Van Helsing - Nostalgia Critic

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Alex Papas : I really unapologetically love this movie!

Dale Stoddard : I don't care what Nostalgia Critic says, Van Helsing was awesome.

Drake Ford : Really not your best work Critic. You're judging this movie based on what you want it to be, not what it's trying to be, and it's really damaging the quality of your own analysis. By no means is this movie perfect, but it at least knows what it is and leans into that identity. It's not a character drama, and it's not a monster movie. It's a popcorn action flick with some cheesy humor and monsters thrown in, and it's not bad at all when viewed through that lens. It's certainly no _Citizen Kane,_ but this review was far too harsh.

Chad Norris : "Have you no heart?" "No!" That was actually pretty funny.

SuperArmus : Kate Beckinsale is just damn hot.

Halo Canon : This movie was fantastically entertaining and is criminally underrated. I could not disagree more with this review.

Integral Gamings : This movie is so incredibly underrated. Along with the old mummy movies as well. I honestly don't know why this didn't get any praise. The final fight was great and all the characters fit their roles very well. The story was easy to grasp and had enough detail to keep me interested. They could've started a great franchise from this. Having Van Helsing go on his many dark adventures with Carl, hunting down all sorts of monsters and maybe finding out a bit more about his past. What was it exactly that didn't allow this movie to prosper? And regardless, this will always be one of my favorites.

Hanbei Hood : Yeah, no sorry. I still love this movie (and LoEG).

jorge .espinosa de los monteros : I kind of disagree with this, yes the story is kind of dumb and the characters don't have a backstory but is still a very enjoyable movie with cool action scenes, why you want seriousness from this? I mean, is a movie with werewolfs, vampires, frankenstein and dr Jeckil

Party Ghost : I actually like this movie

Krazy Larry : I loved the werewolf design in this film

Zain Hartono : I actually really like this film. The music was so awesome. A tribute to Universal monster movies.

Mr strangled : Nostalgia critic likes hotel Transylvanian yet they call Frankenstein's monster Frankenstein the very thing he complains about in this film

Callahaine : The actor who plays Dracula may not be charismatic enough for the role, but he is an entertaining villain. Reminds me Durza from the Eragon movie

Iago Silva : To be fair on the common Frankenstein mistake - and people probably brought this up elsewhere -, if you see the monster as Victor's 'son', it kinda makes sense calling him Frankenstein as well. If you prefer, you may call him Adam, too - Adam Frankenstein

Bryce McKenzie : I kinda wished Van Hellsing did well. I love the idea of Hellsing being a monster Hunter and taking on All the Classic Universal Monsters.

Beethoven’s Fidelio : “Forgive me Father. I said yes to this movie” 😂

Yukime Hime : Oh critic how far will you fall?!

Митяй Воронцов : Yes, this movie is not perfect, but its not that bad

Hououin Kyouma : Van Hellsing.. is STILL one of my favourite movies of all I watch it at least twice a year lol.. I also rewatch Taken 4-5 times a eyar too

glowworm2 : I remember the running gag of Carl not actually being a monk and being able to do certain things monks weren't supposed to do actually being hilarious. Besides the cursing joke mentioned here, there is a pretty great scene where Carl saves a village woman from Dracula's children after they all die. She wants to know how she can repay him. He whispers something to her. She tells him he can't do that as he's a monk. He admits that he's actually only a friar. Sure enough, in the next scene, they're having sex together.

tominatorxx : You know, I kinda like Stephen Sommers' movies like this one and the first Mummy movie. Far from flawless movies but he brings a little bit of over the top creativity which I really like. I think one of his biggest strenghts is those set designs. They are usually extremely creative, detailed and bring over a strong atmosphere. Also as far as cheesy action movies go I think he does a good job. The Mummy was better than this movie imo since the overall plot and pacing was better but this is kind of a fun movie to watch just to enjoy some simple fun and over the top scenes. If you are not going to make a movie like The Mummy (1932). I think it's a fantastic idea to go the route that they went with the 1999 film. Can you imagine nowadays a movie like The Mummy (1999) without its cheesy B-movie style. A movie that wants to have the adventure type stuff going on but want's to be serious all the time... Imagine that would happen... Now that would be an awful movie... Same thing with Van Helsing imo. If they made plans for a movie with all these monsters in it. Nowadays they would take it way too serious and it would be boring, dull and lacking any form of creativity.

effluviah : I think the portrayal of the Frankenstein Monster in this movie is one of the best ever. I still get chills at his initial reveal scene.

