Sneaking in EVERYWHERE for FREE (Yellow Vest Experiment)

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Yes Theory : Thank for watching guys, please don't try to replicate this on your own :) Peace and love!

Qufox : *Gets caught* *Runs away while wearing NEON vest*

Ziny Sasun : One time I snuck into my room but I got caught..........

An Audi RS6 : “We’re not trying to take advantage of these places” Literally goes on themepark rides without paying. 😂

James Foley : "We aren't going to take advantage of any of these places!" *Watches Movie, Walks around Museum and Zoo, rides rides at amusement park*

CZsWorld : Best thing I've seen all year. You should try getting into a nightclub.

Elle Jones : If you’ve got a vest and confidence like you’re supposed to be there , you can get anywhere .

rad wagon : YT: "We're here to inspect theatre number two" Cinema guy: "what for" YT: " an inspection" Cinema guy: "sure go ahead" Sounds legit.

Zwerggoldhamster : What if you just tried all of these with confidence and without the vests?

Phil Ellison : I used to work in that first cinema. My bosses saw this video about 2 months ago and we all had to come in at 7:30am the next morning for additional "training" on how to notice "non-authorised personnel". Now anytime anyone makes a delivery or a parking cop comes to use the bathroom, we need to check them for ID, and if we're unsure - call a supervisor. The girl Lula left her job a few weeks later, but we all thought she got fired for eating popcorn, texting on her phone, and this.

Janiya Ward : should have worn a hardhat, long khakis and boots

OE Fitness : Try to sneak into Area 51

Clapped : If it was a women doing this I bet they’d get caught

Dark : “we won’t take advantage of this”

Avril Ruiz : Me: Mom can we go to Disneyland Mom: Who's gonna pay? Me: Here (hands over yellow jacket) this'll pay for it Mom: What the heck?

Mark Adrian : You just say "We are from external audit. Just doing inspection."

Playonce : Dont try this! 99% with vest gonnna do this

CallMeAJ : Go to area 51 next with these😂

Zero Alpha : Now you guys go sneak into north Korea then try to sneak out . can't wait lol

Benzimo_ : How did they get the cameraman in there??

Kevin Lluberes : Its all fun and games till you get arrested for trespassing and false authorized permission in attempts to abide in localized structures without a permit or inspector licensure.

MyBoringLife : Haven't watched one of your videos in forever. But this one is great

Jumbo Biscuit : Gta V heist leaked 2018

jack galka : This video gave me anxiety

Jobel220 : The theme park one must be fake because at universal there’s security checks before you even get to where they recorded

Stranger Things : Who knew the real-life invisibility cloak would be yellow...

AM-PM Cuber : #HowToGetArrested101

Melanie Brown : Next time wear khakis and polos or something so you look more official.

Splendid Dwarf : Try to get in the bank

TDA : Adapt did this and mentioned u!

Anton Englund : Nooo! Why show everyone this glich?! This is soo gonna get patched now when this video goes viral...

ThePeculiarOne : Mildly illegal fun is the best fun

LFX Gaming : In the UK museums are free anyway as the queen made that a law

Mr. Chair : This is what you call Hacks in real life!

TR1TT0N : That wouldn’t work in Germany at all...

ASAPYAVO : you just gave a new robbery idea smh

Ors180717 : Man, i love this channel so much

DrunkMarksman : Oof called out zac

Paul Gamespy : How did the camera man pass the entrance ? 😁

Splendid Dwarf : This is the first video of your channel and I subscribed

WhatsUpYT : At 2:42 I think they l meant to blur out the guys face, idk cause why would they blur out the shop sign if they just show it again in a few seconds

rbshns aesthetic : why do i have a feeling this was somehow inspired by ally law hahaha

Copyright Strike Incoming : Does this work for banks as well?

Mido Moh : New favorite channel yay 😁

Jaxon Malaby : Who’s here from faze adapts new video

Aidan Hackwood : Haha if you're gonna do it say "you're here for the PPM" (Planned Preventive Maintenance) it's a legit reason rather than inspection... But haha nice job

ElleOfTheMills : LOL i fucking loved this

TheMysteryMan : Social Engineering is the term for what is happening in the video. Humans are usually the weakest link in an otherwise decent security system.

Takistan Drug Industries Mate you bloody cheeky kangaroo koala echidna mate shark dolphin giraffe : "You just wear a fucking high vis shirt and no one fucking questions ya" - Mike Nolan

Mitchell Poulton : Anyone else think of Ally Law straight away?