OCARINA OF TIME - A Masterclass In Subtext

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Episode One of The Hyrule Journals. On the Master Sword being the 'essence' of childhood: https://bit.ly/2Fz56Au CREDITS Written, edited and animated by Javed L Sterritt https://twitter.com/JavedLSterritt Additional writing by Satchell Drakes https://twitter.com/SatchellDrakes Music provided in partnership with MUSICBED http://share.mscbd.fm/javedlendlsterritt The Hyrule Journals theme composed by Jonny Higgins https://soundcloud.com/jonnyhiggins/a-lost-child Outro song: 'Resurrect' by Tony Anderson https://www.musicbed.com/songs/resurrect/33975 SOURCES A full breakdown of sources and resources are over at https://www.thehyrulejournals.com/ AONUMA & MIYAMOTO ON THE '4 GIRLS' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpM0S8kWsRw SHINTO IN VIDEOGAMES & ZELDA https://killscreen.com/articles/unmistakable-influence-shintoism-videogame-history/ https://femhype.com/2016/05/10/japanese-environmentalism-shinto-the-legend-of-zelda/ IMMORTAL CHILDHOOD by HYLIAN DAN: https://zeldauniverse.net/2011/09/14/immortal-childhood/ FUSHIMI INARI FOOTAGE PROVIDED BY LETTERS FROM JAPAN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5XjYJsX92A SHINTO CREATION STORY: https://jref.com/articles/shinto.27/ http://www.bbc.co.uk/religion/religions/shinto/texts/stories_1.shtml AMAZING JABU-JABU ARTIST: https://twitter.com/siga4BDN Connect with Good Blood! Good Blood on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1q4ExYi Good Blood on Facebook: http://bit.ly/1CA95fb

Comments from Youtube

octopuscollective : Was searching for a speedrun. Then had my heart broken as I realized my childhood was the speedrun.

Zeltik : incredible.

maxmoefoePokemon : this was a huge bruh moment for sure

ImMarksman : Not gonna lie, this video screwed me up. Made me sad just watching it. Super well done!

shadypenguinn : I can't be the only one who teared up around 29 minutes. This video is incredible.

Nick Kotowski : Recently I came across a fan theory online (I can't recall where exactly) that explained this by explaining the life cycle of fairies in greater detail. Have you ever noticed that the bottled fairies that you use disappear right after they heal you? This is because of how fairy life cycles work: certain fairies are created by guardian spirits, such as the Great Fairies and the Deku Tree, to fulfill a specific purpose, such as healing weary travelers. Once that purpose if fulfilled, the fairy disappears. When the Deku Tree addressed Navi at the beginning of the game, she had literally just been created, the blank screen representing her transition into being. The Deku Tree created her for the purpose of assisting Link in his quest, and when Link placed the Master Sword back into the pedestal at the end of the game, that purpose was completed. That's why Navi flew out the window and left Link behind: she couldn't bear the thought of Link seeing her die.

MsAnimelover6666 : I always thought the saddest part of OoT is the fact that link is forced to become a child again (ignore the stupid nintendo timeline, just at the end of the game in the credits) He has all this knowledge of what could have happened in the future, and no one but the seven sages know, but he can’t be with them because he’s a child, but he doesn’t belong with the kokiri because he’s lost all child-like innocence,he’s fought in a war that technically didn‘t happen

Soph Choi : The transitions in this video are so aesthetically pleasing to my soul

Barny : incredible video, i'm speechless. this is beautiful.

WhatAreYouBuyen : This is better than most documentaries in Netflix

Phantom Rider : That moment when you finally realize someone else knows the real ending of Ocarina of Time too. Truly the saddest ending of them all. I was blown away as a kid that Link was sent back with no one to remember him. This is the journey of all Heroes though. There are no medals... just sacrifices. ; (

Spade : This may well be the best analysis video I've ever seen. Top knotch editing, music, and your content delved deep into the thematic elements and imagery. A++ work here, lads. What a feels trip!

Ed Farage : i've seen movies that were not as good as this youtube video, well done man. OOT has always been my favorite game, but now i know exactly why, thank you.

