Amstaff: Advanced Dog-Training (Very Useful Commands To Know)

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Inside The Dog-World : 2018-02-13 Whats up my friends! It's been a while but new videos are coming up soon. I got several 'Surprise' videos for you guys that will differ alot from the other ones. And btw, I'm 100 subscribers from reaching the new Youtube Partnership requirement. I would appreciate it so damn much if you guys could help me out by hitting that subscribe button. Ofcourse if you don't like what you see you can just unsubscribe after the 20th (in 7 Days). It would mean alot. Take care guys, Stay positive. Peace! EDIT: We did it! This Dog loving Community is growing fast, you're the best! Stay Positive and remember to spoil your dog! :) Subscribe link -->

juschrismusicVevo : Great video! Again thank you for the context, as a artist I see the art in your training excersize

Death Ful : Um hey, so i just got a puppy, i dont know the breed because my dad got it and he barely knows english

Josh Morgan : I've heard other trainers describe the same thing generally using 'good' as a bridge marker and 'yes' as a reward marker (before the reinforcer).

Naim GRIZZLY : I started to follow you when we had an argument over Pitbulls and their reputation and yet I just love your videos bro your a cool dude your dog is amazing just so smiley each time I love her I do love to see that link between you and your dog it makes it great and we teach alot whit your videos keep up the great content brother

Damjan Megloba : Where is dogs tail?

Swedish Dogs : Är din hund kuperad?