Introducing the Iphone 5c and 5s

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Enescu Ionut : This ain't no parody, is the fking true.:D

Grell Sutcliff : 3 years later and this shit is still relevant omg! xD

Akito : LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL This shit never gets old :P

Diego Franco : this is comedy take notes Nicole

Honda Housey : you gotta do iphone 7.

Alex Senpai : Accents on point tho lol

Sid Bhaduri : That Indian accent was spot on!

Lexie Sai : The accents, oh my god!! :0

yaoifinatic1 : You know what makes this video so much funnier? The fact that David himself has an iPhone XD

Thushal Verghese : that indian accent tho...

JRE : blackest asian ever

Christy Cheung : I laughed so hard at the "If I stole your identity, I'll kill myself"

ChillsandThrills : Reasons why people buy iPhones: 1) The brand name "Apple" makes it seem better 2) They are (debatably easier to use) 3) Most people are easily dooped into sneaky/enticing ad ons like the finger print thing

Sarah Swati : still love this after 3 years . . .

Jill F : Kevin hart and David need to link up and do somethin together 😂💯


Luminous Likwid : Best intro ever😂😂, should do iPhone 6 and Samsung galaxy 6

Akiralue : a tick tack in yo sasquatch hands XD

Massimo Raziano : iPhone: buying the same shit over and over again! Hilarious but true, ahahahahahah!!!!!


A Rex : man I watch this like once a month

Heidi Graal : I'm watching this on iPhone 5c XD INCEPTION

3oolong : 0:56 ... unpaid intern .... OLIVIA??! 

Erico Nunez : this shit never gets old

Gar The Rapper : "iphone, buying the same shit over and over again. give us yo money." lmaoo

Bear Bee : The amount of times I've watched this video😂

JlandelMoncada1 : Lolz he does have a point.

Kuro Bancho : OMG the accents. XD

jeff doh : Make iphone 7!

Rising_Legend : Lol that was an epic Diss!!

The Darkness Beckons : This was the first video from this guy that I watched, so I took him super seriously. I thought he was actually from apple. Then he started making jokes. I didn't know what to think. He is really funny though.

jacobljlj : David please dont stop making skits, there are NO other comedy skits on yt or wshh that are as funny as ur skits :(( not even jkfilms :(

Dark Taco : 3 years later and still my favourite line "If I stole your identity I'd kill myself"

Mango Rice : When he did the Indian accent I died!

Fuzzymoon Beam : The best thing apple ever did was get this vid made

TabaChicken : Anybody else want to see David do a video on the iPhone SE?

Crowned Cresendo : Until like around 0:12 I thought that this was a real ad for apple, then I was like "He say whattttt?!?"

Jay Dub : Most people just go with apple because of the brand name and/or to females it looks pretty. I can't imagine anyone buying a new Apple phone talking about the features considering they're always basically the same thing

chappyTHO : i love apple and the fingerprint touch ID is super usefull, but this video is soooo hilarious!!

WTF NO MIA OMG : Apple products are all the same

lynx9264 : at thanksgiving, my cousin was screwing around with siri so i leaned over and said, "hey, did you know siri is racist?" all of a sudden my other cousin jumped up and screamed, "OMG DAVIDSOCOMEDY!"

athenris : Samsung is better than apple

JeezyKay21 : Make one for the new Iphone 6's!

Lynn Pham : Shot out water because I was laughing so hard

Chấn Hiển Nguyễn Tuấn : Do the 6 and 6plus, also the apple watch (y)

LameASS[png] : "give us yo money" -(Former)Senior VP of Apple

Saudi Gamer120 : I laughed so hard 😂😂😂

ThousndMaster : This is one of the greatest videos I have ever seen XD

juan pablo : actually he is right apple keeps putting the same things over and over again SAMSUNG IS MUCH BETTER

jati kuncoro : please do with iphone 7