Jels Quiah - On a Monday

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Daniel Lengsfeld : 👆🗼

sarowar sarowar : thanks..its much appreciated

Omar Alam : Congrats Jels!

Yadenys Martinez : Waoooo!! Congrats Jels, this is a marvelous work my friend!! A hug :)

ChaseNChase : fire🔥💯

Max Day : Lit af

Nathan Nordmann : Love this song. Start my day off with this $ong!

Fataak Vedi OS : gleekoh is a very underrated producer

UrbanBuzzToday : Tryna get my paper right so I can get rich one day!! LITTY!

Jonathan Araujo : girl you look bad as hell but i dont see know chance there ayyyy broski day 1

carmen sanchez : Amazing work!! 🎉🔥🔥

Young Chi : Nice video💯

cloutzoid VIRAL : they know that im next to blow so these females are friendly yea

VloggWithJels : Litty!

Pinnacle Heights Entertainment : 100

Chad Lease : My jam on a Monday jels keep it real my man

suksi kuuseen : Nothing new, every rapper sounds the same nowadays. Still good job at imitating them :) sounds OK I guess.