Car got broke into
My Car got broke into

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KingOfNaptown🎵 : Man your a good positive person! I cant believe that happen to you. But glad you did a video, to show how you still stayed positive in a negative situation

Angel DoesArt : Oh wow I am so sorry to hear that dear friend maybe this happened for a reason Like you said Take care dear friend God Bless 😇😇

Reap What You Seaux : Sorry brother but like you said everything happens for a reason God bless

HIKERZ SURVIVAL : sorry to hear that manh...! but its cool u said, we gotta be positive...!

SIN Nuke : Hopefully it's goin good, have a good day

KingOfNaptown🎵 : It happend to me b4, i got the glass from junkyard for 30$ and installed myself. Very easy to fix, the hassle is taking off the door panel. But once that is off the glass slides into 2 clips that is normal size bolts

UNEEK GIFTS : Sorry to hear that, It really sucks that someone would do that to you. OMG that is alot of glass. Praying that you are able to recover all your stuff soon.

Dax Marshel : I'm so sorry you woke up to that bad news. I hope your day got much better. Take care and stay safe, my friend.

Lady T's family values : Hey new friend here. Sorry to hear that your car gotten broken into. Take care.

Bossy : I"m so sorry this happened to you!!

Thanos : Man that sucks):