant in a fridge? You open the door, take the giraffe out, put the elephant in, then close the door. The Lion King is holding an animal meeting and all the animals are there, except one, who? The elephant cause it's in the fridge. You need to cross a river that's home to at least 20 crocodiles and you have no boat. How do you cross? You swim, cause the crocodiles are at the meeting.

Gav-Gav : is Burnie subtlety announcing he is going to be a dad (with a dad joke?)

Siren Hound : A literal brick joke. Also, I wonder what the windspeed of an unladen parrot is if it can keep up with a commercial aircraft carrying a brick, (which I have no doubt it was gripping by the husk).

chance houston : make yang tell this joke in the next seasson of rwby

Leon Lesser : "opens the window of the plane" sure why not xD

Osman Blackett : This makes me understand why unexpected punch lines can be hilarious

Yamix Gaming : I told my friends this joke today... I have no friends now

Mega Chopsticks : And he was the co-creator of RvB?

No mrs sans No : I have one: A plane has 500 bricks on it 1 brick falls off how many aw left? •499 What are the steps to putting a elephant in the fridge? •open the door, put it in, close the door What about a Giraffe? •take the elephant out, put the Giraffe in, close the door. A lion had a birthday party and all the animals go. What animal is not there? •the Giraffe in the fridge. A girl has to cross a crocodile infested lake and she can only swim. How she get a cross? •swims cause the crocodiles are at the lions birthday party. But she dies anyway. How? •a falling brick hit her in the head. Hope you use this for fun my dudes. <3

MinatoDeLaCruz : There were 3 friends called NoOne, Nobody and Amoron, they were walking down the street when NoOne fell down an open sewer and Nobody went for him, meanwhile Amoron saw a cop and ran screaming for help at him Amoron: Sir sir, please help me, NoOne fell in a hole and Nobody went for him Cop: Kid are you a moron or something? Amoron: Yes sir, pleased to meet you

Doc Draconius : I laughed way harder than I probably should have

Ramon Harris : shouldve shown gavin and gus dying of laughter

Jay M : This ones even better: You have 1000 bricks on a plane, you throw one off, how many do you have left? 999 How do you put a giraffe in the fridge? Open the door, stick the giraffe in, close the door How do you put an elephant in the fridge? Open the door, take the giraffe out, put the elephant in, close the door The king lion hosts a party, every animal is invited and attends the party, only one animal didnt come, who was that animal? The elephant, he was stuck in the fridge So a guy that is trying to get to the party, but the King Lions house is surrounded by a moat(river) with man eating alligators, how can he get accross? Swim, the alligators are at the party He dies crossing the moat(river) anyways, why? The brick fell on his head...

Jerome : Legends say the brick is still in the air

Midas Imperius : that is.. actually genius.

Sakyo's Productive Garbage : So there are these chinese men called Wu, Bu and, Fu and they wanted to change their names to live in the usa. Wu is now called Wuck, Bu is now called Buck and Fu...went back to China

Dddsasul : omg this was so retarded.... I love it

Brekfest : M E T A

Koolaid369 Aka kim : "No the brick'' this ends my life

inFAMOUSwasser : Jason Kuller: Goodbye Yellow Brick Joke ^HBO Stand up special Joke is pretty much the same

acelegend12378 : I don't get it?

JmansViewingChannel : The longest most elaborate joke I ever heard

TTThatguy90 : Better than the marvel cinematic universe

Turnt SNACO : Why did Sally fall off the swings? She's got no arms!

FLUXX840 : lol

TheS1E2A3L4 : At least we know what happened to the brick.

Natasha O : those were awful omg XD

Kami The Summoner : Omg I died XD

Sam Hankins : You earned yourselves a subscriber for that.

david minard : I just need to sit down for a bit and reflect on how stupid that was.

Ltl cl : I nees to tell this to people😂

JRellevant : I’ve told this joke so many times. It’s gotten mixed reviews lol

PR0MAN01 : That joke is straight outta Bojack Horseman

Anmiedaithde Calibre : 😂😂😂

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the kitty cats : This is how I found RT and lead me to the RWBY fandom

DuskyPredator : This is called a Brick Joke, where an event disappears entirely early on, possibly with no punchline, only to appear much later on out of the blue as a punchline, subverting expectations at the beginning and the end. Usually multiple jokes may be said in the middle, it gets its name from its crudest form often involving a brick like this one with Burnie. You can look up some examples on TV Tropes, although warning that it might suck time out of you.

adam bump : Burnie's Jokes better then Barbra's that's all I can I say

DidehMow : Why did everyone switch seats between jokes? It hurts my brain!

palal2002 : 10/10 best worst jokes ever.

daft : that ending

Derrek McNab : there is a book called lateral thinking puzzles written by Paul Sloan. you can find a written version of this puzzle in there ( or rather, the joke)


GG mi amico : Stinking love that joke