CHRIS PRATT is on our Game Show!

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Courtney Miller : I was in shock, and didn't comprehend what had happened until halfway home in my silent car. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!! AAAAAAHHHH AHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!"

dharma n : I wanna see this as a series : fans embarrassed while their idols are standing next to them

Becca Feldman : My two favorite things about this video: 1. The structure of this is based on embarrassing Courtney. 2. Shayne’s laughter in the background

Trevor Brennan : Courtney was as sweaty as a 12 year old playing fortnite

Bergsveinn Ómar : Anyone else think how uncomfortable it was for Chris tho?

Smosh Olivia : 21 Cabbage! Come on Chris Pratt

Jack Richmand : A friend gets you an autograph, a good friend gets you a lock of his hair. Your best friend gets you a slow dance with the guy

Liam Zuiderduin : I like it when you hear shayne Laughing in the audience

Death management 303 : Hope her father isn’t a purple man with a nut sack chin

Makayla Damon : courtney: 'im sorry' chris: 'im not.' ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


i’m slotherin : I like ______ a.) Chris pratt b.) Chris Pratt c.) Chris Pratt

NOLA Ghoul : “Oh yeah, diarrhea” SO CASUAL AND IT GETS BETTER “Get ready for that slow dance”

Eddie Vlogs : Courtney trying to awkwardly stop herself from screaming in excitement. I love this show even more now. Hahaha

HEAVYD ALVAREZ : Him:are you ready Courtney:nope Him:to bad 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 It was so funny p.s I forgot his name with the glasses and plz tell me what’s his name

ShawnOrillosa : Chris Pratt just went to Earth and tried to save dinos after he failed to kill Thanos.

ShatteredEclipse4215 : Ian: Are you ready? Courtney: NOPE

Conspirasister 64 : So this is what it looks like when someone becomes starstruck. I must say it was abnormally painful to watch.

Fireskull 45 : Awww Chris was such a sweetie throughout the entire video😍

Rylee Mckenna : This whole episode was just about embarrassing Courtney

Once * Army : I was afraid Courtney was gonna faint from too much excitement Lol

Nat _ Playz : I’m sorry Courtney but I need to see Chris Pratt on the channel again plzzzzzzzz

Good_guy 312 : Chris Pratt heard some weird stuff on that show.

Aleeza Fatima : C Ch Chr Chri Chris ChrisP ChrisPr ChrisPra Chrisprat ChrisPratt ChrisPrat ChrisPra ChrisPr ChrisP Chris Chri Chr Ch C

Dubu Dahyunie : Courtney: *intense voice crack* MEEEE😂😂❤️

Once * Army : Chris Pratt is such a gentleman👌

Carley Richardson : Oh god ima cry for her I feel so bad but at the same time she’s so lucky 😂😂😭❤️ and I bet Chris Pratt is even more embarrassed for her

Infire Gamer VS Galaxy Gamer : Just watching Courtney trying not to fall apart is soo sad because if that were me I would be screaming out OH MY GOD ITS CHRIS PRATT OH MY GOD IM GONNA DIE. Yeah uhhhh

Doki-Doki Pixie : _This lowkey reminds me of Miraculous lmao (don't judge me) Courtney is like Marinette (all awkward) and Chris Pratt is Adrien just going with it_ 😂😂

Kiwi Rane : Im wheezing cause i can literally hear shane dieing in the backround

Sara Ortega : Courtney’s mental breakdown was the same reaction I had when I met her lol

Louis Russell : I can’t breath..... the..... The...... The cringe..........

II7MDJ _ : I bet Chris Pratt regretted coming 😂 *Look at his face*

HeyItzAkame : I felt embarrassed for Courtney too

Danity Aguirre : I love guardians of the galaxy

Mayur Valvi : Omg am I the only one going crazy ?? Love this episode

Zyberne : I can just here Shane laughing in the background 😂

1vegemite1 : She probably is secretly Thanos and killed Gamora (what is her name lol) only to keep starlord but ends up killing him.

KitKat_003 : I would’ve ran off the stage if I were Courtney 😂

Pedro Rodrigues : Some one is having a female orgasm xD

Simon James : It was so nice of Chris Pratt to do this. I'm so happy for Courtney! Her reactions were priceless.

LucyVu : Courtney is literally me when I’m around my crush😂

Sadie Strawder : i can feel the awkwardness here

Frank Sanchez : you should have put matpat with chris

HansenGirlsTV : I feel bad for chris

Daniel Thrasher : You know what's crazy? Because of how chill Chris Pratt was with all this, it kinda makes me wanna watch the movie he was promoting. Like, I wasn't really gonna go see it, but after this video I definitely will.

Mini Monkey Man : my face hurts, i've been smiling for 15 minutes and 24 seconds

Jaanus Kuppel : I literally cannot handle the cringe

Whoop Dee-Doo : Just listen and look at Shayne the whole time.

Gina Van Niekerk : Omg this is hillarious