Remember when people threw PARTIES for Windows 7?

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Izzy Nobre : Let's have a Windows XP party instead over on

EPS5000 : I threw one. Microsoft was giving out free copies of Windows 7 “Signature Edition” to people that threw parties. Even gave me $20 in cash to buy snacks. 😂

Ryuko Chan! : On Windows XP, every day was a party.

EckhartsLadder : Bruh no one was messin with MySpace in '09

Cedrick Rozon : I'm an IT Technician, I have been for nearly 20 years now (god i feel old all of a sudden) Believe me, after the fiasco of Vista, Windows 7 WAS worth a party! and Windows 7 IS the good one compared to Vista and 8 Which is why a lot of businesses are just now starting to transition to 10, because they have trouble moving away from something that was truly intuitive and stable So Yea, Windows 7 was great!

smgofdvld : Good Job izzy it looked like my phone was buffering for a sec there had to check it was still playing 😂

Rashid Rumman : Who's watching this on Windows 7? :v

Nubbo : Weird flex but ok

Luoto Muito Sério : im using windows 7 right now

K Yeti : Windows 7 is just a better Windows 8

Jacob Redfern : I'd be up for more of this style of content.

OtherJake86 : I had a Fallout 76 launch party. There were no survivors.

Hamza Sultan : Shouldn't have acknowledged the lemons. ... ... ... LEMON PARTY!?!?!? Don't Google that...

Paul Jr : Windows 7 installation Party is the new Tupperware Party. Back In 2009

DrumRoody : Most lit swingers party ever

Dimentive : Oh, my god! *_HOST NOTES?!_*

Denver Naicker : 4 people wearing red blue purple green (missing yellow but there are lemons on counter) colour shirts, serviettes arranged in a window square, 4 red balloons in back 4 blue in front 8 in total (from original vid) , 2 arranged cross towels again symbolising windows, the polite arrangement of the video versus the distraction from scripted actions, is not a direct sell but an under the radar win

Roger Nevez : > Remember when people threw PARTIES for Windows 7? No

Tye2K : This basically sounds like the time SpongeBob tried to throw his own party only except the reason for doing it is for the release of Windows 7.

RetroDaveOK : I remember the Windows 95 video that Rachel and Chandler from Friends did. This reminds me a lot of that.

DrumRoody : Lying around ? It's still my wife's favourite os

Yochlel : Ths is like that one Spongebob episode where he gets locked out of his own party for trying to force all the guests to follow his schedule.

Andrew Whitfield : Don't share this with your girl. This is worst than admitting you watched porn while she was gone.

Sebastian Salazar : Everything they describe is your poor guests huddled around a laptop reading off the Microsoft website.. this is a hostage situation not a party, love it!

Relo : "I think you're highly over estimating how much people care about operating systems" Look up: USA: MICROSOFT LAUNCH WINDOWS 98 Philadelphia Launch of Microsoft Windows XP Before windows vista people went crazy for new versions of windows.

RinkuSonic41 - りんくそにっく 24 : omg just yesterday i reinstalled windows 7 because i brought a new ssd for my laptop

Floppy Ness : Anyone want to have a windows X party (Windows X is gonna be he next os for Microsoft)

Indy Cyclist : "Not my usual content" is going to get hit with YouTube Algorithm HARD

antdude : Bah. Try Windows 95 launch.

TheTimgta : This shit had me screamin lmao not only cause I've never heard of or seen this before but just how you were flaming them sayin they sound like aliens that never talked to another human being before

Darylist : I don't remember getting invited to any party :/

• dot : Oh my glob… this is so painful to watch. Loved the video tough.

Sm0lTac0 : Epic

K1MV : 1st lol

SpyengoEen : WTF, this looks like a video from The Onion. This can't be real, come on!! D:

Naturenerd1000 : Yeah after Vista and the flash crashes on Firefox and slow XP Windows 7 was a party.

Val Alvarez : This is some what familiar to one of Microsoft's Xbox presentation/reveals at e3... Which now makes sense, haha.

LoopesSPT : What an awesome operating system. The best moments i had using it was formatting it once a month, doing maintenance because it was slow and degrading and closing services that i didn't use.

FatRown : Oh.. :( Vaio was still a sony brand when this was made

Jag Gentlemann : I still use Windows 7. I dislike 8 and 10 and I have no reason to upgrade, if we can call it upgrading. As soon as you said "tea that helps you poop" I got the urge to make one, although not for pooping.

vural mengen : I still use windows 7 and probably will use it for a long time.Its just great

JoshKeatonFan : I remember this one YouTube show or maybe at the time it was on (then) Justin TV called the PC Hookup Show. I don't think those videos are even around anymore but it said that the videos were sponsored by Windows! I laughed at how funny that was.

Rebelsin : The funny thing is, those people would most definitely NEVER hangout with each other. LMFAO

Rodrigo de Souza : 4 randos get together and read from a school theater play textbook

bEN-OFFICIAL MASSIVE : Wtf? Ive never heard of this. Like wouldn't they be for people who work with it? Thats the only reason I can think they'd do this....I dunno lol kinda spunout

FatRown : Haha! The needy guy you highlighted was totally trying not to laugh when the dude said, " exciting--and it is!" Even the geek isn't excited..

Danilo Pereira : I may be very much mistaken but the Launch party thing didn't reach Brazil. At least, this is the first time I heard of it.

Tato Tarcan : OMG! This Microsoft video is so f*cking weird... I hope I'll be able to sleep after this! LOL

NSDominator : "Remember Windows 7?" Did the garbage installments that came after become the standard or something? Because it still works fine for me. If it ain't broke...

Stark : If your bored at this party...lets make some lemonade instead🍋.