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Chris Melberger : i watch this once a morning

skinny peniss : *your moves are weak babe*

Gēmu Kira : 1:14 the music started the second he dabbed

ad am : is it me or is the mom kinda hot

Generic Hacker : Almost forgot to watch this today

REAl REAction : I have no idea what is happening!!! BUT IM LMAO

Steven Wheeler : Plot twist there were no moves

§ MæsArtz § : “Look at your hair, and look at mine” Me: *mind explosion*

Wade Wilson : Bruh, he dabbed on his mom

Mad Titan : Bring this man an Oscar! And for the kid. Supporting actor. Also the woman, for best actress!

Brendan Fernandez : So many plot twists. My heart couldn't take it.

tomas : who still watching this in 2018

Ellie Waugh : Imagine him writing the script

depressed unicorn : How dare you Yeah, I said it HoW dArE yOu Yeah, I said it H O W D A R E Y O U

Hailey Lorentz : "look at your hair, then look at mine" *questions existence*

Shiloh Gibson : “You look like a bird. He does not look like a... bird.” I love this video. Best four minutes of my life. Lol

Lola Behold : By far the best David Lynch film I have ever seen.

Oddly : I watch this once every other day religiously


sarcasmo57 : Not trying to take anything away from the actors but the book was so much better.

Vinicius Khael : The movie Split was made from this vídeo, congrats

William Smith : I've watched this video about 700 times and my favorite part is where the kid breaks down and says, "So, now you drop this bomb on me that I'm getting a divorce and you guys are adopted." The mom explains hes wrong. The kid replies and the dad says, "Yeah, just explaining it to you." Its like the parent characters are breaking the 4rth wall to explain to the kid how the conversation is working even though hes obviously the same person..... ok bye now.

Daniel Gonzalez : But dad,what about the *dabs twice* moves? There were no moves There were no moves * Dramatic piano*

LaBi F. : Forgot the name of the video had to google "one guy plays mom dad and son" to find this lmao

Laurel : I feel like I watched 5 seasons of a show in 4 minutes. This is amazing.

Sam J Twist : Oh it is, bigger than, both of ours are bigger, than yours

TheDark ForestCat : "What about *dab* the moves?"

Sgt's Lonely Heart : Basically i searched for dying in la by p!atd and that is the first thing that popped up Don't regret it though

Dan Rollins : this video feels so much longer than 4 minutes. if this was on cable it would be an hour special with 56 minutes of commercials.

Missbailey : He's the only person that has me believing there is 3 people in this video

Mad Titan : My name is Yuri. I'm addicted to watching this video, and I'm fighting against this addiction. I'm now one day without watchi... wait! Dammit!!!

that bitch : Top Ten Anime Betrayals

BenjiH47 : “I look exactly like you, dude!” “You look like a bird.”

Nick Phillips : "watch how you talk to him... That's my adopted son..." "Wut da fug is going o..."

pepe lord : they should have casted you in split

HonestlyTea : *"Yeah we found you, in a park, on a swing set, you were tapped to it"*

Michael Angelo : Your moves are weak mom. XD

TheFallofTheEleventh : 1:14 *dabs* Your moves are weak mom!

Abner Cestari : Give this guy an OSCAR

Sachindra Bhattacharya : I'm questioning everything.

Salompas : This video is above humanity comprehension

LordOfFlyingMonkeys : *You look like a BIRD...*

Strawberry Kit-kat : i think about this every day

dad of boi : I hate to admit it, but. This is me when no one around

Tiffany Rodriguez : Bet video ever rofl 🤣

Linnium CTLN : *Q U A L I T Y C O N T E N T*

Jack K : "Both of ours are bigger than yours."

Ishaq Ironight : 2018??

Melissa McQueen : We found you. In a park, on a swing set. You were taped to it

jimin stolemyWIG : " because yoUR mOvES aRe WeAk"