Sneaking in EVERYWHERE for FREE (Yellow Vest Experiment)

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Yes Theory : Thank for watching guys, please don't try to replicate this on your own :) Peace and love!

Ors180717 : Man, i love this channel so much

Ellie Does Life : This is my favouite video on the internet. You guys need your own tv show 😂

Bass Approved : *Gets bills sent to their homes because of this video*

Loki High : I got kicked out of my house. Maybe if I do this I can get in 🤔🤔

MyBoringLife : Haven't watched one of your videos in forever. But this one is great

Rob Moab : Quick story. My dad was a construction worker at the Oakland A's stadium. After a game ended, he walked right past security, fake talking on a Nextel phone, into the visitors locker room. He got me a piece of paper signed by Ken griffy Jr. He told me griffy wasn't too happy about it lol.

Gunned Down : Universal studios if you were wondering

Wave Man Mike : Try this at a Six Flags and get arrested.

Iz Chi : honestly if I saw someone walking into my work with those on I would literally just let them through because I don't care, even though I know I should ask the manager or something I don't care what happens at my work that's not my business LOL

ContactingTheDead : *Grand Theft Auto VI looks amazing!*

Bacon : If you wanted to look around afterwards, why not go in with the vest on, go to the nearest bathroom and take off the vest? Like, at all of the places? Wouldn't that draw less attention?

Mr. Waffle : But... Disney is the biggest amusement park... not Universal lol

HunmbreVevo : If you’re black don’t try this

V Bry : I just subscribed!!:-)

MFbond1 : For anyone wondering they went to Universal Studios in LA, I went there a few weeks ago and recognized it, pretty cool place

Samir Ali : Honestly I thought the last one was going to be Disney Land

Betsy Fiorillo : Roses are red violets are blue did you see how easily some people were fooled?!

Matthew Hall : If you both were wearing long pants it'd work better

Pedro Jioia : *Hello Yes Theory!* I just found your channel and I am already a big fan of yours! *I have a proposal that might interest you.* If you guys ever come to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I could set up a place for your crew here in my grandparents house(big one). It is close to the city areas and coast, where you might be interested to film in. . If you are interested, hit me up. Of course, before any solid assurance I would have to hear my family and what they have to say. But this should be no problem, I can talk to them if I hear anything from your team.

CooltrainerChris : Thor 3 Spoilers!! Like so others don't get spoiled!

SQUIRREL M : I doubt a black person could do this without being suspicious, that would really be a experiment, btw, I do that too without a vet to a cinema, I only go to the employees entrance, it works just fine 😂

LensPlays HD : But there's no way you could ever beat AllyLaw in sneaking into any building XD

Life : Dont try this! 99% with vest gonnna do this

Moksh Naidu : Korean DMZ next!

poisoneslizard : goes to a free entrance zoo we just walked in

Joshua Torres : Lmfao had to pause around 3:10, "uhh, a quick inspection" 😂😂😂😂

RubyGraphics : Universal Studios Hollywood is not the worlds most famous amusement park in the world 😂

Shanyu k : 9:35 #AaronPaul #BreakingBad #JessePinkman

Geordi Goss : One of the best channels I've come across since I began my youtube journey 11 years ago. Your channel has original quality work 👌keep it up

Elle Jones : If you’ve got a vest and confidence like you’re supposed to be there , you can get anywhere .

fanboi : IM DOING THIS

Butters35 : walks into bank vault for quick inspection walks out like nothing happened

n gemp : This is so genius 😂🤑

SuperMechguy : Should've worn kahkis with a dress shirt

Daisy Buchanan : Anyone else getting anxiety watching this???????

Sabrina Sykes : I would do this... but I don't like jail

Trevor Dustin : I worked as a gatekeeper, and whenever someone walked by without paying I didn’t stop them. I really just didn’t care

gaza girl chin : Damn that jacket is like the key to the city lol

Jared Davis : Okay, I’ll just replicate this with a friend.

Hulsinga Tim : Check your DM'S!!!!!!

Eli C. : Try going in a sports game

Andrew Gonzalez : Next up: Bank Vault

The Crap Channel : Brudda, you know de wae

The Legend34 : White privilege!!! I hope you know I'm kidding It doesn't exist There is minority disadvantage though

Healable_ Coin : How do you guys not at least have a million subs? You guys are awesome!

pokèjay 8 : Guys they broke the law flag this video

Dan De Man : What was the amusement park called

ECCP sports : Just ordered one off eBay

Mike B : Guy with yellow vest walks into pentagon Employee: what is your business here? Them: we are doing a routine check up of theatre to. Employee: huh. Ok come on through.