Reliant Robin Racing Full Contact

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GOrDoN ReMseY : Darude Sandstorm in the background around the starting

Squat251 : This looks brilliant, they need to bring this to the states, people would go ape shit over it!

993BlueZones : Top Gear brought me here

jacksonlefteye : reliant robin racing: NO ONE WINS looks like a lot of fun though, i would do it

cibie01 : @johndeer7030 thanks, i like to surprise you lol. i will have caravan / bus / truck racing coming soon

FEGTTTSDH : Better than NASCAR lol 

tony harkin : I'm laughing my butt off. Are there very many of these cars in England left for you to race?

tony harkin : Are the rules- there are no rules? I love it!

Harry Atkinson : kwl that was well funny some of those guys got ownd lol brilliant video m8 :)

Mangomx : Best Car ever!!! LOL

fishiestory : Entertaining video. Resiliant little cars, aren't they?