(no goal) Finland vs. USA women's IIHF 2019

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WTFWelcomeToFinland : Finland: GOLD!!! Referee: Hold my beer

Michel Lauzon : What a shame. Women hockey always been a two countries affair. Now that A third one wins the gold medal they get robbed, right in front of their public. This goal was good, any way you look at it. Rigbsy was outside her crease and did not have her glove on the puck when Hiirikoski touched the puck. And anyway, the call was totally illogical.

pollofrito3000 : Finland was robbed. I'm surprised. If this was the Olympics, I wouldn't be as the IOC loves that American money...Ahem.... Stacy Livingston in '02.

Robbie Brett : The goalie jumps into the skater (outside the crease) gets a penalty and then they call it goaltender interference. Insane.

Jani Rissanen : Finnish miracle on ice - Canceled

George LEA : Having watched the play frame by frame, there is clearly goalie interference - but it is by the goalie, not on the goalie. The goalie trips the Finnish forward as she skates by, which is probably why the goalie receives a penalty. But no goal? This is clearly one of the biggest travesties I have ever seen in sport, and the Finns should be celebrating a deserved win. I think the majority of hockey people who watch this tape will acknowledge the injustice.

AKES : Finland had a wall (goalie). Trump didn't feel it great.

sgtcrab1 : If it was a legitimate call why did Rigsby get a penalty

amcflfan45 : Watch the replay. The skater clearly avoids the crease and the goalie. The goalie however clearly trips the skater. This was a collusion like I have never seen before. America wins at all $$costs.

shredder : Finland robbed

Scott Shaffer : a disgrace to hockey!

Ron Barnaby : Corruption. 100% fact !

George Boccanfuso : What a joke. Really you feel proud winning gold on a shoot out after you know in your hearts you should have lost?

Tinopinoh : Injustice was served that day

davrion24 : Obvious goal that should have counted.....just terrible

Blair Young : How much money did USA hockey pay the iihf for the call is what I want to know USA the most corrupt despicable nation in the world

Christine Cheverie : Finland should have won the goalie was outside of her crease

Giampaolo Fini : Perkele!!!!!

OfficialDufmaan : EVERYONE READ RULE 185 iii and u will understand why we are mad at IIHF

austfraust : im ashamed of my own country watching this....GG Finland you won that game!

Markku Vuorinen : Finland: GOLD!!!

GIUSEPPE BORIS RUSTY SHACKLEFORD BABUBHATTMON : They ROBBED FINLAND of a deserved moment of GLORY. USA team knows this and should give the GOLD to Finland.

Justin DeMatteo : USA should have forfeited after that no goal call. Wow

Der Antagonist : Finland must to boycott the next world cup.

Sebastian Nordlund : What is player 22 doing? Like when Hiirikoski trips.

TheJere213 : I read somewhere that allegedly the Finnish player didn't do enough to "minimize" the impact. Watching the clip at .25 speed it's quite clear that she is turning away(and wouldn't have hit the goalie) then the goalie starts reaching for the puck right in front of her. At that point the Finn is right up to the goalie so there is nothing she can really do at that point. Watch from 0:33 onwards with .25 speed and you will see what I mean. I'm not super into hockey but imo that was wrong call based on my knowledge of the rules and the evidence provided by the clip.


Tyynymyy : The contact happened outside the crease and it was clearly an accident despite what IIHF said. Finland got robbed hard.

Johnny Nordman : Solklart mål!

Juutube989 : Why does IIHF think that Canadian and American refrees are sidless? People are less trustable from those countries.

Jerry Saranen : I would really like to know if those American players can look at their gold medals proudly

Andreas Nordin : Congratulations to Finland for winning gold!

Havendale Blvd : Horrendous officiating. US women sports get so many ridiculous swings.

gardenhead904 : Having the goal overturned was bad enough, then they 'lose' in the shootout, just wow. Congratulations to both teams on a great game, the way it ended was ass.

Husky Finn : That was shame for ice hockey! That was a good goal. Finland is a true winner and deserves those gold medals! Team Finland was the best team in this tournament. We are proud of you Lions!🇫🇮🇫🇮

CrazyDoeboy666 : Sad for Finland there... :<

Victor Rosenqvist : Stort grattis till till andra ock sliver i vm Finland häliginar från skåne i Sverige

Fastfoward prospects : Ridiculous😂

dakota dakota : If the Americans do not decline this championship shame on them!

Stu Pidas : The point i'd like to make is that as the puck was coming down into the goalie's glove she was contacted and therefore unable to catch it. Regardless of any subsequent penalty or not, the goal should not have counted. As a canadian i have two favourite teams, canada and anyone playing the usa. As much as i would be thrilled to have the usa lose, the correct call was to wave off the goal.

Pyllymysli : The Tweet in the end is by Sauli Niinistö, the president of Finnish republic. It reads roughly "Disallowed goal in american net, and a penalty for americans? I don't get it." xD

svenstation kylmägeeli : sais holokusti käydä sille videotuomarille joka ton päätti. vittu ku ei se edes vittu tiedä sääntöjä. kattonu jostain saatanan pipsapossun urheilujaksosta säönnöt vittu.

ZeOverman : That was an honest goal! What the hell!?

fuuzzzy : The goalie interference was so obvious here lol

CDNStig : The on ice official got it correct, called the penalty and then signaled the goal. 0:37. How does this happen?

Pertti Kilpeläinen : Why Rene Fasel was also watching the videos up there with video referee??!

tmu trmn : bribed and corrupted referees..! WTF?!??!

McWinstoneeh : I bet the referee thinked about how much America gives to him. Sorry americans

lassi : b1g 00f