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jtvaddict : Needed to see a demo after watching Jay Leno's Garage.

EcoBoost EngineSwap : Only issue I see is if the fire is already large in size you will not get close enough to put out fire. A longer type pole/holder or other will have to be used

Harawanagangsta : 1. How has it taken this long for something like this to exist? 2. How has this not immediately been mandated as the universal standard? 3. Why is a small California Startup the place that revolutionizes the most ubiquitous piece of safety equipment and has virtually no media coverage besides a 4 month old youtube video with a thousand views and a spotlight on Jay Lenos channel. This product looks to be one of the most amazing inventions of the 21st century. But I smell snake oil.

Towona2 : Honest question... what happens to this thing if was actually IN a fire? ie say it was left inactivated in a car that caught on fire. Would it go off on it's own? Also, is there a way to activate it remotely? For example if it were mounted in an engine bay of a race car, how could I activate it remotely to put an engine fire out?

hubifornia : Great product, I was impressed but too pricey for me. I'd be a buyer at 20-25 bucks, hope they get the price down

signl sirchir : very cool. Needs a ten cent telescoping handle.

Sea Bass : First of all, this video is fake. That is not a car fire at all. The combustible burning is an accelerant such as gasoline. They poured it all over the engine to make it look like a car fire. If the car or actual engine compartment was on fire, that stupid fancy flare would not do anything to the fire.

Chris E : Here after Leno. 5.3k views as of now. Like and document how many views currently.