Sneaking in EVERYWHERE for FREE (Yellow Vest Experiment)

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Yes Theory : Thank for watching guys, please don't try to replicate this on your own :) Peace and love!

Jesus Meza : This was patched in the newest update

Fathom Films : "we're not actually trying to take advantage of these venues" ~Right

xInkPG3D. : The reason they got caught is because what electrician guy *WEARS SHORTS* 😂

EatMyBricks : We were not taking advantage of this... 7:06

Katie Weinhold : *This has been a suggested video for like 6 months my **_gosh_*

SDG Danny : r/actlikeyoubelong

Ungke Suleh : Thanks for the trick. I used this, now I end up in jail.

Sophie Allan : they should've just said it was a social experiment when they got caught instead of running

Philip Richardson : Turns out that high visibility vests make you invisible

Martha Arlene Sanchez : “We are in no way possible trying to take advantage of these establishments” *goes on every single ride at universal*

Lilly Newsom : For the zoo and theme park I would think there are guys like that constantly checking up on things so makes sense that it goes unoticed

Augustus Mussolini : You should have tried a military base

TheTrollBoner 32 : "We were not trying to take advantage of these establishments" *takes advantage of these establishments* "I think I'm never leaving my house again without my green vest"

Andrew K : Walking into a restaurant and saying the word inspection is like saying bomb on an airplane. Should've just walked into the service entrance and you might have gone unnoticed.

Ty Adams : as a movie theater employee who usually takes tickets i can confirm that i totally wouldn't care

Playonce : Dont try this! 99% with vest gonnna do this

ReetardTV : Moral of the story, minimum wage equals minimal effort.

QuantumBullet : 0:28 yeah, takes a ride in the amusement park...

Adrienn Dobsa : Do you ever look at a comment and think “damn I wish I said that”?😂🧐😂

Alexis Fedie : I couldn’t do this because, despite being a grown woman, I look 12...

LJ Wren : Honestly, one thing I've learned is that as long as you look like you know where you're going and what you're doing, people won't question it

Peter Cho : Who else thinks it’s obvious that two guys who easily pass for blue-collar regular guys could bypass an employee getting paid minimum wage, and who isn’t trained in property security? In my opinion, it doesn’t take authoritative skepticism to thwart these “missions,” all it takes is a moment of confusion; the employee thinks, “they look legit,” and would rather not make a scene and just say “yeah.” These guys r probably good guys.. just saying it was odd to me how two grown men would giggle at the revelation that this works.

Pndshawty : Delete this video these serial shooters get ideas bro

Corrupt Neo : Is this glitch patched? It's too Overpowered 😂😂

Rosie Strandberg : Would probably work better if you had name tags 😊😊

TJ Israelsen : I walked into Team Ferraris garage at a race, then up to the VIP booths. Ultimately got kicked out after an hour because I was in the pits with shorts on (rule?). You just have to act like you belong & you can do whatever

Bus Haisl : Instead of becoming invisible just wear a yellow vest

That Youtuber : If you do it again when people question you just start writing down random stuff on the clipboard to make them think it’s like a complaint or somehinng

Ungke Suleh : Thanks for the trick. I used this, now I end up in jail.

Kyle24 Anator : This is how criminals plant bombs.

Qufox : *Gets caught* *Runs away while wearing NEON vest*

Jeffrey Johnson : Hitman 2 looks great

Arshak 818 : Electricians dont wear short shorts

Cal cic O : Try inter to my bathroom and fix my sink without anyone noticing. Please

iPopze : Did you just sneak into universal?😂👍🏻

MyBoringLife : Haven't watched one of your videos in forever. But this one is great

Clive The Dodo : Uhhhh, this is very very illegal. Probably not a good idea to post it on YOUTUBE you fool! Unless this is staged but that’s most likely not the case.

Ronald Cooper : You don't need a yellow vest to sneak into a movie. You could have still probably walked by.


Kokoro : "We're not taking advantage of this" Watches the entire movie.

Kzpy LJ : 2:25 I'm sure someone was watching you guys on cameras and that's why he came in to ask if you had tickets lmao

Vihar Contractor : *Sneak +100*

RockyTop23 : “We’re not actually trying to take advantage of these venues” *looks at all the animals and rides a ride* lol

Derek Ocean : Lol, making a big show about how you’re “conducting an experiment” and giving venues “a chance to learn to improve their security” by taking advantage of leniency in certain circumstances for service people, meanwhile taking full advantage of exploiting the security holes for personal entertainment and satisfaction in the video. 10/10, clever maturity and sophistication.

Pure Surenity : You guys need clipboards XD

Jamieta : They said they werent gonna take advantage of the entries

Lysbelle Santos : your videos give me anxiety lmao but i can’t stop watching them

zomgseriosuly : Pretty sure they didn't get arrested that day because they're white (or at least white passing)

#NUTELLAISLIFE : 6:45 their steps are in sinc