Channel Update - Shout out to UAC + microsoft!

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Dapper Dop : I'm going to be doing pretty frequent onscreen giveaways for amazon gift cards! Be sure to subscribe to get yours! #iLoveMySubs

Em. erse : welcome back :D

The AUKS : Hey Dop, sorry for constantly calling you Dapper in the past. I feel so stupid now! Good to see you're back :) Just a quick question, I'm wanting to also improve our videos as well. What camera do you use for your videos? - Lee

We Suck At Cooking : Good to see you're back! Can't wait for the new videos

diszysoldr : Can't wait! This is going to be dope

Chokkan : Good to see you back at it. I've wanted to get a Surface for the longest time, but never have. Looking forward to the review.

Needs More Subs : Onward!

Deybis : Man can't wait till this channel blows up Keep up the good work :D

Juana Cervantes : 😍

seewardone : Good looking out @uravgconsumer

Tooth be Told : Nice to see you back Bro!!

Brianne and Matt : came from reddit you seem chill friend, lets collab sometime ;3