CHRIS PRATT is on our Game Show!

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Courtney Miller : I was in shock, and didn't comprehend what had happened until halfway home in my silent car. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!! AAAAAAHHHH AHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!"

Christian TheAwesome : Vagina did you mean:baby pocket Lol

Christian TheAwesome : You Are Not Going To Believe Who The Best Person In The World Is Read the first two words😊

SageOfSarcasm : Chris is the only one respectable enough to get a last name

Aidan Gaming time : Courtney - “Chris prat makes me so happy...” Chris Pratt - *hug* Courtney - *crys* WHAT?! Edit: thanks for so many likes!

Once * Army : I was afraid Courtney was gonna faint from too much excitement Lol

Twinkie Tree : Have the odd1sout on the show he would be great!! 🙏please.

Jeremy Darling : Love how uncomfortable Courtney is the whole game.

I like my cat : 9:32 Shane’s laugh in the background

Angela Goins : As much as I loved Courtney and Chris dancing I would have loved to see Ian and Chris dance. 😂😂 I would have so loved to see those stretchy pants. 😂😂😂 Edit: thanks for all the likes and comments. ❤️


KefkaFanatic : this was actually such a sweet prank omg ♡♡♡

Guinea Girl : I could feel the awkwardness radiation through my phone screen. Lol

Belle Parker : Isn't baby groot.... root?

Anna P : Literally Courtney is me if I ever meet Tom holland

Simon James : It was so nice of Chris Pratt to do this. I'm so happy for Courtney! Her reactions were priceless.

okeynoodle : you can hear shayne laughing the WHOLE time sksks

CraxPlayZ : Chris pratt looks like Star-Lord

PotatoSlaps : Chris Pratt : (•_ •"") Courtney : (×∆ ×)

The Try Not To Laugh King : That was probably the best day of courtney"s life

ShawnOrillosa : Chris Pratt just went to Earth and tried to save dinos after he failed to kill Thanos.

Rebelempire Rules296 : Lol I felt Courtney’s embarrassment

Grace Noonkester : Courtney: I'm sorry..😖 Chris: I'm not..🙂 MY HEARTTTTTTT HE IS A BEAN OF A MAN

Tae Tarik : 9:33 is that shane?? AHAHAH what a laugh that stood out so much xD

Dope XYT : Courtneys voice was cracking half the time

Once * Army : Chris Pratt is such a gentleman👌

Vincent : Chris u killed half the universe i will never forgive u

EarnirPlayGames : i never saw anyone having so much orgasm of Starlord.........huh

J R : When you were talking trash about someone and they were behind you the whole time 1:29

Julie Parker : Chris was so cute in this video😭

Smosh Olivia : 21 Cabbage! Come on Chris Pratt

Abigail Martin : This is how I would be except I would pass out after the dance

TheVesylum : Imagine Chris Pratt's reaction to being forced on Smosh by his agents and executives lol

Bradley Pratt : My last name is Pratt but I’m not related to Chris pratt

nova_ wolf_3000 : Chris pratt? Did you mean: dinosaur daddy?

edt49er : She both wants to kill Ian and wants to live in the moment, it’s interesting to watch

Joy R : I knew he was gonna say Taylor swift

Casie Rowden : 9:30 I love that you can here Shane laughing at Courtny

Fraysin The wolfoxen : Someone should totally write that spicy fanfic of Courtney and starlord tho...

SaraDerps : 1:25 the DEFINITION of SHOOK 😂

Haifa : I was cringing the whole video, I love Chris too and I would’ve died.

Rach H : Courtney out here living every fangirl’s dream. I’m smiling from ear to ear throughout this video, I can only imagine how she feels lmao.

Firefly Studios : I'm crying for Courtney

Emma Clayton : I'm like Olivia in this video, my friends are given something wonderful and I get to witness it... I wish I was joking😢

Jemima Upathep : This is honestly the cutest video I have ever seen in my life!!!!!!!

Sara Ortega : Courtney’s mental breakdown was the same reaction I had when I met her lol

Samantha Murphy : I feel bad for her but at the same time I’m so glad it wasn’t me. I would’ve passed out

Seecooty : I feel bad for courtney

Macray Flanders : Chris Pratt grew up in my town. Lake Stevens

Rileigh_ Harper : Never seen Courtney so uncomfortable