Elizabeth Swaney Freestyle Skiing

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Mitzlypicks : 10/10 :P

CoCo C : Was this a make a wish thing? Is she dying?

Timothy Falk : she maintained her strategy of not falling.

Justin Rogers : Poor commentators. They probably wished they could've said what they really thought......They held it together nicely.

Rob Ducharme : There, see? That's what happens when everyone in school gets a participation ribbon. That.

Julius Caesar : I’d still bang her

Ash Finkter : OutFUCKINGstanding!!! 10 out of 10 - Would watch again!

Timothy Falk : she totally played the system - good for you, Elizabeth. How can something be boring and fascinating at the same time? she was not really a pro, but what was the announcers' excuse for being so boring? They are supposed to be pros.

Nathan Falkner : "Okay Elizabeth, it's a tough track out there so try to play it safe okay" Swaney's coach

Andrian Harsono : There will be lots of people out there who will be upset, but I’m impressed with how she played the system. Well done!

Ryan Blackwell : I probably couldn’t even do that 😰

PierzStyx : Elizabeth Swaney is my Olympic Hero. Seriously. She played it smart, learned how to qualify with her skill level, and followed her dreams to perform in the Olympics. Are there better? Sure. But how many of the rest of us can say we ever made it to the Olympics? Almost no one. Just utterly brilliant.

Midnightrambler3760 : Stay tuned for the reality series..."Almost Skiing With Swaney"

Jean Neymar : Hey she had fun and took an empty seat to olympics No need to be mad

Baalaaxa : Spectacularly mediocre!

Jennifer H : Why does everyone applaud the Tongan cross-country skier but bash this woman?

Antaur666 : World Class, magnificent and amazingly poor performance.,

JirenExia : Gold medal performance for the commentators, they really earned that one

Bela Tarr : I would have at least stuck my tongue out, or made a fist bump to the air, or did an Elvis style knee shake on the way out. Man, that's one tame and lame dame.

This video has no comments : total disgrace

Laci Goy : From now proud to be a hungarian 😆

H I Й T A : Ez mi a fasz volt ? xD

The18x18x : These announcers are cucked so hard they can't even call out how bad she is! Women's freestyle skiing is a joke compared to the men anyways.

TheOvechkinG : what a boss as troll . knew exactly how bad she did n still raised her arms and fucken smiled

Tidiouter : Who's commenting? Bob Ross's son?

Mark McC : I've seen better.

Lewis Hanko : Has Paralympics started yet?!? 🤔

Von Milash : Just because one CAN use loopholes to go to the Olympics, doesn't necessarily mean one SHOULD. She's a disgrace, and undermined the credibility and effort of every athlete there. She'll be nothing but a joke and a meme until the day she dies. I suspect that she'll one day regret this. In fact, the Hungarian Olympic team should tell her to pack her bags and leave, because she's not going to the closing ceremonies with them.

justoneserb : This is so cool. Well done, daughter of anarchy! :)

Bill Ray : She was planted there by the Americans to make Hungary look stupid, part of the Soros plan. (this is a tongue in cheek reply, just in case people think I mean it).

Mikael T. Akkisnam : The replays were the best! :P

Евгений Золотой : а я рад за неё, получила удовольствие, на лыжах покаталась, молодец!

Robert S : Here from ladbible

Sursion : I feel bad for the country of Hungary having this person represent them

Jnglist Massive : Проверьте ее на допинг

qvc1212 : "Feel the rhythm. Feel the rhyme.... It's bobsled time!!!"

Crow T Tubebot : She saw a loophole in the system, then did the work, over a couple of years, to become an Olympian. A great story.

Алик Сахаров : Хороша сучка. Все круто.

amvance : Where there's a will there's a way!

Soaptoaster : "okay, go out there and don't kill it." Got it coach!

CEMO SHKUPI : Maggie Simpson ?

tverskojkozel : There is no problem with Swaney. The problem is with the olympic comitee, which includes to the olypmics such shitty and unpopular kinds of sports (like freestyle, snowboard, baseball, curling etc) so that such a performance becomes possible.

erepsekahs : It's really on out-take from Monty Python's Flying Circus.......isn't it?

agradina : i like they were highlights at the end in case anyone missed her stunning tricks

Tim Davis : She found a sweet ass loop hole to get to the games. Apparently she also ran against Arnold Schwarzenegger for the position of governor as well.... ...this reminds me of "Catch me if you can" ....10/10. awesome, creative, bad-ass!!!

Лена Крымская : Why are you surprised?! USA is a country of fake

Nebzz : She's the real star. Everyone else worked hard to get to the olympics, while she remembered dad telling her to work smarter, not harder.

julwin1985 : I haven't gotten past "pizza" and "fries" yet. I cannot complain.

ZauberZebra 34 : CAN I WIN GOLD?

ZauberZebra 34 : Wtf