The original Haunting video, the photos of the entity following me and the Church video.

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slaction : Was it really worth going through the trouble of setting all of this up just to convince stupid people that ghosts have the same abilities as a piece of fishing line?

RevRSleeker : A demonic attachment, did it affect you in any nasty way...any foaming of the mouth, eyes rolling, speaking foreign languages without any understanding of them yourself...did it hurt you ?? The blessing didn't work I take it as the evp's are amazing all the way through...the one in the actual blessing / exorcism @7:20 is one I just can't get to grips with...put your headfones on and listen ...@8:06 WOW, 3secs starting with 'Jesus' ?? Again @8:42 'Jeeesus' just prior to guy holding fone says 'huh...turning it off'. This thing is mocking the whole procedure...BEFORE the blessing / exorcism, there's a lot going on in this video if you listen hard, put headfones on...this guy says, 'I know I got that' then there's interference and a warbled voice @1:26 ...there's something else breathing next to him when he speaks, lots of times...@1:40 there's whispering...@2:43 after Frank asks for its name, sounds like, 'Haures' or 'Stoles' or something similar....'can you speak a little louder', whispering @2:56 ....after he says 'help you', @3:10 another voice ...@3:38 sounds like 'file' after being asked where he needed to be...@4:16 for 7secs there's another voice...@4:26 strange noise, 2secs later he's audibly spat at... @5:06 BEST VOICE for 7seconds...there is so much going on here, just put headfones on and crank the volume up !!

Daniel Saldana : This is going too far . . This guy is a fake . .

Time Traveler : Honestly, I do not believe the activity in the video is legit. For the most part, it was an entertaining.

Nick DeStefano : You'd have to be literally brain dead to believe this. What year is it?

Deby Nieto : So sorry you went through that Frank.

PiggyAzalea : Lol the entity looks an awful lot like smoke or vape smoke😁

RevRSleeker : Are you ok now Frank ?