Channel Update - Shout out to UAC + microsoft!

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Just a brief update into what's happening with the channel, a few changes and whats been going on lately. A HUGE shout out to Jud for sending me a gift through microsoft. Go sub to his channel here: Shout out to all my subs! And for the people who actually READ the description be sure to stay tuned in to my uploads because I'm going to be doing random on screen giveaways with amazon gift card codes very soon so be sure to click the notification button so you know exactly when new videos are posted. I love ya'll! -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Headphone Battle!: "VERSUS: Budget Headphone Edition - Best Headphones Under 40 Bucks? Edifier w806bt vs Photive BTH3" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

Comments from Youtube

Em. erse : welcome back :D

Matt N : Hey Dop, sorry for constantly calling you Dapper in the past. I feel so stupid now! Good to see you're back :) Just a quick question, I'm wanting to also improve our videos as well. What camera do you use for your videos? - Lee

diszysoldr : Can't wait! This is going to be dope

Deybis : Man can't wait till this channel blows up Keep up the good work :D

We Suck At Cooking : Good to see you're back! Can't wait for the new videos

Chokkan : Good to see you back at it. I've wanted to get a Surface for the longest time, but never have. Looking forward to the review.

seewardone : Good looking out @uravgconsumer

Tooth be Told : Nice to see you back Bro!!

Needs More Subs : Onward!

Juana Cervantes : 😍

Brianne and Matt : came from reddit you seem chill friend, lets collab sometime ;3