New type of fire extinguisher delivery method used on car fire Pretty interesting

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Demonstration showing an Element E50 extinguisher being used on an engine bay fire of an automobile. *(SEE BELOW 👇 for links to Products and Discounts) The gas discharged by the Element extinguisher is heavier than air and will fill all the nooks and crannies of the engine compartment to both extinguish the fire in hard to reach areas but also to prevent the fire from re-starting while the area cools. 👇 | SHOP HERE & Receive FREE SHIPPING on Offers above $100 Element Fire Extinguisher Website | SHOP HERE 👉 https://elementfire.com/collections/allproducts Please Visit us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialElementFire/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officialelementfire/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/elementfirecom Our Store: https://elementfire.com/collections/allproducts Element uses a tested and proven technology, created for the space program, that fights fires on the molecular level. By chemically interrupting the chain of combustion, Element safely and effectively puts out fires without the mess, toxicity, or danger associated with a traditional extinguisher. Fire Extinguisher MODELS: #1 [E25 Basic Protection] | BUY HERE 👉https://elementfire.com/collections/allproducts/products/element-e25 • Offering 25 seconds of fire fighting protection, E25 is recommended for household use. E25's extremely small and lightweight construction allow for storage almost anywhere. • Internationally tested and certified. #2 [E50 Element E50] | BUY HERE 👉 https://elementfire.com/collections/frontpage/products/element-e50 • Our most popular model. • Offering 50 seconds of fire fighting protection, E50 is recommended for professional use (automotive, powersports, garage, marine, etc). • E50's extremely small and lightweight construction allow for storage almost anywhere. Internationally tested and certified. #3 [Element E100] | BUY HERE 👉 https://elementfire.com/collections/allproducts/products/element-e100 • Our industrial-sized model. • Offering 100 seconds of fire fighting protection, E100 is recommended for industrial use.


EcoBoost EngineSwap : Only issue I see is if the fire is already large in size you will not get close enough to put out fire. A longer type pole/holder or other will have to be used

signl sirchir : very cool. Needs a ten cent telescoping handle.

Harawanagangsta : 1. How has it taken this long for something like this to exist? 2. How has this not immediately been mandated as the universal standard? 3. Why is a small California Startup the place that revolutionizes the most ubiquitous piece of safety equipment and has virtually no media coverage besides a 4 month old youtube video with a thousand views and a spotlight on Jay Lenos channel. This product looks to be one of the most amazing inventions of the 21st century. But I smell snake oil.

Towona2 : Honest question... what happens to this thing if was actually IN a fire? ie say it was left inactivated in a car that caught on fire. Would it go off on it's own? Also, is there a way to activate it remotely? For example if it were mounted in an engine bay of a race car, how could I activate it remotely to put an engine fire out?

hubifornia : Great product, I was impressed but too pricey for me. I'd be a buyer at 20-25 bucks, hope they get the price down

Chris E : Here after Leno. 5.3k views as of now. Like and document how many views currently.

Sea Bass : First of all, this video is fake. That is not a car fire at all. The combustible burning is an accelerant such as gasoline. They poured it all over the engine to make it look like a car fire. If the car or actual engine compartment was on fire, that stupid fancy flare would not do anything to the fire.