Kris Fizzy : This game was my childhood. I played it over and over and over again since I was in preschool, I played it constantly through middle and high school, and even now.... The older I got the more I noticed and recognized how sad OoT really was, and why it really meant something to me. But this? Hearing this video essay telling me when I knew? Really pushed me to my edge and I actually broke down in tears. OoT meant everything to me as a kid. Thank you so much for this video.

vinesauce : Amazing video, thanks for taking the time to put this all together.

barbarian jk : For me 30:19 (Miyamoto's wise words) is what touched me the most. Most people I've known since I was a kid have left behind so much of their childhood, but at the same time, most are very unhappy... Not all of course, and those who don't share a common trait: They're able to enjoy the simplest things of life, and aren't overly cynical about things. I think we don't actually need to kill our "Inner child" in order to grow up. On the contrary, at least for me, it's the foundations that help me go through the hard times and still smile, even if at some of those times I've been alone. But they've buried their inner child willingly, and for quite a while I was doing the same to myself. For Link though, it was external factors, aka. his role in the world as a hero, or destiny if you wish, which took childhood away from him in many ways, and he accepted it as a self sacrifice (although later on he has regrets, I don't feel it was his fault). For me personally this is the most important message: If you can keep alive hope, joy, playfulness in your life, don't just throw all of that away in order to fit other's expectatives. Being mature doesn't mean that your heart has to become hard, rigid. Be responsible, do what you have to do, follow your "noble ambition" that is born from a childish heart. Because if you still have it, you most certainly don't need to sacrifice all of that like Link had to do. And if you don't have it, I think there's a message in OoT's end: It may be difficult, but you have to give yourself a chance to start over again, to revive your child's heart.

deltex12 : Me before this video: "ugh, ocarina of time again? This story has been overanalyzed and overrated." Me after this video: (crying) "UGH IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL AND SAD WHYYY"

HakuTheSkitty : I really enjoyed this, and the ending had me thinking. With the loss of Navi, Link would be a Salfos right? Is that not part of the plot of Majora's Mask? Link wanders into the Lost Woods in the hopes to find Navi but in his time there he finds two other fairys and are not his own, Tatl and Tael. With the cruse the Skull Kid gives (whom you are unsure is the same one from the first game or if there is other children lost to the woods) Link becomes trapped into repeating world that he has to save, only to end up wandering the woods once more when Termina is saved and the four children of masks are let go. But that's just how I feel and felt like added to that last story line.

Kakka Carrot Cake : Youtube themselves promoted this on twitter, :) EDIT: After watching this video, i can see why, this was seriously incredible, the video was so made so professionally you would never think a channel of ur size would ever be capable of. Definitely subbing, can't wait to see more, also this video made me love OoT so much more than i already did, lol. Thank you

Otaku_gamer 304 : _I'mtotallynotcrying,It'sjustaZeldadocumentarything..._ *Ok, I am crying.*

gtizzle101 : After watching this I looked up your other videos noticing there's only a handful and the last one was a year ago. Hell of a comeback, bravo!

Simon S. : Too many verified accounts in one video.

Omega Einhorn : This is a masterpiece in game analysis. Insightful through and through. Kudos, sir.

Odd Gaming : This video is absolutely incredible and I’ll probably rewatch it multiple times a year, but there are a few tiny details I was surprised went unmentioned in the final story progression line, and I wanted to get your take on them here. First, I love how, when you get the Goron Ruby and Zora Sapphire, the text directly comments on how you (Link), as a child, don’t understand more adult matters. “You don’t know what Darunia means by ‘sworn brothers’ but you got the Goron Ruby!” “You don’t know what Ruto means by ‘her greatest possession’ but you got the Zora Sapphire!” In this way the text itself is clueing you in to how Link’s mind is working at this point in the story. And second, I think Link the Goron is an amazing but small plot point. Not only is it rather heartbreaking to see that Darunia named his son after you and you (unintentionally) doomed the Goron race and never visited for all those years, but it’s also a neat look back at the world Link left behind. Here, Link, as an adult, must comfort a crying child that shares his name and very clearly represents who he used to be, and who he still wishes he was. He’s not just comforting a kid that happens to share his name, he’s literally trying to comfort himself. His inner child. He most likely wishes he could cry and let someone save the day as well, but he is now the adult in the situation and so the job falls to him. Anyway, amazing video. I just wanted to bring these up to get your take.

Violet Ross : Wonderfully produced, well researched, awesome visuals, and absolutely heartbreaking...an amazing video

Rebel Riot : Fitting that Sheik, when referring to the Nocturne of Shadows, mentions "melody that will draw you into infinite darkness." Bongo Bongo, who is infinite darkness, plays his drum as he fights you. Also, throughout the Shadow Temple song is a constant drum beat with backdrops of wales of despair that echo, as though you cannot tell where they are coming from. Its foreshadowing for the Shadow Temple. When teaching the Serenade of Water, Sheik mentions "A childish mind will turn to noble ambition... Young love will become deep affection... The clear water's surface reflects growth." The childish mind refers not just to Link, but also to Princess Ruto. When she was saved, she immediately sought to save the rest of the Zora's. The young love refers to Ruto's role in the growing up thread, her love for Link (which is childish) maturing into deep affection, which is the Romance that the Water Medallion represents. The growth that the clear water's surface represents is Links growth. Keep in mind that Clear in this case does not just mean transparent, it can also mean "free of impurity." Link's cleansing of the Water Temple, and thus the water of Lake Hylia, reflects the growth he is experiencing. And of course, the song is a Serenade.

