Adventure Time Explained: The Lich

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I'm Mikey : This show went from carefree and laid back to holy shit

hang1iderswing : The Lich says that he's older than the war- he says he came from a time before our world.

Samuel Nikkel : the lich wasn't created by the radiation of the mushroom war. he was one of the elder Gods like orgalorg.

The Bread Man : Holy shit I remember Adventure Time. Damn has it gotten very serious. I stopped keeping track at 2013 lol.

Ur Gr8 : this show makes Rick and Morty look weak

dop : Dude you literally just read off the wikia page. Lmao

Yah'ari Yasharahla : this guy sounds EXACTLY like satin

Happily Ever After Theorist : The music in this video in order: Dark Souls II Soundtrack - Aldia, Scholar of the First Sin World of Warcraft Soundtrack - Alterac Valley Dark Souls Soundtrack - Great Grey Wolf Sif

anon ymous : Tbh The Lich is scary af

Miguel the Moisturizer : The lich should be a dark souls boss

Thomas Hell : Ok so The Lich's origin is from a Catalyst Comet. Just like Finn. So the idea is that after the dinosaur goes extinct because of the Lich comet, the Lich essence gets buried for many many years. Then one day, the humans found the Lich essence, and created the weapon of mass destruction, the Mushroom Bomb. As the Mushroom Bomb explodes, the nuclear waste makes contact with some sort of living thing, thus creating The Lich we know now.

Crisisadvantage : Youre the only channel that told me to dislike it if i didnt like it. I like the video but your attitude made me subscribe. Nice work man

MultiAlerocks : So I dropped off adventure time in fire princess episode And I'm so confused to what all this lore with the lunch and mushroom kingdom

Happily Ever After Theorist : Thanks for watching this video everyone! About to hit 250,000 views. That's cool. Shame my new videos only get like 100 views though lol. FML.

SolDorne : daum dark souls

Nicolas Villamizar : the show is just them doing lsd and tripping balls

Happily Ever After Theorist : *O N E M I L L I O N* Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

Nathan Delacruz : this is creepay as fuq

justin palmer : Adventure Time Lore is WAAAAAAYY too deep. Everything is in loops and it’s like everyone has a set purpose. Like every incarnation of the ice king has attempted to stop some form of the Lich. Evergreen created the crown in order to stop the catalyst comet. Simon used the crown to stop the nuke of the mushroom war in the other reality and even OUR Ice King helped defeat the Lich when it possessed Bubblegum.

Nikita Mitrovich : The colors of the comets match the elements ... Goo Ice Gum and Fire

Aaron S : The Lich is The End, as he states in his "Fall" speech. He refers to Finn and himself as part of a collective "We," and coupled with the information of him being an incarnation of the catalyst comet, and having once embodied ultimate good, he is essentially what Finn must eventually become: the ultimate evil, so that there can be good, and a struggle. The Lich is Finn's final reincarnation, from an alternate timeline, where he became the ultimate good, and inhabited all other aspects of life, before becoming the final aspect (Death.) If he's not from the first Lich timeline, then perhaps he encountered a lich from another timeline, when he was the ultimate good, and then eventually became the Lich, brought his timeline to an end, and then migrated to this timeline to provide Finn the challenge to become the ultimate good by defeating him...only to later be reincarnated as the Lich, end all life in this timeline and then move on to be the villian in another reality. Perhaps this incarnation of the Lich wants to break the cycle, or maybe he was one of the variables that has/would have ended a few timelines before being stopped? But then he was restored. This timeline is breaking the cosmic cycle of an never-changing end, in favor of a change to never end! Instead of the the universe ending to begin again, it's just continuing on...

Neopolitan Axe : Someone really likes your tastes,adventure time and dark souls?You get a sub

Christopher Lopez : "adventure time is just existential poetry" -paraphrased quote of rebecca sugar because I don't know every single word she said lol

LegitPlays : Why am I scared?

Kevin Z : The entity which controls the lich existed as a specific catalyst comet which hits Earth every 1000 years in the show. It hungered for the extinction of all life. However the reincarnated avatar of the comet, a human during the mushroom war, designed a bomb which would give himself an undying body and the power with which to accomplish its dark goals.

kash smith : According to him, it went monsters, nothingness, universe. He's seems to be striving for the nothingness that once was. As if it is his idea of perfection.

Johnatan Deer : 0:20 symbol is Biological Hazard, not radiation.

Nuclearcuteness : Anyone else think Sweet Pea will become the Lich again during the final season of AT? During elements it's shown that Lsp's power reverted people to their true form like with jake becoming the shapeshifter so maybe Sweet Pea becomes the Lich when his horn grows back during the same episode. It's entirely possible that he knows he's back and now pretends to be Sweet Pea while waiting for the time to strike.

#Amateur-Madman : Who would win in a fight? The Lich, or The Beast from over the garden wall?

Grimdark Rising : Dark souls soundtrack! WTF! PLEASE PUT A "PREPARE TO CRY" in the thumbnail! xD

adham galal : that ds1 sound track xD

darkfullgor 0_0 : The lich was the most badass villain to come from a show in a very long time I love the lich. And his voice is very eerie and evil.

Tiger H. Lore : I didn’t realize Adventure Time had such a serious and dark side. Awshum.

Clorox Bleach : So he is satan

Momen Ashraf : you just copied what's in fandom website, but a good video.

Cooper Jordan : 0:26 He used the bio-hazard symbol instead of the radiation symbol

Tesenay Samuels : Who recognized Aldia's theme

SOL1D A55A551N : If u think about it adventure time is a incredibly long creepypasta

Zombot : Nice coverage of the litch's history. I loved the Dark Souls elements that were thrown into the mix too. :)

Walter Streete : im so glad i found ur channel i love adventure time and ur anaylisis are great

Void Gaming : the lich looks like a dope skelton

Fapologist : Easily the greatest antagonist Finn ever faced.

Thezzy Dragon : this video really reminded me how creepy the lich really is for him to be in a kids show

uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem ossas : Damn, i remember when this show was still childish and innocent 😞😞😞

ĶĮŁĽŔ-X / X-ÇŁÅŇ : Killing all will stop all sadness and happiness but thats good because sadness has a higher value :D

Newton's Third Law : The Lich is just the a-bomb, a weapon of extinction, it exists only to end life.

Creep : dark souls <3

dan_dapotato : Is the MUSHROOM BOMB like the TSAR BOMB?

FrankLightheart : I get the feeling that the Lich is a character that is whatever the story needs him to be in whatever episode he's used in. What I mean by that is that I get the feeling that Adventure Time is a world that has figured out what it wants to be as it goes on rather than being a fully realized story that the artist worked out before starting the series. Fortunately, the artist has done a very good job of retconning explanations in creative ways without breaking too much continuity. It's hard for me to justify this claim right now without going back though show again and researching everything, but that IS the feeling I get. The Lich, his origins, motivations, and power set seem to be very fluid and left intentionally open-ended specifically so the artist can figure them out later himself.