The Big Guy and Rusty

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Rurouni Kalain : I could never understand what they were singing in the middle of the song when I was as kid, nor could I now, had to look it up. ....My past is changed. Lol.

TheLunarLegend : Watch the skies, coming at you! A hero of metal hue. He locks horns with disaster for the red, and white, and blue. Then was born a boy robot. miracle of science. Made to battle large monsters. Supercharged and quick on the draw. Pretty good but he needs help. The big guy! He's a big deal! Heart of gold and fists of steel! Clobbering evil entities, with Rusty at his heel. Now they're a mighty team. The boy robot lives his dream. To be a legend in history, the big guy and rusty! pretty sure those are the lyrics. hard to hear in some places though so a couple guesses.

Matt Jordan : I'm surprised this was created by Frank "I'm the Goddamn Batman" Miller.

BBmetalhead04 : Looking at it now, Big Guy and Rusty were homages to Gigantor and Astro Boy with an America 50's design aesthetic.

psydeffex : we need a big guy power armor mod for fallout

The Røøkie ZgamerZ : Is it just me or does anyone misses this show.....I wish they would remake the show.Good Times.

canadiananim8r : the glory days of saturday morning cartoons <3

The GloryXros : 0:32 is when the tears start rolling....LMAO PATRIOTIC AF

Theshark15z : For The Love Of Mike!!!

Robert Davidson : I heard at one point they approached Frank Miller about Big Guy making a Cameo in the next Pacific Rim movie. That'd be awesome.

James Robinson : This is an excellent theme song.

MrTalisuaga : No pain receptors

LuigiLonLon : Boy howdy, this crossover of Mazinger Z and Astroboy sure looks wierd

2facescar : Dam u fox kids .... This show was tha bomb !

Johnny Sawyer : Who agrees that this should be an animated movie

YoRocky : Back when Saturday mornings... and Fox Kids were cool. God bless the 90's.

duggy dug : They just dont make cartoons like they use to. Sigh......

Blaise Reed-Jenkins : I remember this omg childhood memories

Austin Trench : Liberty prime for the 90s

Michael Miller : Good times.

genlaz1 : Awesome show... needs a reboot

TheKilluminati714 : A kids TV show where guns where shown without censorship, damn those were good times.

SharpmanPrime01 : It's like Optimus Prime (Or more accurately, Ginrai from Masterforce) and Astro Boy hung out for a day.

_Paws_ : Always reminded me of The Iron Giant

Mogotrevo SMG x : Childhood,and the song is so nostalgic too

irdiz schz : Is it me or the size of Rusty and Big Guy varies constantly along all the intro 😄

Matthew Rascoe : I wish the comic continued.....

leeparkdenouden : Could sentinel prime from fallout be based on big guy?

Gilberto Salinas : The Nostalgia!!! Too much power!!!!

NonmetalAlkali : Rusty lookin like Billy Quizboy from the Venture Bros

FeatherWings78 : I remember this

Daniel Aldrete : The very last cartoon, when America was still Patriotic. Please God, let WW3 begin soon.

Haruka Takahashi : I finally find the title of this show and it's been more 12 years since I last watch the show

Greninja Hayate : Maybe the creator of the series, loved Astroboy when he was a child. They are the same.

E-Man5805 : I could not imagine a more badass place to put the guns without it getting phallic.

Insane Comedion : oh @#$%! I remember this now

baashdi hobstocking : please,  read the comic.

jasminne mcdonald : I'm crying tears of nostalgia right here. I remember growing up on Fox Kids and this show was one of my brother's favorites.

Sadi Masochist : Anyone for Pie, Piping Hot!

LiyuConberma : I got teared up at the last bit... it's just so beautiful This is like Big Iron Giant and Astro Boy, what a duo...

Alistair Monroe : Sweet nostalgia.

Sailor Italy : I'm guessing this was made before Frank went bonkers

Phan Boy : I'm not american and yet even I can feel the patriotism.

supersonicmario56 : Bennettthesage.....

Amanda Felix : Fantastic.

Mark Welch : I remember watching this as a kid!

Anim8or55 : I forgot how much Merica! this opening was.

Magellan Dufour : 0:40 I think we got him

theonewiththename : im shipping for the airforce in like 2 weeks so im trying to learn a bunch of things to be preped for boot camp along with them the airforce song which sounds super close to this intro and i always start thinking up the words for this instead of the airforce song as soon as the music starts to play.... this will be interestig

riskvideos : Murican Gigantor and Astro boy. I missed this show so much.