The original Haunting video, the photos of the entity following me and the Church video.

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slaction : Was it really worth going through the trouble of setting all of this up just to convince stupid people that ghosts have the same abilities as a piece of fishing line?

Daniel Saldana : This is going too far . . This guy is a fake . .

Time Traveler : Honestly, I do not believe the activity in the video is legit. For the most part, it was an entertaining.

Nick DeStefano : You'd have to be literally brain dead to believe this. What year is it?

RevRSleeker : A demonic attachment ?? The exorcist didn't work I take it as the evp's are amazing all the way through...the one in the exorcism @7:20 is one I just can't get to grips with...put your headfones on and listen ...@8:06 WOW, 3secs starting with 'Jesus' ?? Again @8:42 'Jeeesus' just prior to guy holding fone says 'huh...turning it off'. This thing is mocking the whole procedure, never seen OR HEARD anything like it !!!! BEFORE the blessing / exorcism,there's a lot going on in this video if you listen hard, put headfones on...this guy says, 'I know I got that' then there's interference and a warbled voice @1:26 ...there's something else breathing next to him when he speaks, lots of times...@1:40 there's whispering...'can you speak a little louder', whispering @2:56 ...after he says 'help you', @3:10 another voice ...@3:38 sounds like 'file' after being asked where he needed to be...@4:16 for 7secs there's another voice...@4:26 strange noise, 2secs later he's audibly spat at... @5:06 BEST VOICE for 7seconds...there is so much going on here, just put headfones on and crank the volume up !!

Deby Nieto : So sorry you went through that Frank.

RevRSleeker : Are you ok now Frank ?

Kittycatmeow : Lol the entity looks an awful lot like smoke or vape smoke😁