Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 Any% WR 3:42

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Recht_voor_zijn_raap : "I only have 5 minutes left before i go to work" *starts up THPS3*

Johnny Horstman : I love how awkward the sound effects become when you play this game faster than the developers intended.

mnzsgabriel : 2:34 lmao

WiseEndro333 : *Record scratch intensifies*

LyvidiaX : on ps2 the loading screen is 3:42 XD

SuperShotgun300 : And I thought I was good at THPS... I guess not aye

Timic83tc : you are tas irl.

Dyl4Blox : Get the wr on the gbc then you can have all the respect in the world.

Clay Soggyfries : LA is one of the most annoying maps on Tony Hawk (THPS3)

Ev1lWays : I've played THPS3 sooo much and I never knew about that.

Lonely Journey : My childhood...

Hális : What is the reason to not including Cruise Ship in Any% runs?

HashBrown Doyler : With a broken controller :D

Mr. James : Wow... It's unbelievable...

uhhlynxzii : 1:04 lmao

Jumpyluff : Super sick, always astonishing to see an improvement from you. I'm proud to say I met you in person at SGDQ14. <3 Love you forevah

Dewmeer : pc, right?

Austin Peters : cool man, now go see that thing called sun. Its the bright thing

Nerd Martial Arts : Does this really count when he keeps ending every stage?

Nuclear Icecream : as a skater I disapprove of this

c A : "where are all the chicks?" watching george dismantle thps3

ToastedToast21 : While watching this speedrun I noticed there was a lot of dialogue I've never heard before, such as the guy at the spooky mansion. Also is there a cruise ship stage on ps2? I've played this game many times and only found out a few weeks ago that there is another stage after tokyo...


Pr0xy Cast : this is amazing

Soo Boo : Speedrun 100% again!!!

Jason Mellone : Wow reality

DrMatta : Nice job man, i remember your excellent AGDQ run still

WeednShroomsGuy420710 : I remember playing this early in the morning on the ps2

FiremanPC : Crazy run.

tymmac007 : Very impressive!

shibby : This some light bro

Alex Mainz : Amazing

Tyler : This is actually crazy

Aiden Hatton : Yes amazing

Weston Gibson : _Let's see you tear it up_

Airblader : Beautif—

Aroszparo : Skilled

pigsareit : Awesome job dude!

Judas McSwell : That's mind blowing!

Miłosz Loszek : good one!

golden armor : Wtf

Jake Beard : Gnar

JD : nice!

Joe Ortega : ggz!

Dezu123 : how are u can take 7 second from your pb? WAAT

Doodoo : Overkill

TylerLasagna : seen this already and still can't believe it, george you're unstoppable.

Lmax : wow.

Jonathan Sanchez : Buddy, slow down. Enjoy the game.

Stoichiometry molotov : maybe try and complete all goals with out ending run hahahah