Sneaking in EVERYWHERE for FREE (Yellow Vest Experiment)

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Yes Theory : Thank for watching guys, please don't try to replicate this on your own :) Peace and love!

Adolf Hitler : Try Area 51 trust me it’s a great idea

Ungke Suleh : Thanks for the trick. I used this, now I end up in jail.

EatMyBricks : We were not taking advantage of this... 7:06

Katie Weinhold : *This has been a suggested video for like 6 months my **_gosh_*

Eriz Sharper : DuDE try wearing a referee shirt and sneak in into random sports game pretend ur the referee for the game

Qufox : *Gets caught* *Runs away while wearing NEON vest*

A Lost Jedi : This is literally the only thing I remember learning at my work experience years ago. The owner of the company said to me "Wear a high vis jacket and carry a clipboard. You'll get into anywhere." and that's how he spied on his competitors projects.

FBI : Sir, we have our eyes on you now. Be careful.

Jesus : Self confidence is the most important thing when you lie or cheat somewhere

RockyTop23 : “We’re not actually trying to take advantage of these venues” *looks at all the animals and rides a ride* lol

Johann von der Becke : Me: walks into area 51 Secret agent: what are you doing?! Me: just a hygiene Inspection Agent: oh... Ok sorry

Innovative Power : Shorts really? That’s the biggest giveaway! On the job you need pants, and a hard hat

QuantumBullet : 0:28 yeah, takes a ride in the amusement park...

Squiddy :D : Says they don't take advantage of the establishments *takes advantage of the establishments*


Fathom Films : "we're not actually trying to take advantage of these venues" ~Right

Quentin Cazin : Try North Korea


Cal cic O : Try inter to my bathroom and fix my sink without anyone noticing. Please

Ronald Cooper : You don't need a yellow vest to sneak into a movie. You could have still probably walked by.

LJ Wren : Honestly, one thing I've learned is that as long as you look like you know where you're going and what you're doing, people won't question it

ShadowMarioid : Pro tip (that you shouldn’t follow) you can walk right by the ticket taker at a movie theater by just not making eye contact and acting like you belong there, maybe carry a drink or something as an added prop, in the rare event that they ask for your ticket stub just say you threw it away(everyone does)

XSPENCERX : they got into universal studios, for free, WTF

Wn Liao : “I’ve never seen a giraffe before” wtf

Flying Pumpkins : Universal Studios Hollywood is the theme park if anyone is wondering.

Jesus Meza : This was patched in the newest update

Pan Leo : try sneaking into area 51 like this ;)

Amber Flame : I could never do this...because, Well...I'm Black. 😆

Ang : You'll need your charisma all maxed out to fool that restraunt

Arnav Savla : Oh today I'm just going to steal stuff!!! But don't worry, it's just an experiment. And for the companies that got robbed, please improve your security. Come on!!!

OE Fitness : Try to sneak into Area 51

Vegeta Breigh : "We are not trying to take advantage of these establishments", proceeds to go on the best ride

Jamieta : They said they werent gonna take advantage of the entries

Ultimate Youtuber vlogs and games : Who thinks this sounds like ally law

Nate M. : Oh man, I bet they got banned from those places since the video has been out

CZsWorld : Best thing I've seen all year. You should try getting into a nightclub.

helal723 : Disliked because of the last two when you actually used the zoo and amusement park without paying. You should have left as soon as you got in as that was the purpose of the experiment!

Puppy Planet : You need to stop putting yourself in trouble for us

Madalyn Maree : You would've just left if you weren't trying to take advantage of it.. Instead you stayed to watch the movies and walk around the zoo.

Ungke Suleh : Thanks for the trick. I used this, now I end up in jail.

Lilly Parker : For the zoo and theme park I would think there are guys like that constantly checking up on things so makes sense that it goes unoticed

LOLminer - Grady : Now fo this at an Airport

Forrest The Foongie : The funny thing is I didn’t even mean to do it like this. I went to a museum in New York and I needed to use the restroom really bad. It was past security and the ticket booth and we realized that we were already inside. So we just turned right and got free museum tour lol.

zx : Thumbs up!

Yusuf Ali : I did this with the British museum without a high vis jacket

ThePeculiarOne : Mildly illegal fun is the best fun

GISELLE TORRES : Y’all went to the restaurant my dad works at🤣

Gabi : lmao white guys just do whatever tf they want

Marcus Estrada : 1:34 literal piracy