The Big Guy and Rusty

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BBmetalhead04 : Looking at it now, Big Guy and Rusty were homages to Gigantor and Astro Boy with an America 50's design aesthetic.

TheLunarLegend : Watch the skies, coming at you! A hero of metal hue. He locks horns with disaster for the red, and white, and blue. Then was born a boy robot. miracle of science. Made to battle large monsters. Supercharged and quick on the draw. Pretty good but he needs help. The big guy! He's a big deal! Heart of gold and fists of steel! Clobbering evil entities, with Rusty at his heel. Now they're a mighty team. The boy robot lives his dream. To be a legend in history, the big guy and rusty! pretty sure those are the lyrics. hard to hear in some places though so a couple guesses.

Robert Davidson : I heard at one point they approached Frank Miller about Big Guy making a Cameo in the next Pacific Rim movie. That'd be awesome.

Matt Jordan : I'm surprised this was created by Frank "I'm the Goddamn Batman" Miller.

The Røøkie ZgamerZ : Is it just me or does anyone misses this show.....I wish they would remake the show.Good Times.

canadiananim8r : the glory days of saturday morning cartoons <3

psydeffex : we need a big guy power armor mod for fallout

Rurouni Kalain : I could never understand what they were singing in the middle of the song when I was as kid, nor could I now, had to look it up. ....My past is changed. Lol.

TheKilluminati714 : A kids TV show where guns where shown without censorship, damn those were good times.

The GloryXros : 0:32 is when the tears start rolling....LMAO PATRIOTIC AF

LuigiLonLon : Boy howdy, this crossover of Mazinger Z and Astroboy sure looks wierd

E-Man5805 : I could not imagine a more badass place to put the guns without it getting phallic.

Theshark15z : For The Love Of Mike!!!

James Robinson : This is an excellent theme song.

YoRocky : Back when Saturday mornings... and Fox Kids were cool. God bless the 90's.

Johnny Sawyer : Who agrees that this should be an animated movie

Austin Trench : Liberty prime for the 90s

Haruka Takahashi : I finally find the title of this show and it's been more 12 years since I last watch the show

baashdi hobstocking : please,  read the comic.

Anthony Barratt : That sounds like a American nation antham

SharpmanPrime01 : It's like Optimus Prime (Or more accurately, Ginrai from Masterforce) and Astro Boy hung out for a day.

theonewiththename : im shipping for the airforce in like 2 weeks so im trying to learn a bunch of things to be preped for boot camp along with them the airforce song which sounds super close to this intro and i always start thinking up the words for this instead of the airforce song as soon as the music starts to play.... this will be interestig

Giygas [] : Childhood,and the song is so nostalgic too

Greninja Hayate : Maybe the creator of the series, loved Astroboy when he was a child. They are the same.

NonmetalAlkali : Rusty lookin like Billy Quizboy from the Venture Bros

Anthony Barratt : That sounds like a American nation antham

jasminne mcdonald : I'm crying tears of nostalgia right here. I remember growing up on Fox Kids and this show was one of my brother's favorites.

irdiz schz : Is it me or the size of Rusty and Big Guy varies constantly along all the intro 😄

leeparkdenouden : Could sentinel prime from fallout be based on big guy?

abdoulaye haidara : *Bobby*!

Matthew Rascoe : I wish the comic continued.....

_Paws_ : Always reminded me of The Iron Giant

Daniel Aldrete : The very last cartoon, when America was still Patriotic. Please God, let WW3 begin soon.

Insane Comedion : oh @#$%! I remember this now

Gilberto Salinas : The Nostalgia!!! Too much power!!!!

FeatherWings78 : I remember this

Jonathan Robles : This Venture Bros and Big O crossover is legit

Sadi Masochist : Anyone for Pie, Piping Hot!

zack paulo dsbm : reminds my childhood time 2000's im watching this cartoon.

Musica Fullbuster : I remember watching this show back on Fox Kids back in 1999, when Digimon, Beast Machines Transformers, Spider-Man Unlimited and Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. The good ol' Fox Kids back in the 90s.

RaimonTarou : Man I love the teacher and student dynamic of big guy (Lieutenant Dwayne Hunter) and Rusty, this show was genius.

LiyuConberma : I got teared up at the last bit... it's just so beautiful This is like Big Iron Giant and Astro Boy, what a duo...

Carnage Plays : I knew Rusty was supposed to be an homage to Astro Boy, but in the end, it's really kind of stupid that the secret of Big Guy had to be kept from him. Back when I watched this show on tv so many years ago, I actually thought Big Guy was a sentient robot. I didn't know until recently he was actually a machine being piloted by a person.

Phan Boy : I'm not american and yet even I can feel the patriotism.

supersonicmario56 : Bennettthesage.....

Predaking4ever : Hank: Dammit Rusty.

JMDarkly1 : I still can't believe Frank Miller made this. Its just so...Nice, and pleasant! Almost, innocent in a way. Was this before Frank went nuts?

anthony saxton : I. Watch the old cartoon all the time

Mr.Wolfchamp 1999 : I remember being so hyped about this show and Big Guy then I found out he has was a just a human in a suit and my hype became sheer disappointment. The promos led me to believe he was a robot so I felt cheated and deceived. I wanted it to be a cool robot and it turned out to be just a battle tank. I was completely disappointed. I could barely stomach the show after the pilot.

Sailor Italy : I'm guessing this was made before Frank went bonkers