Why We Pre-Drink

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Josh : Cuts deep fam

The Gardening Channel With James Prigioni : Hilarious! I love you guys!

GoldJacketLuke : Love it! You guys are awesome.

flooblet : lol darkk

KCS XIV : Awesome 👏🏾, I swear this accent is so hot.

TheBeanieBandit : oh man too real. i dont come to this channel to cry

Mario on the Moon : In America we call it Pre Gaming lol

Guardian Olympus : Bout time you bois upload.

MultiJhammer : Learned how to play game of 5s after this, gonna go get bladdered now

Gandhi Mahatma : Gold. Pure gold

Philip Zeplin : I relate to this more than I probably should...

kickassmanga : Me every time i explan pre-drinks to friends who dont drink or go out... why are we friends?

Farrell Roll : this is so dark im not sure if it stopped being funny it was that sad. a tad poignant.

PersianinSweden : *A L C O H O L I S M*

KillerRabit OfCaerbannog : 👍👍👍

guitargeekette : On a serious note...self evaluation and correction needs to be done if one is completely UNABLE to enjoy anything without being utterly faded. (Funny sketch, but with a message so deep and dark, it really ought to be addressed)

seededsoul : I always thought these guys were from Australia.

Ayesha Siddiqua : Im not british so i usually dont understand what they are saying.. I turn on the captions.. Lolll

JasieK0 : how do you play this game?

sajmeister : 😂 🤣 😅 😄 😆 Love this stuff, British comedy is always amazing.

MiamiConfusion : Brits in a nutshell

Pork Woofles : BLIND-OOOO!!

Alicia Fox : 🤞🏻👍🏻

Sherine Harivandi : I like the dark ones.

The Nerdsmith : Is it the plaid shirt, or did Joel get ripped?

Sean : You guys sound like Harry Potter. Papa bless

Sucharith Battina : Good boy.

DNS : beautiful as always guys

Maria John : Stern <3

Tama Singh Vlogs : This was a gold guys!! Loved it

Justin P : Relatable LOL 😂

Vrailly : HAHAHAHA. This one resonated boys.

wew lad : I'm sober and going in to clubs sucks lol

kēromara : Your content reminds me of an English “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”!!!

Lumibear : Bit dark guys...

LaserDroid : I've seen this bit already, like a week ago.

Aleks Martini : Another smash!

WMWanimations : Holy shit you guys are legit. Blend Humour with truth and create a masterpiece short comedy film.

Akhil P : Lmao bro same shit in NYC drinks mad expensive

Simon lindberg : Too true

PARCE93 : I call that liquid courage. It helps me get laid.

A. Wolf : Bet they had a bangin night tho.

ratpimples : mayne hold up, whats the ending song?

Paul Bunker : Love you guys!

LazySketcher : Depressingly true haha.. Ah man I didn't expect that, still funny though :')

TheWill920 : :(

Praneeth Konduri : I guessed the ending right away, looking at the notification 😣😂

mitsterful : This is too true

Strength : I came to laugh not feel

John Adam Robert Hughes : V v accurate