ASMR Dog Reviewing Different Types of Food #1 I MAYASMR

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How did Maya rate the carrot? Comment below :) Info: All reviewed food are safe for dogs and were checked on the American Kennel Club website before. Please feed them in moderation and firstly try a small amount when you’ve never given them to your dog before (not every dog can digest every food)! Watch More: ASMR Dog Eating Yellow Watermelon I MAYASMR ✰ CONNECT WITH ME ✰ » Maya’s Shop | » Instagram | » Facebook | » Twitter | » TikTok | » Weibo | » Business/Inquiries |

Comments from Youtube

Pawgient : I never thought that one day I'd be sitting in my bed watching a dog eat food

H. W. : About 10 years were just added to my life

Jack jack j. Jack jack : She Protecc she Attacc but importantly She rate Her Snacc

Hello I'm Keriro : I like how when the owner gives him something he doesn't like he licks it and tries to be nice like: "I don't like dis but I'll lic it so she won't be sad..."

BløødyFilms! 666 : carrot: i gib 3/10 video: i gib all/10

Random Dogface : *when a dog eats healthier than you*

SadisticSad : I hate it when people chew food with their mouth open but this is so soothing

Mary S. : I googled chimkin thinking it was some kind of Asian type food.

Jerome Andrew : *I gib pupper 15/10 for being good girl._*

Gacha Lily : "how i eat this?!" I. CANT. BREEEAAATHEEE.

Emerald Joy MLP : Very satisfing! Gib crumch sounds to meh ers!

Summer of Kitty Love : Won't eat lettuce, will eat poo

Jonathan Tran : I love how the words are sometimes intentionally misspelled.

Shiya the husky : Such a cute dog

Diamond Crush : Human Asmr:this is not satisfying Slime Asmr:its good Eating Asmr:YUMMY Dog Asmr:SO FRICKING CUTE Cloud dog Asmr:WHeRe DiD YoU GEt THat ClouD?????????😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

Gone to the Dauchands : May asmr: I gib treats 100/10 umm

Ratna Biswas : **sees floof's perfect black eyeliner white mascara pink eyeshadow and black lipstick ** Me: *I gotta try it* _miserably fails_ Floof: *nice try hooman*

Zane Bērziņa : All of those 783 dislikes are jealous that they dont have such a cute dog.!!!!😠

fartt. : chungus will eat anything but lettuce

Dar'vani Plays : I gib u 37/28 cuz u gud I don't kno how to count

Joon ation : Lettuce is amazing tho );

Macayle Angelina : Couldn’t eat carrots if his life depended on it. ;v;

Oh : I love how some Samoyeds look like they have pink eye shadow

Unknown Female : caroot 5/10 yos

OldGamer 2003 : Imagine Lucas booping Maya? XD *Suicide rates drops to 300%*

Twinning Taylor : I find it funny that dogs have some Human characteristics: They watch T.V Like looking in mirrors And most importantly: HATE THEIR VEGITABLES!

Danger Elite : 100% More Satisfying Then When People Do It!

Opick Hidayato : that face when he realize he got another cucumber

marie Reserva : Anyone watching this at 2019

lilli zuch : What kind of dog is this I need one

MrNoobyBoi Jr. : Me gib many muny for see doggo chomp

Annie : But cucumber it’s amazing!!!

Albert Kim : had no idea polar bears could be so well domesticated...

valas1976 : Lovely and clever Samoyed girl. Absolutely funny subtitles 😂😂😂

Hyper Bunnies : Doggo protecc Doggo say "hecc" Doggo attac But most importantly.. Doggo do cruncc

Jeong-hun Sin : "I don't want any damn vegetables." Just like humans.


ItsVery Dank : Plot twist: that piece of toast was actually a regular size

firinneach : Oh god, I'm crying with laughter and cuteness overload!! subs are just perfect and this sweetie is too!!!

kiki _bts : Doctor: you have 1 minute and 44 seconds to live Me: *plays this*

Nati H : ~cromch cromch cromch~ I gib deez Doritos a 10/10 The carrot killed me😂😂

Middle_by_Grace : The new Gordan RamsAy. Just far more cuter.

gacha girl : Your dog is the best asmr🤣🤣🤣

Lydia Seo : She gib da carrot -10000/10 (HOW TO EAT?!?)

Nahr Alma : Toby fox doesn't know how to eat a carrot

human being : The only ASMR vid I watch I gib video and doggo a solid 10/10

Johannah Stahl : Dog's r better at this then humans

Lps Midnightflower : She rated the carrot 10/10! Few seconds later: *spits it out* I gib -100000000/10!!!

Duane Locsin : Perhaps there ought to be dog dog food taste testers. Crunchy textures and sweet flavors seem to be popular.