BEAR BEAR BEAR! and other Nature Mishaps – Harp Twins (Camille and Kennerly)

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Night Shade13 : "It's a swarm of kids... "There coming this way... Stay tight." Absolutely hilarious and the best Halloween scare I've had! Still laughing.... You guys are the best!

Claudio DC : "It's a swarm of kids" - LOL :D

john goodall : You girls have fun doing anything, you are so lucky, and talented.

soupbone : Sometimes, we fans forget that there can be fascinating back stories to your videos. Thanks for sharing......

ebrown405 : Bear! Bear! Bear! You're lucky that animal didn't kill you guys. Remember girls to stand back to back, with harps flapping side to side, so as to appear like a two headed angel to confuse the hell out of wild animals. But it doesn't frighten men away. It only intrigues them. Glad you're all safe.

Blue East Coast : Really funny outtakes!

Anthony Martinez : Amazing twins. Full of adventure.

Finding Better Information : lmao army of kids like zombie apocalypse

TheCimbrianBull : 1:13 "Try not to step on the bear poop!" Best life advice ever! :-)

Eduardo Dandolini Dutra : We need more of these "behind of scenes" that was awesome!

Greg Shoop : I love your videos but this one really made me smile. It's fun to get an inside look at you.

Mick Nordström : The kids were so much more scary than everything else... like a horror movie!

Dunderfut : more bloopers please!! you girls are hilarious!

buzbom1 : "Bear", "Bear....where?" "There." "Where?"....."There bear,....there wolf,...there castle." whups......just triggered a Mel Brooks moment.....srry. ;) Glad no one got hurt during the production of this. There for it made it very enjoyable and l laughed out loud without the

Laceykat66 : You were really going to touch a slug?? What are you, on an Alien movie set or something???

Leo Belmonte : 😂🤣😂🤣 So funny!!!

777Michele : This was great! I knew there was work behind your videos even though you make them look so effortless, but I had no idea you guys went through such stuff. That guys are much more brave than I am! Thanks for sharing. <3

Blaze Eisner : I guess you really don't know what it takes to do a video. I love the "Holy Crap!" Thank you for sharing the hardships of being stars. Have an awesome weekend. God bless.

Master Mooo : Haha! This was hilarious!

Igor Maxwel : This Nature is really much beautiful and funny!

RickM : Love the Star Trek outfits :)

Huginn und Muninn : Your case was delicious

Lacy Starr : You are very fortunate to be able to experience the beautiful locations and the nature that dwells within it. The energy you carry with you as you journey is beautiful!

John Broadway : Classic clips Ladies, thank you for enlightening us to the hazards Mother Nature has presented you with :) She hasn't stopped you yet and she never will! Your productions are phenomenal achievements which I love to view every day without fail. Lol, well done and thank you so much for sharing these precious moments with us ♥♥ :)

Jeff Hardy : " Oh my gosh, Holy crap" with the wind... ha ha... you ladies are Awesome... beautiful and talented as well...

Carlos Toro Torres : Holy smokes ladies; you really need to be more careful when filming music videos, even in windy conditions it shows that you take those risks seriously

Scott Davis : That just comes with the territory of being so gosh darn captivating. Every living thing wants to follow you.

Masked Lurker : --'{@ All of these outtakes Are some of the funniest. Please compile some more.

Danny Schwab : Glad y'all ok this was funny and so cool love the scenery that y'all are in. Keep up what y'all are doing it's awesome and people smile. God bless

defuserable : brilliant

cmcdonough : Thank you! These outtakes just help to show you as real persons, not some product manufactured in a PR agency

André Gil Sabanal : this is so cute... ♥

Martin Bittencourt : Talented, cute, beautiful and don't speak bad/dirty language! Your girls are wonderful! :)

Jason Walton : 🤣🤣🤣🤣😝😝😜🤣🤣

Ed S. : LMAO!!!! Watch out for the ferocious kids!! :D

Gregory Kne : I have to say that you ladies looked like you had a lot of fun in spite of all the bears and bees and everything in between in your shoots. I have to admit seeing you walk in those heels in such broken terrain is a little humorous, I know you were trying to be in character for your videos but it was little funny seeing you ladies trying to navigate the area in your heels, I can't imagine doing that it would be hard enough in regular shoes or boots, so well done. I loved this film seeing your shoots bloopers help show how much work you put in them and how much fun you ladies have doing them. So keep up the great videos and keep showing the bloopers. I have a suspicion the bear and the bird were fans of your music so keep it up by way LOL. You ladies look great no matter if the bear or the wind gets in your way, and your music is always amazing, personally I think the bird was probably jealous.

Jasemi' : Υπέροχο

Philip Browning : You certainly have had some adventures while filming! High winds, bears, cave spiders and worst of all—kids! ;) Thanks for all you do to share your music with us!

ilyasse jamousse : good luck for u !

Shauna Marie Sings : Oh my goodness, you girls are the cutest ever...and sooo funny... *LOVE YOU!!! <3 <3 <3*

Carla Squires : Nature's perils! 😱😱😱 The things you do to bring awesome videos to us! Thanks for that - brave souls! Thanks for the laugh too! The epitome of a debilitating fear (still love that one! - sorry Mom - you rock!) 😂 and the horror with the slug touch! 🤣 Keep bing awesome!

Carla Squires : Except the frightening bear incident (you were fortunate, and brave, there!), this would make for a great “try not to laugh challenge”! Laughter is one of the greatest gifts and the best medicine! Thanks for letting us laugh with you!

thechico1979 : Oh my gosh! that was hilarious and super cute.

nTOMnia : Started off my morning with a smile, thanks!

GryffonYori : Very funny girls!!! I loved!!!

DanDiazEntertainment : I've heard people ask if bears do a certain thing in the woods. You almost stepped in it so I guess that confirms it. Now I'm wondering if a tree makes a sound in the woods if no one is around to hear it except for harpists.

Aleander X : Wooow watching your videos, this one made my night !, swarm of childrens.... real hazard... and feral slug... omg

Electric Poliville : HAHAHA That was awesome to pop my bubble of your celestrial beings.

David Garrett : You girls should do a harp song called "Holy Crap" All the bears in the woods would show up. Always have fun.

Matty Nicolaz : "Oh My Gosh" They said ... About a houndred times hahahahah im loving it! YOU GIRLS♥♥ ARE SO AMAZINGLY FUNNY!!!