Sami Rhili : So basically (after reading the comments), everybody loved this movie. I loved it too.

C067142677 : Aaww....I liked van helsing

Brian Ruel : Can we all stop to acknowledge that Doug was rocking the pumpkin jacket before SNL made it a popular item with David S. Pumpkins?

Hardeep Singh : Van helsing was great because of vampire brides😀😍

GaMbLe : 19:18 - Ah a refreshing Space Balls hommage

M.Grey : Next up do solomon kane and the fooking amazing dracula untold,the hype is real with these two badass action flicks.Oh that army destroying scene was so well executed

Nicholas Tan : He said "Rest in Peace" in Italian but i appreciate the joke there. Good one.

Joe V : LOL So many of these comments are in support of this movie. I think Critic is in the minority for this one. Oh, well. Still a fun review. Thanks!

michael gordon : I actually really like this movie haha.

D.C. Dave : 21:48-29:58 ..."woman who suddenly realized there were killer dogs on the other side of that wall..." (Shrieking scream and dogs attacking) Lol!! My fave part of this vid so far 😀👍🏾👍🏾. I keep rewatching that part n keep on laughing! Great job N.C.!👍🏾😀👍🏾

Veronica connolly : I'm not watching this video cause I already know what you are going to say but i dont care, Van Hesling is the GREATEST movie of ALL time

Caleb Guice : If you want the good version of this movie, look for Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (the whole thing is on Youtube) or Netflix's Castlevania series

AaronTheBlackDragon : One of the best scenes I remember from this movie is the one where her brother turns into the werwolf infront of her fir the first time.

Karstens Creations : "All joking aside, this opening is pretty awesome. It's silly, but it's an over the top take on classic monster themes..." EXACTLY what I say to anyone piling hate on this goofy, FUN flick. I personally LOVED it. Fun ass and amusing review tho, either way.

sarah hayes : I love this movie!

Frank Kastle : "It's Stephen Sommers playing with his dolls!" ROTFLMFAO!!! 😂

gh05tsnacks : I think the main thing I liked about the movie was that it didn't take itself too seriously and knew what the audience wanted. Not a bunch of long drawn out exposition, monster fights and Kate. lol Like you said, dozens of movies have been made about these monsters before. Still a funny review, I know Doug needs to nit pick to make a show of it. It's just dumb fun. Not everything needs a deep story and character building to be good. Sometimes you just want to see cool things happen in succession. The FX were pretty cool when I saw this in theaters, but I was also only a Freshmen in HS.

Thorne : Oh hey, a good movie for once

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Kira : This movie was ridiculous, but it was also campy, over the top fun and I love it for that. David Wenham was brilliant as Carl, and Richard Roxburgh's Dracula is my favourite simply because of the way he chews the scenery. Yes, Gary Oldman's Dracula was objectively better in every way, but few actors ever approach Gary Oldman in acting skills, and I will never not love the "I haff no heart!" line. Overall, this review seems unnecessarily spiteful towards Van Helsing, like you're just looking for reasons to complain about it and are determined not to enjoy it.

John M : Van Helsing was not supposed to be a movie about its plot. The movie was treated as a windfall movie for the CGI department, for getting in touch with and developing new CGI methods that were later used on other universal films in the years to come.

MrGear : I remember liking it as a kid. Guess it is Frozen draft xD

BigBrotherMateyka : "DO YOU LIKE THE RIDE, AHGHHHAHH??!?!?" New catch phrase from the new Van Helsing theme park.

Вернер Фон Браун : I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!

Sup Dawgy : This movie was good for what it was. It was meant to be a crazy, goofy action movie with cool creature design. Its a shame people didn't get it.