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Our losing entry for Klondike's video contest. Cast: Jessy Hodges Director of Photography: Noah Lagin Animation: Pete Scalzitti

Comments from Youtube

lolipopscandy62 : Losing entry?! Well now I know what I'll do for a klondike bar...nothing.

Kuumba Creations : This lost? It's SO FLOCKIN' FUNNY!!!!!!!!

Jiayi Chen : How could you guys lose!?? This is AWESOME!

lvaley : I just love the idea that a train driver for brainteaser 2 saw the klondike bar on a chair when going past and was really confused

cairerns : the real brainteaser is how Brian's character managed to get a girlfriend in the first place

Thremtopod : my favorite part is the frowning drawings in brainteaser #3 0:53

Job BZ : Hung him more like HANGED him

mowriter : I could see you guys submitting this to Klondike.  I guess that'd be the only way to avoid a lawsuit.....?

joshfactor1 : did he seriously just kill a guy for a klondike bar? 

Luke Piechowski : Never seen before, the origins of, THE RIDDLER!

BlackAndWhite9999 : Brian, I'm not going to Boston! I have a job!

Johnathan T : Was it worth it? I say yes. Would I do it for 1 Klondike bar? No.... For 2? Maybe....

DailyBroccoli : lol well done! Nice video!

Euphemism : Doesn't it sound like Brian is singing "Can you hear the bells are ringing?" I mean I know it isn't him, but it sounds like it could be.

Always Learnin' : That ending was funny as hell!

Amanda Hetzel : This so makes me want a Klondike bar.

MrRandomrandom12345 : thank you captain obvious

Tyler Kreis : Wonder why this lost...

Callie Krall : What


RandomAbbreviation : The music that plays when Jenkins is hanging kills me every time.

Bobbeh Mcstuffinshire : These brain teasers are impossible.

YoSoyCopia : What's the name of the song at the end of the video???

JuTuber : An old man hanging from the ceiling was probably too dark of a concept to air in a commercial. I'm only assuming that the winner was going to be aired on TV. I don't know anything about the contest.

TheGentlemansaurus : It took me forever to finally find this song after hearing it off of BriTANick and just the greatest disappointment once I actually heard it

SomeKindaSpy : Meh.

SomeKindaSpy : I have to disagree.

Blue Sky : Nick's adorable:D

Noah Topper : I just realized that I saw this a few years ago before I knew who you guys were!

Lucy Stevens : As an English person, I really want to try a Klondike bar just to know what the fuss is all about

LOVERandFIGHTER7285 : i like how the Klondike is cracked an dnot perfect like the comercials

KeinZantezuken : "Losing"? Worst contest ever.

DefiningSarcasm : Tha wouldn't work. First off, neither Ashley nor Nick can stay with the Klondike Bar because they'll eat it. Second, if you send Nick over by himself how will the boat get back to the otherside.

The Best Underdogs : Check out my channel holmes.

Hunter Freeman : They didn't win because it had murder in it... Fucking babies.

kitohol : Are Klondick Bar THAT EXPENSIVE that one cannot just go buy one??

veggiemite777 : I always thought the Klondike was a magical place made of gold where miners are tragically drawn for the sole purpose of catching a fever. Hmm.. guess i was wrong...

cristien2 : Lmao

Borna Radosevic : i was thinking that Jenkiks wet himself

tilbert riesenkolben : i am a serial killer

cara : 1:19 What I wouldn't do to BE the Klondike bar...

ljm792 : i miss the christian ska at the ends of the new ones

Roland Schlösser : i have no idea what a Klondike is..looks yummy :c

Dippoakabob : I need to stop drinking fluids while watching these videos.

DualityGamingStation : So every fat man/women is a serial killer?


forisrex : far, far away by five iron frenzy, they are Christian ska band, song is from 2001

Andreas buhaug : Good call man not going to boston. It's a bouch of bombs blowing up there.

Psychedelic Doughnut : What I thought would happen when he asks, "You serious?". "No" *eats klondike bar*.