Alfred Hitchcock Talks About His Relationship With Actors | The Dick Cavett Show
Alfred Hitchcock Talks About Violence Nudity and His Relationship With Actors

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Alfred Hitchcock compares actors to cattle! Date aired - June 8, 1972 - Alfred Hitchcock For clip licensing opportunities please visit #DickCavett #AlfredHitchcock Dick Cavett has been nominated for eleven Emmy awards (the most recent in 2012 for the HBO special, Mel Brooks and Dick Cavett Together Again), and won three. Spanning five decades, Dick Cavett’s television career has defined excellence in the interview format. He started at ABC in 1968, and also enjoyed success on PBS, USA, and CNBC. His most recent television successes were the September 2014 PBS special, Dick Cavett’s Watergate, followed April 2015 by Dick Cavett’s Vietnam. He has appeared in movies, tv specials, tv commercials, and several Broadway plays. He starred in an off-Broadway production ofHellman v. McCarthy in 2014 and reprised the role at Theatre 40 in LA February 2015. Cavett has published four books beginning with Cavett (1974) and Eye on Cavett (1983), co-authored with Christopher Porterfield. His two recent books -- Talk Show: Confrontations, Pointed Commentary, and Off-Screen Secrets (2010) and Brief Encounters: Conversations, Magic moments, and Assorted Hijinks(October 2014) are both collections of his online opinion column, written for The New York Times since 2007. Additionally, he has written for The New Yorker, TV Guide, Vanity Fair, and elsewhere. #thedickcavettshow


yes : Hitchcock was a lot funnier than I thought.

NothingMaster : Not a boring moment, when you’re in the company of Hitchcock.

leftyfourguns : I've never actually seen him speak about anything before (thanks random YouTube recommendation) but it's clear to see he has a deep understanding of people, how our emotions and motivations work. I think that's the key to being a great director. Great directors, writers, designers, etc. could almost be considered psychologists.

TheGodEmperorofMankind : And you think of all the x-rated stuff in classical literature.

E O'Brien : His hands are massive!

Mark Marsh : A brilliant Man whose mind was always shimmering and shining.

genius mchaggis : a strange man..a great mind.

Jon Dunmore : 3:12 -- Look how gigantic his hands are!

Brickface Mortar : Hitchcock one of the greatest directors.

TECHNICS TECHNISHISHION : Why won't Hitchcock do DJ Vlad

InoMercy : Hitchcock is such an interesting man.

The Dolphin : Just the way Hitchcock speaks is suspenseful and almost terrifying. His every phrase is ambiguous and dangerous! He seems sometimes on the point of humour and sometimes ready to execute Cavett. He has, inside that head of his, an incredibly astute, forensic mind.

Chi Eg : He's right about Sabotage. The suspense in the bomb scene is unbearable and when little Stevie is killed, I was in utter disbelief and anger. Had the victim been an adult, a teenager, whatever, I think the reaction would have been the same. The audience was too invested in the character's salvation to tolerate the death.

James Dooling : This man's understanding of subtle, shared, physiological human fears (even just a fall) is profound. It's more like gutteral response.

ElitePizza311 : Hitchcock is almost always an entertaining interview.

al meggs : I always belied AH was deranged thru his macabre movies!

JL B : absolutely a genious!

sayed mazhar : 🙄 Alfred Hitchcok knew human psychology and that's why his movies are classic

Robert Paz : Seems like a brilliant mind.

Mo Luj : What a genius

It's Just Miggs : All breast sag eventually 👍🏼

K Kundera : They think they’re talking about Directing...but really what they are talking about is EDITING LOL

bbtesla : Interesting interview.

Violet Carson : Error sorry Mr. Hitchcock I meant to say one of the greatest Director's ever.

Jeff W : I dunno — I get Hitchcock's theory but I always _liked_ the bomb scene in _Sabotage_ because it plays so completely against audience expectations. You expect Stevie to get out of it and he doesn't—it underlines the seriousness and deadliness of the saboteur's actions. The audience in lots of movies _can_ get some "release" but it doesn't happen necessarily in every movie.

Mac C. : What actress do you think he's talking about? Surely not Joan Fontaine, the only actor to receive an Oscar from any of his movies? She was wonderful in Rebecca, but Suspicion (for which she won) really isn't one of his better pictures. Cary Grant and Fontaine are great in it, but the film isn't on par with the Best Picture winning Rebecca, or Rear Window, or Vertigo, or Psycho, or Strangers on a Train, or...

lord bawnchie : Thank you

Violet Carson : I love Alfred Hitchcock series and movies he is one of the best producers ever. I'm happy to see this interview gosh I was a little girl then about four going on five years old😄😄rest in peace Mr Hitchcock.

shaun swift : One of the greats.

Heeeres Johnny : agree with his take on actors, met a bunch of them

Pappy Tron : The size of his hands compared to Cavett's!!

Don Franco : Old Hitch hey !

Freewheelin' Franklin : A testament to his skill as a director is the fact that his moves were made with relatively rudimentary tools compared to the technology today, yet stand as BETTER movies than what comes out today.

Steven j. : Giant genius. Amazing to see this interview. What a large man. Compare his hands to Cavetts...

jonasvm88 : HIS HANDS ARE HUGE!!!!!

jonasvm88 : quite humorous for a suspense movie director

amy clarke : ah r 40 😣

mezzyjezze : Never knew he was so funny

J. C. : Fascinating work...

Joshua : Interesting comments about the bomb scene. Apparently the original ending to The Birds was to have the Golden Gate covered in birds. But it was thought to be too horrific for people to take. But, it's a movie.

Marcos Santana : 👏👏👏

Ashley Harrison : Game of Thrones didn't follow his advice on relieving the build-up of suspense. The burning of King's Landing had the same effect as the bomb going off on the bus.

Jacqueline X : Has anyone an idea which actress he is talking about?

Suzanne Sands : Why do we all have to pretend that Cavett is funny, and that he's a great conversationalist. He's quite boring, tedious, and annoying. For example, his explanation at the end of this clip that a child wasn't actually killed was not funny in any way, and just wasted breath.

drummerboy784 : Even Martin Scorsese thinks highly of Hitchcock. Even when Scorsese was an up and coming young director.

Travis Heinze : The suspense he built up was in his slow mumbling.

gnewt75 : The greatest directors are the greatest manipulators. Their job is to assemble footage and sounds to twist and turn the audience to their own whim. It's hurtful to call them manipulators but that's what they best do.

Kaos Kaos : love physcho

Gerry Durran : A great mind but a very ugly chap..