Introducing the Iphone 5c and 5s

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Christy Cheung : I laughed so hard at the "If I stole your identity, I'll kill myself"

Erico Nunez : this shit never gets old

Grace Mari : "much like the baboon presents its bright red ass" i have a 5c and that was still priceless

Diego Franco : this is comedy take notes Nicole

Enescu Ionut : This ain't no parody, is the fking true.:D

Honda Housey : you gotta do iphone 7.

Grell Sutcliff : 3 years later and this shit is still relevant omg! xD

Heidi Graal : I'm watching this on iPhone 5c XD INCEPTION

Luminous Likwid : Best intro ever😂😂, should do iPhone 6 and Samsung galaxy 6

Akiralue : a tick tack in yo sasquatch hands XD

Prodigy 1109 : Who's still laughing to this or watching in 2016? :D

Alex Senpai : Accents on point tho lol

Lexie Sai : The accents, oh my god!! :0

uMADden : David has an iPhone.. I'm an avid iPhone user and this shit so funny... doesn't bother me. So not all iPhone fans are butthurt.

Sid Bhaduri : That Indian accent was spot on!

JRE : blackest asian ever

yaoifinatic1 : You know what makes this video so much funnier? The fact that David himself has an iPhone XD

Thushal Verghese : that indian accent tho...


A Rex : man I watch this like once a month

athenris : Samsung is better than apple

JlandelMoncada1 : Okay you made fun of the iPhone and Note. What phone do you have?

SlyCooperZX1 : "If I stole your identity, I would kill myself." OMFG DATS HILARIOUS NJKFEZVNJKNEVZT

jati kuncoro : please do with iphone 7

3oolong : 0:56 ... unpaid intern .... OLIVIA??! 

el.JoKyin : "give us yo money" -(Former)Senior VP of Apple

mjh : "If I stole your identity, I'd kill myself" LMAO

Sarah Swati : still love this after 3 years . . .

Bear Bee : The amount of times I've watched this video😂

TabaChicken : Anybody else want to see David do a video on the iPhone SE?

vincent vadachino : this was the first video by David I ever saw, and I thought it was a legit advertisment, I was like, " what the fuck is this? " the whole time until the end of the video, then I realised it was a skit lol

jeff doh : Make iphone 7!

Rising_Legend : Lol that was an epic Diss!!

Massimo Raziano : iPhone: buying the same shit over and over again! Hilarious but true, ahahahahahah!!!!!

ChillsandThrills : Reasons why people buy iPhones: 1) The brand name "Apple" makes it seem better 2) They are (debatably easier to use) 3) Most people are easily dooped into sneaky/enticing ad ons like the finger print thing

JlandelMoncada1 : Lolz he does have a point.

JeezyKay21 : Make one for the new Iphone 6's!

Fuzzymoon Beam : The best thing apple ever did was get this vid made

chappyTHO : i love apple and the fingerprint touch ID is super usefull, but this video is soooo hilarious!!

G.Lee : i thought for the C it means "Cheap"

jacobljlj : David please dont stop making skits, there are NO other comedy skits on yt or wshh that are as funny as ur skits :(( not even jkfilms :(

Dayz 3O6 : Android all the way

Lynn Pham : Shot out water because I was laughing so hard

Saudi Gamer120 : I laughed so hard 😂😂😂

KHFreak741 : Go Galaxy!! :D

Wanna Duck? : The comments are over 9000!!

Avery Ross : 3 years later and still my favourite line "If I stole your identity I'd kill myself"

Jonathan Min : Dat accent though XD

Mr Unthinkable : Why are android users so bitter about other platforms? I've had about 6 android products including most of the nexus range, galaxy s4 and a HTC one. I now use an iPhone 6 and I prefer it in nearly every way. I still use my nexus for some things but for 95% of my uses the iPhone is much nicer. Android seem to enjoy over complicating things so other platforms seem "basic" and "oh you can't do this on iOS". No iOS cares because for the things 99.9% of people use the iPhone is still the ultimate product. My nexus literally force closed this app before I wrote this comment which just goes to show that no matter how much power or features it doesn't mean it has the same level of quality. I think I'd like one of each platforms, windows 8 looks very appealing on the new phones but I haven't found anything that is as nice as my iPhone 6.

InfiniteSynteX : i know this is old but um * caugh caugh #AndroidMasterRace *caugh caugh