CHRIS PRATT is on our Game Show!

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Courtney Miller : I was in shock, and didn't comprehend what had happened until halfway home in my silent car. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!! AAAAAAHHHH AHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!"

KYNGA100 : Courtney: "I'm sorry" Chris: "I'm not" Gosh it's so cute !! Sounds like a movie.. 💕

JasonTheChooChooTrain Has Been Done Triggered : 9:33 who else heard shayne’s laughing in the background Can this comment get to 500 likes? Prob not

Little Panic! Pilots : Chris Pratt? Did you mean a respectable guy😂😂😂

X Rivalnor X : Courtney’s reaction: *Nah nah nah nah your kidding aha nahhhh* Chris Pratt walks out... *HOLY MOTHER OF-*

Once * Army : I was afraid Courtney was gonna faint from too much excitement Lol

Lavendar the flower : "I'm sorry" "I'm not"

Emily Bunce : She is radiating embarrassment! I feel her pain! Even I’m embarrassed and it isn’t even me!😂😂😂😂

MajorChief5 : ARE YOU READY? “No...” TOO BAD!

Clara Waychoff : I LOVE HOW YOU CAN DISTINCTIVELY HEAR SHANE TOPP LAUGHING IN THE BACKGROUND SOME OF THE TIME 😂😂 No? Just me? Whoops I guess I’ve been watching Smosh too long 😂 We have similar laughs so I like his -3- BYE

Once * Army : Chris Pratt is such a gentleman👌

Nicholas Van Hee : Chris seemed more uncomfortable than anyone else there

Creatip : I'm in love with Courtney now..... Any woman who can whole-heartedly yell 'CRAP' in front of her celebrity super-crush, is definitely a keeper......

Panda with da PIZZA : AWW i guess Christ was okay to dance with a stranger named Courtney Miller and that girl finally got a hug and a slow dance with a celebrity Chris Pratt

AwesomeAlex500 : 1:19 I love how you can practically read Courtney's mind based on her facial expressions Ian: "It's the guy who told my mum I had an STD" Courtney's mind: Uhh, what? Ian: "And star of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Courtney's mind: Wait a second Ian: "Chris Pratt" Courtney's mind: Nah, it can't be, he's kidding (Chris Pratt walks in) Courtney's mind: ..................................................


?Anonymous? : “I wish I made money how my *CHRIS* makes *PRATT* I died!😂😂🤣🤣

Justin Quan : Chris Pratt is such a sweet boy 😂

Oilibhia Troxell : 9:35 *shayne laughing louder than I can scream*

RandomR4 : 9:33 LOL SHAYNE LAUGHED SO HARD AND really loud, he’s really noticeable.. Lol!

edt49er : She both wants to kill Ian and wants to live in the moment, it’s interesting to watch

IHaveTheLongestNameEverAndNoOneCanBeatIt : shanes laugh 😅😅😅😅😅 👇

《 Darkedy 》 : 9:32 dude I love how shayne laughs in the backround

Dolonox Gaming/Vlogs : Shaynes laugh in the background is just the best

Miss Estee : The dance isn't an awkward middle school dance, it is like a daddy daughter dance

Olivia Sui : 21 Cabbage! Come on Chris Pratt


Jasmine Zhao : 1:29 Courtney’s reaction PRICELESS

Miss Mustache : All you can hear is Shayne high key laughing in the back ground.

Lillie Bellchambers : I cringed so hard my head came out my butt

Shawn Orillosa : Chris Pratt just went to Earth and tried to save dinos after he failed to kill Thanos.

Silver _ Wolf : you just here Shayne laugh in the background 9:33

Skyler v15 : COURTNEY IS HOT!

piper McDonald : when is said 'and groot watches' i thought that she meant like physical watches with groot on them lol

Boom Brains : This is adorable. I completely would understand if Courtney would have started crying.

Simon James : It was so nice of Chris Pratt to do this. I'm so happy for Courtney! Her reactions were priceless.

Shannon O'Rourke-Hudson : I wanted to poop my pants for how embarrassed Courtney was I feel bad, kind of, but kinda a lot

The_Real_One_Mason : I love Shane laughing in the background

Marsis Cool : I'm so sorry for Courtney.She must have been so embarrassed.

Liam Crowell : Chris Pratt is literally one of my favorite celerities of all time

Katie : you can hear Shayne laughing in the audience lmao


Creeper and lily Williams : Prattypai (matpat anyone) (I like my own a comment)

blarg le : *_wholesome_*

SL brit : Chris Pratt is SOOOOO hot AHHHHHH

Sara Ortega : Courtney’s mental breakdown was the same reaction I had when I met her lol

THEA D : 2:07 Courtney: *yeaaa???* I couldn't stop laughing

Chelsea Henson : You can just feel the awkwardness during the slow dance.

Phluffy Phantom : Can someone like hmu and make this happen with me and tom holland

Said Ahmadi : At 9:30 u could hear shane laughing in the background 😂