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Kristien Nocon : need daniel caesar next! this is art tyler! hope flower boy win best rap album cause this shits not that normal rap shit respect to jay and kenny but flowerboy is awesome!

ania : My goodness the background singers are fucking angelic

FG : man tyler's growth as an artist is next level.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ : The amazing musicians via NPR credits MUSICIANS Tyler Okonma (vocals, keys), Jaret Landon (MD/Keys) Dré Pinckney (Bass), Dalton Hodo (Drums), Kaye Fox(background vocals), Kiandra Richardson (background vocals)

Jakey Dooley : If this motherfucker doesn't win the grammy.....

Joseph Miller : Finally Tyler made an album that fully lived up to his talent. Great performance from everyone involved. You can tell this dude loves Pharrell from his stage mannerisms.

Nerotsa : 8:17 " I can't sing Cause I don't fucking care Cause it feels good Like a warm shower .... I think " lmao cute


Devon Palmer : Still my favorite album this year

grace maria : are we really not gonna talk about how beautiful the backup singers are?? damn

Tim Lee : Rex orange county next please!!

Melissa Lai : I never would have foreseen Tyler going full on jazz soul,,, but I’m digging the hell out this. Bossa nova?!?!?! smooth keys?!?! thank god

Minako Arisato : Tyler the Creator (Set list) -- "Boredom" (0:06 - 06:55) "See You Again" (08:35 - 12:20) "Glitter" (13:15 - 19:00) -- Enjoy! Upvote for others to see

Joseph Miller : Would love to hear Tyler fully produce a r&b album.

Mara : Garden Shed would have sounded so beautiful

Ju7Be : Guys, make sure that you also watch the original video on the NPR Music channel when it gets released. They deserve all the views!

THE VISION : this makes me wanna tuck in my homies good night

Allyson Joy Austin : Hands down my favorite tiny desk to date. Had chills the whole damn time.

MotherReese : those girls looked and sounded beautiful! wow

ChieLovesKush : Tyler is such a positive dude to watch.

Miki D : tyler literally rocks any genre. who knew he’d go from yonkers to this smooth style, a nice surprise


BPP444 : Everyone and everything in this is beautiful

Laura Harris : Oh my LOOOOOOOORRRDDDDDD. Not only is Tyler an incredible dude himself with his music and his personality, but what a great group. So much talent and good vibes. AND THE LIGHTING IS SO GOOOODDD

Xavier Soto : That flow on glitter got me mesmerized

xSS1x : this dude talented man, unbelievable. great voice. underrated album. should be nominated for album of the year

Tiago Abreu : hands down AOTY

charlon clarke : Them girls were stealing the show!! In a good way!

indigo Rager : Them two girls though

mad3byj : I actually liked when he worked with BADBADNOTGOOD

Jesse Lucas : Dude if they did the entire album live I would buy that shit in a heartbeat.

Danny Norans : HHAHAHA I thought tyler was Left Brain and he was just gonna come fuck around on the piano. But nope it was tyler

el stupido : 15:19 damn they look so pretty in this shot. Especially when they say glitter!

Reggie Lakewude : @9:11 ....I'M CRYING YOOOOO WHY HE DO THAT

Mohamed Khalifa : Girl in the braids bout the most beautiful girl of all time shoutout god fr fr

IlIlI lIlI : I love this man with my entire soul I just wow

Nicholas Clayton : Tyler killing it with this one! Love the instrumentation on this.

mahteuso : My god that girl with the braided hair...

Diana : tyler: I'm wet. u wet? me: yes this is beautiful

van acos : saw the dude in concert and seem tell you his personality is just the cherry on top to his music.

K-Bub : The guy on the keys looks like Vince Staples is he was in cast away

ussi : A little too extra for my white ass but still enjoyed it 😅💕

Jocilynn D : All black musicians!! 🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾✨

zach// : I started listening to Tyler when I was a super edgy 6th Grader because I liked how crazy and edgy his lyrics and production was on Bastard and Goblin. I am now a Junior in HS. I feel like his music has matured the same way I have as a person over time. That’s why Tyler is and will always be my favorite artist of all time.

BeeEmEcks : And with that, nothing else matters. aoty

Aaron Malone : spansish= brazilian in this case

Josh Mcafee : Wow Ace, you have truly out done yourself man!

UnxleLou : Bro this joint is just to nostalgic 💧🔥

baconwittyeggs : Jamming to maximum extent.

mei : anyone know the names of the female singers?? their voices are beautiful