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lolipopscandy62 : Losing entry?! Well now I know what I'll do for a klondike bar...nothing.

mowriter : I could see you guys submitting this to Klondike.  I guess that'd be the only way to avoid a lawsuit.....?

DailyBroccoli : lol well done! Nice video!

Big Boss : This was the most creative video, how did you not win :(

cairerns : the real brainteaser is how Brian's character managed to get a girlfriend in the first place

lvaley : I just love the idea that a train driver for brainteaser 2 saw the klondike bar on a chair when going past and was really confused

Jiayi Chen : How could you guys lose!?? This is AWESOME!

Johnathan T : Was it worth it? I say yes. Would I do it for 1 Klondike bar? No.... For 2? Maybe....

Mangahome : leakforums was down and it linked me here. cool.

Job BZ : Hung him more like HANGED him


Luke Piechowski : Never seen before, the origins of, THE RIDDLER!

BlackAndWhite9999 : Brian, I'm not going to Boston! I have a job!

ary : this was soon funny

Always Learnin' : That ending was funny as hell!

Thremtopod : my favorite part is the frowning drawings in brainteaser #3 0:53

KingNothing1610 : It's good to see you guys are still friends!

Lindsey Lee : I'm a idiot

Kuumba Films : This lost? It's SO FLOCKIN' FUNNY!!!!!!!!

joshfactor1 : did he seriously just kill a guy for a klondike bar? 

Stella the Siren : I cannot believe the morons who made you lose this XD What the hell!? That totally made me want a klondike bar, and I've never even had one before!

Avalanche341 : I luv this so much! 5/5 and fav'd

Avalanche341 : Lol, the way the Klondike(or w/e) is packed it looks like cheese.

Eji : 1:10 makes me involuntarily lol

AsASymbol : It was a shame you were forced to watch it.

DMT/•/TV : Blasphemy

mickeynotmouse : They lied. They definitely made out.

SusejFTW : Im impressed.

supergreatsuper : The brainteasers are impossible except for #3

Angela Brett : That Klondike bar isn't even bar-shaped.

KeinZantezuken : "Losing"? Worst contest ever.

hellotelephone1 : I WANT A FREAKIN' KLONDIKE BAR!!!

mowriter : @bigears151 : Five Iron Frenzy (band); I can't remember the song name.

Danny D : Shoulda won the contest!

ShadesAtKnight : Hilarious!

acebennett_ : @rocker12chick Far, Far Away by Five Iron Frenzy.

acebennett_ : @thebeatles641 Far, Far Away by Five Iron Frenzy.

Ruth C : Losing??? You guys should have won!!!

M. Cobretti : Each of ur video is so creative. This channel is like undiscovered gold, shining in a desert.

Miguel Torres : i would do that for a klondike bar

Stephen Johnson : are you serious?

Stephen Johnson : i dont really like Klondike bars....

DKPOWA : Excellent!

Evil Mastermind : @anthonylka10 its in the other room idiot...

predator1491 : @christiankittyluver Might be a bit late, but the song is called "Far, Far Away" by Five Iron Frenzy, I believe.

Brenna Gillaspy : This video definitely should have won. Also, one of the best things is to eat a klondike bar while watching this.

Brenna Gillaspy : I can't believe this lost! It would have been one of the funniest ads in the history of forever.

teacherofculture : its all melted LOL!!!

Worth It : lmao

TylerrJayy : congradulations, you've just quoted half the video! (Y) ... good for you!