Andrés Rojas Antón : Amazing man! This really made me understand why I identified so much with Link. I also was taken away from my childhood "bubble" into a completely different country with people that saw me as a stranger and had to develop relationships and adopt customs and so on. A lot of pain but it is an adventure and you do grow.

José Alberto De Legarreta : I think I did notice, all those years back, the sorrow of Link losing all his friends (and girlfriends) to a "greater destiny". Specially at the end, when Link fulfills his mission, he's left with nothing: no fight to fight, no friends, no family, no Zelda. Mind you, I did not notice with my brain, but with my heart. Thanks for the awesome essay. It really gives me a way to understand why these games are such a big part of my life.

The Classy Gamesman : Thanks for giving me the inspiration I needed to create again. I started a channel, and this was the catalyst.

Macarena : The flow, the transitions, the way you explored every theme, the edition of the video, everything is top notch and I can't express how much I appreciate this video. Every second was filled with such raw emotion that I couldn't help but engage with what was being said. Congrats on such a well done video, thanks for the hard work.

your bruv Joey : Probably that's why I love Okami, since it is very similar to zelda oot. Much Shintoism

Ryan Gallagher : Absolutely stunning video and analysis. Kudos to you and everyone who worked with you on this project, you’ve just gained another subscriber

Commonwealth Realm : Wow, just wow. Spread the word about this masterpiece, as this video deserves way more views than this!

MarleyCats : Between my fiancé and I (watching this on our own, not-together time), we have watched this video about 8 times. This is an absolutely beautiful video. I share this with so many people because it's just so perfectly well done. It's emotional, inspirational, and insightful. It's wonderfully well written and put together. I cannot begin to imagine how many hours, all-nighters, and just plain hard work went into this video and I have to say that it all pays off. This is truly one of the best videos I have ever experienced. Truly love it❤️

C Vernon : Well designed, informative, and brings to light incredible details and story that most would likely never notice. Thanks for the good work!

lambmaster27 : Hard pills to swallow Darunia and Link aren't brothers

Felippe Taveira : Dude, this is poweful... Great work and thank you for that!

Jesse Harrold : One thing I'm surprised you didn't mention is that when link grows up he can no longer wield the weapons of his childhood. After all, slingshots and boomerangs are toys. He is forced to put these aside in favor of the more "adult" tools of war that he must get acquainted with to stand a chance against Gannondorf.

Caboose _ : Please do more of these based on other Zelda games. I've never been so in love with such beautiful content.

Damian Stark : As someone who isn't a huge fan of either video original to Youtube or of Ocarina of Time (objectively it's an amazing game, I was just never into it with the vigor of other fans and don't think it's as good as either LTTP is technically or Link's Awakening is story-wise), this documentary is a piece of art. I'm pursuing a masters in literature/creative writing and this video treats the game with the same level of scholarly analysis as the literature covered in my classes. Actual academic study of video game stories is rare (frankly, for good reason in most cases), and typically the kind of analysis one finds on Youtube in particular is by 18-25 year olds who aren't familiar enough with literature to understand that most games aren't doing anything especially unique, profound, or "literary", but this video makes me wonder if there are other subtextual conceits in games that are just as interesting. Add that to the fact that it is immaculately produced, with a competency and unity of design not seen in many professional television/film documentaries, and you have the makings of a true documentary talent.

The xGhostEaterx : This is still my favorite Legend of Zelda game but this video made the connection that much more deep. Thank you.

Emilio Lopez : How could you dislike this???

UltraCakes : Miyamoto: Uhh..Yeah. Yeah! That’s exactly what I meant by this game! Heh heh.

Eric Babcock : Ahkareener of Time. The saddest Zelda story no one noticed.

Ibrahim Altayeb : Wow, the production value here is Elite!! Well done

Zelda Nerd : My heart.. No wonder why I felt sad playing the game.

ETN : You have openned my eyes to the full meaning of my favourite childhood story. Thank you 😄

Ren the Trash Master : I loved the research you did for this. Incredible work, really.

Nairi Lee : Well, now I'm not going to be able to sleep for a few nights. That was both beautiful and tragic, and this is coming from a person whose emotions aren't easily influenced. Also, great video editing and formatting by the way. Very professional looking.