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aaron berhane : 2:08 Shaq in the backround laughing while she talking

ReCharredSigh : "hello police? chris paul trying to beat me up" XD

Gabriel Malinis : Lol "hey, this is Deandre Jordan. Dantoni trying to get into the locker room"

Rooney343434 : When Shaq lost it when he said LAPD, classic.

FergusDaKid : This has been the funniest segment I've ever seen xD

falaflani : "Hello 911. This is Blake Griffin. Chris Paul is trying to get in my locker room. Come down here and save me"

Thiago Ferreira : "LA PD was call...HAHAHAH" i'm dead

TrueFaith94 : I love how Kenny is trying to reassure Roz that they're not laughing at her

James Pearson : This is why Inside the NBA is t.v. gold,this was absolutely hilarious! Shaq,Charles and Kenny went on classic comedy team mode with Ernie as the straight man trying to reel em in. Truly one of Insides greatest bits.

King Trunks : Shaq killin hisself laughin😂😂

Min Chu Tong : LMFAO, it's not as abusive as the Auburn Palace Incident, yet police was called!? I can understand Shaq and Chuck Laugh their ass out

Jakub Križan : "LAPD was called..." I'm dead

YoogiNation : “They not laughing at you Ros...” LMAO!!

SharLee CHARLES : Blake is 6'10" and around 250-255 lbs... That's about 10 times bigger than CP3!!!🤗🤗🤗 LMAO

bdpjumbi : Nobody trying to get at Pat Beverly!

btent : This is amazing. 2:04 when Charles (or Shaq?) says PFFFFTTT while the reporter is talking. Then both start laughing out loud. I've never seen that in 25 years. Then it completely goes off the rails and Ernie tries to make Ariza b-day jokes and plug the Nike's while Charles and Shaq are at their absolute best.

Austin Barneke : "How the hell does Ashley know" I died

Trollface Killa : MLK turning in his grave... _I took them ass whoopings for this?!_ 😂😂😂

Anthony Serfass : I havent laughed this hard in a while 😂 i died when shaq threw his papers in the air

Josiah G. : Chuck didn't even realize he said Blake Griffin was 225 lbs😂

Jesse : Can you imagine if Ernie wasn't there and it was 4 brothas instead? They'd never stay on topic 😂

britemite : "Chris Paul trying to beat me up" is a phrase that has never been said, by anyone, ever.

YoutubeAddict09 : On MLK day...

Rahim Litty : This is great😂😂😂😂😂

A. H. : This is gold. 😂😂😂😂

Ian Chung : They laughing cuz when they were in the NBA, it was a lot less soft, and ppl would be running up on each other every four games lol

KuruptxNation : Im sorry America...... lmao

XD PHANTOM : Who else feels wierd about the fact that nike is using black history month to sell kicks

Alfred Jalisco Cortez : Ros the baddest woman in NBA

David Harden : They are laughing because back in the day, they would of welcomed the confrontation if presented. Nether player nor a lot of other players, were afraid of anything. Anyone really believe that if Charles Oakley wanted to go after Chuck in the lockerroom that Chuck would allow anyone to call the Police? Or Larry Johnson? It was a different age! I miss it!

Im Tylito : Blake snitchinnnnnnn lol

AJx408x : Police presence !!

Big Tex : Too funny, these guys crack me up!

AnArmy0fIguanas : Hey this is deandre, Beyoncé is trying to get in here!

Juicy Lettuce Cat : solid title m8 👌

Joshua Black : Hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

Lebogang Legodi : Lmao... Shaqs giggle in the background 2:07

Jay Graham : 2:02 I was dead lmfao

Thomas Robbins : When Shaq throws the paper HAHA

Michael Copus : Chuck is gold

Very Nice : They weren't trying to get Patrick Beverley 😂

youngcblack89 : You know she wanted to laugh

Joseph Payne : Chuck: come on maaan a poe lease present's??? Gotta love his ahbon Eddykateshon!!!

Tarek Morales : Chris Paul trynna beat me up 😂😂😂😂

Pac : NBA turned SOFT LOL

Gibran Misah : They really assumed Blake called the police?

David Harden : Chuck and Shaq are the best! Icons! Love em!

IDevuhstate : Love these guys

Martin Caballero : "Hello police, Chris Paul tryna beat me up" I'm ded 😂

percussion jamz : this makes my hear warm, I wanna see how chuck and shaq hang when the cameras are off.