Kwanzaa Cake

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Spagettae and Minyoongi : Did she say "add 2 teaspoons of cinnamon" and then proceed to add over a tablespoon? 🤣

One Swood Dude : I think this can best be described as an edible hate crime.

Little Bear : I don't think those candles are big enough.

Little Bear Schwarz : Yes, Sandra, "acorns."  Not corn nuts, but "acorns."

Miriam B. : Sometimes when I'm feeling doubt about my inability to cook awesome food for my family, I'll come here and watch Sandra Lee make this Kwanzaa cake and for some reason, I feel so much better about my life. Thank you Sandra Lee!

Shannon Redman : Anthony Bourdain called this cake "Eye searing" and "A war crime". I mean He's not wrong tho

ihatekoolaid14 : These videos have become a tradition for us. It's not Christmastime until we watch Sandra Lee butcher several ethnic holidays via cake. The grand finale of course is the infamous Green Monster "If that's a tree, then I'm Santa Claus" Cake.

Fredde jpg : i like how she says "of course you have cocoa because everybodys making hot chocolate" as if she doesnt just make instant hot chocolate. as if her whole food network career isnt about taking bullshit thoughtless shortcuts. oh yeah sandra we all totally believe you're making traditional hot cocoa mmhmm

Afghanen : The cake would taste so much better if she defecated on it.

Thomas Brennan : She didn't cook one thing in this video...

Venkman : Guaranteed to destroy the plumbing in your house.

blablah blah : That sounds like the most gross cake I ever heard of. Apple pie filling doesn't go with chocolate frosting. Those "acorns" are actually corn nuts! This is making me gag.

BadBoo22 : Everything was all STORE BOUGHT. Including the angel cake......bye.

houndstoothdinosaur : I love how she called the corn nuts acorns. Classic Sandra Lee.

Mr Brightside : That cake is a hate crime.

Leanna Biancuzzo : I bet 95% of Sandra's. Recipes were drunk inspired lol

Casey J : 2:54 - "the aicing"

Fat Cat : "And i need to taste this wonderful cake" *looks at the camera, she looks like she dont wanna do it 

Donna1175 : Id bet anything she spit that out at the end when they yelled cut

Meecrochip : Did she decorate this thing with Corn Nuts?

ihatekoolaid14 : I would honestly like to know why she cuts every angel food cake she has ever made in half, fills it with something, then ices it. I just realized this and also that I have never iced an angel food cake in my life. I've only ever used macerated berries or some other fruit and if I make anything else, it's usually a fresh fruit syrup and real (not container because I really don't like the taste) whipped cream... and maybe I'm wrong, but I always thought angel food was more of a summer dessert than a Christmas one? I DO know, however, that I have never heard of anybody else filling and icing angel food cakes besides her.

Deano Marshall : She plopped it onto the plate then says ''delicious'' before she's even tasted it!!!

Dan McCarthy : Anyone else hear that unnatural 'THUD' when she plated the slice of cake?  How did she manage to make Angel Food cake 'THUD' like that?!?

Raquel Chavarria : The way it just plopped on the plate tho..

Iris The Navigator : 2:54 Aiyahcing? Either this woman just had an aneurysm, or she be plastered as a wall.

Chewy156 : and  I NEED to taste this wonderful cake

americasevilgenius : Do they serve this at the #blacklivesmatter meetings???

Alex Hanke : Okay...... was this made as a joke..... or...... did..... someone actually PAY HER to make this. What the crap does it have to do with Kwanzaa anyway? I just watched a video of Gordon Ramsey making a PERFECT beef wellington, which led me to a video of Anthony Bourdain eating at Gordon's restaurant, which led me to a video of Anthony talking about TV chefs where he mentioned this video as the epitome of everything wrong with stand and stir TV shows....... and it is SO much worse than he described.

lilbuddha : So....readymade angel food cake, ready made pie filling, and ready made frosting...Really you just "constructed" this monstrosity.  I don't go to a restaurant and put mustard on my steak and say "I made this".  By the way, it looks god damn hideous.  House candles on a cake?  Get back on your meds, lady. edit 2 years later: acorns? woman, those are corn nuts. I swear you must be on some strong ass hallucinogens.

chgosatrap : she should have added tomatoes and pickles

Sailor Eli : In this time of great divisiveness and partisan politics in this country, at least there's one thing we can still all agree on: this cake is an abomination and should never be made.

A Man And His Pan : This must be a Food network satire. The candles are pure genius.

A Skeleton :     O beautiful for spacious skies,     For amber waves of grain,     For purple mountain majesties     Above the fruited plain!     America! America!     God shed his grace on thee     And crown thy good with brotherhood     From sea to shining sea!     O beautiful for pilgrim feet     Whose stern impassioned stress     A thoroughfare of freedom beat     Across the wilderness!     America! America!     God mend thine every flaw,     Confirm thy soul in self-control,     Thy liberty in law!     O beautiful for heroes proved     In liberating strife.     Who more than self their country loved     And mercy more than life!     America! America!     May God thy gold refine     Till all success be nobleness     And every gain divine!     O beautiful for patriot dream     That sees beyond the years     Thine alabaster cities gleam     Undimmed by human tears!     America! America!     God shed his grace on thee     And crown thy good with brotherhood     From sea to shining sea! 

Akakiy : Bhahhaha this can't be real

Taureg : this is an abortion on a plate, how is this a show

Adam Rose : Who else came here after Anthony Bourdain's comments just to witness the truth once again

MaxToke : i hope gordon ramsey has seen this. oh man a reaction video from him would be marvelous


Kimberley Yavner : Emmy brought me here 😂

I'mReallyTired : Those aren't even acorns. Those are corn nuts.

Doik : gotta go jump off a bridge brb

Rebecca Hughes : Mmmmmm, acorns. Bone app the teeth!🍴

Youtuber 10489 NA : It doesn't look that bad

Nadi B : I started dying when she put those giant ass candles on. Does sis even know what Kwanzaa is?


GoBrown : What person of color told her this was something to eat during Kwanza???

Ruz : Kwanzaa is fake and that cake looks like garbage.

ManTitties Mcgee : The deathly silence as she cut into the cake is awe-inspiring.

princess Melody Perkins : why the hell would you add candles.canned not even fresh apple pie filling.then put pumpkin seeds and acorns all on a Kwanzaa cake.this doesn't look like one.I hope her governors house personal chefs never lets her in the kitchen.I am dying of laughter

hu70913 : Question: she’s white and making a Kwanzaa cake. Why?👌🏾🙏🏾🙃