Adventure Time Explained: The Lich

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Crisisadvantage : Youre the only channel that told me to dislike it if i didnt like it. I like the video but your attitude made me subscribe. Nice work man

anon ymous : Tbh The Lich is scary af

ĶĮŁĽŔ-X / X-ÇŁÅŇ : Killing all will stop all sadness and happiness but thats good because sadness has a higher value :D

W W : He was also the last scholar of Golb

The Lich : ...

ZacPlayzGamer : if the lich wished to kill all life, he would also die, cause he has a life

ross williams : Mostly a summary of episodes the lich appears in. Not much analysis beyond the comet

endy ender galaxy wolfie ! : Its explained *wink wink*

Serpentgrad : Who started the Mushroom War??

Uqpaa Handy : He's the commit that hit when the dinasour Gunter was around... It even had the horns on the commit.

Hyoroemon Meto : That lick king intro lol.

James Carter : Cartoon Network goes to court

SOL1D A55A551N : If u think about it adventure time is a incredibly long creepypasta

Brad3point0 : im not crying your crying

April Wills : You literally just described Satan

Waffle Iron Steakhouse : the lich was a byproduct of the mushroom bomb, which means humans created him and other beings to destroy all life on earth.

Joseph Joseph : The Lich sounds like it had its origins in Jewish Kabbala stories lol

charles Receski : Sweet P could be the individual who was mutated into the lich and the citadel guardian’s blood restored him to life

classydays43 : Mind the text block, but: The Lich has an interesting backstory. He existed before the beginning of the universe created by Golb and pretty well acts as an anarchist against the particular order Golb created. In essence, the things Finn want to protect embody the things the Lich feels he must destroy. He was capable of reincarnating himself in to anyone if that person's body or soul is corrupted in some way - PB via a chemical corruption, the snail via incantation (snail consciousness and body being simpler) and Billy via the Enchiridion - allowing the body to be more attuned to his essence, so to speak. Everything he works for is for the single purpose of undoing creation and, as seen during his imprisonment in the citadel, had the power to do so. Everyone, including Death, Prismo, GGGG, and Hunson Abadeer consider him a threat to the Order of Things. What these guys do is literally their day job. It's reasonable to assume the Lich Comet was also possessed. Catalyst comets are conscious beings in their own right, either created out of the monsters before the beginning or are the embodiment of something else. They reincarnated in to someone and insert time their essence affects the nature of biological development. Because the Lich Comet was corrupted, it didn't work and became Uranium, a catalyst material in deciding the fate of the Mushroom War. This is probably why Finn is such a problem for the Lich, as Finn, on his home turf, contained the innate ability to thwart his every move having been reincarnated from a comet himself. The current state of the Lich is indicative of this theory. Since before the beginning of the Universe, the Lich had never been properly incarnated - that is, he forcibly incarnated himself in to whatever and kept his persona intact, allowing him to fulfill his goal and remain immortal. Since his transformation, his 'persona' had been overtaken by a newly formed vessel whose biological material isn't affected by the residual force of a Catalyst Comet (CC affects how life develops overall, like a drop of food dye in a glass of water), meaning for the first time he had been born yep, Finn's his dad. See how the stuff is a sticky white substance? Skipping the finer points of reincarnation, the Lich's persona is now suppressed in Sweet Pea's subconscious made from material created in Golb's Order in its purest form and is only capable of revealing himself in dreams or traumatic experiences. The Lich, therefore, will over time be affected by this and slowly fade in to another normal soul ; Finn had, indeed, defeated him once and for all. Like Finn, Sweet Pea will become a catalyst for major events to follow in his time, like how Skyrim's Civil War is decided by what side the DB chooses. See a pattern with Catalysts of Fate? That, my friend, is how you explain the Lich.

x Crxzy : Enough of these thousands of adventure time theories. Finn, go back and play with your dog.

DyNaMiC KhAoSs : The lich says he's the last scholar of golb what does that mean ?

Saved PirateOfGod : Adventure time could really be an anime it should be like BLEACH.

LegitPlays : I subscriber because of this well done video xD, still scared.

Phillip J : just another version of the man in black because Pendleton Ward is a fan of Stephen king\HP Lovecraft\Dungeons and Dragons. Lots of Great old ones and outsiders in popular culture. Also my theory is like you said enough of the bad stuff happens and the lich manifest as he existed before time before the void when there were monsters.


fLAme : The lich came from D&D

Axxeykinq : Who else is getting chills from the thumbnail Only me???......ok :( .....

Happily Ever After Theorist : *O N E M I L L I O N* Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

Blazt : I wanna know the Lich's connection to Golb

NirvanaFuckYes : What if the lich was the cause of the mushroom war? Would make sense, him existing since the beginning and his only goal being death and destruction

The lone Wanderer : I dunno I think orgalorg can kill the lich

Coco The toaster : Ah yes, the creature that gave all of us nightmares for years uwu

Dan’s : Is the MUSHROOM BOMB like the TSAR BOMB?

Dooomey S : the green comet was the lich. he then got a body from the mushroom war

apocaliptix penguin : he isn't a primordial himself, he is a underling of the primordial golb, the chaotic opposite of the guardian of mars guy with the 4 faces and the prism helmet, which it's honestly too bad that that dude died on that sleep ghost episode because if he were to meet up with golb on the last episode i'd bet you everything that they have/had an ever present link

Mr. Attack Helicopter : All the haters out there saying adventure time is ****.... just watch everything the plot is incredible and it has so much hidden meaning and depth to it it’s crazy

Niomi. P : This intro was so dramatic

Boneless Tofu : Easily the greatest antagonist Finn ever faced.

Comebac 224 : Get that sif theme outta here buddo this aint darksouls

Secretcodrin : Last time I checked Ice king tried to be friends with Finn. Now Finn lost an arm...

Sandrax . : And now it's owere

CaptainINP : Lol the title should be the bich

Tiger H. Lore : I didn’t realize Adventure Time had such a serious and dark side. Awshum.


Daniel Graff : who's more evil Satan or the Litch king?

WILLIAM Prieto : The lich has been there from the beginning of time the atom bomb helped it manifest again

nikisha lesane : But why does tiffany oiler have mustache sounds like a girl but looks like a boy

Spaghetti0s : Gosh the thumbnail So unfitting and creepy

Kanklys : I saw some comments about that he existed before even the world and yeah I think they're right does no one even thought he was the comet from the evergreen? And one more thing he said he was the last scholar of Golb... That means 1.there were more of scholars of Golb that for some reason don't exist anymore, but are they evil like the lich? 2.lich was a scholar and Golb was the teacher... What did he teach, how did he teach?