'HYPERLOOP' to open in less than a month!!
HYPERLOOP to open in less than a month

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OMG its here!!! less than a month to supersonic travel to anywhere in LA for less than a dollar....... meanwhile in reality you can go up and down a 2 mile tunnel at probably 30mph. visit my amazon store: https://www.amazon.com/shop/thunderf00t


Shortstuffjo : I'm with you, Thunderf00t, on the vast majority of your arguments/debunks, and I agree that almost everything Musk says gets immediately misinterpreted and over-hyped to the point that simply questioning the viability of his claims becomes almost blasphemous. I even feel that, by purposefully trying to spark much of said over-hype himself, Musk shows off how flippant an attitude he has towards both the public and the truth. That being said, I realize that he isn't a scientist who values truth above all else, he's a businessman who knows that hype is good for business. You are a scientist though, and I like watching you truth-slap the shit out of stuff. When it comes to your videos on Elon Musk specifically though, I think you may have passed the point of non-biasedly picking apart and analyzing his bad ideas and entered the quite-biased territory of just hating the man himself. Like I said, I agree that he and some of his ideas are farrrr from perfect, and it disturbs me to see how some people almost worship him as a faultless deity, but that doesn't make me unable to admit that he(/his companies) has effectively revolutionized multiple giant industries and is continuing to lead those industries in promising directions. I just didn't think it was quite fair how you downplayed the accomplishments of SpaceX by showing a video of a one-of-a-kind vessel that doesn't compare to a Falcon rocket in any way. I'm not trying to attack you in any way; I just know that truth is important to you and that emotions are the best clouders of judgement that exist, so I wanted to let you know about your bias just in case you weren't 100% conscious of it yet. Keep up the videos of all kinds, Tf! Also, somebody down in the comments said to make your videos shorter and I just wanted to take this opportunity to veto the shit out of that suggestion. Don't change anything unless you want to.

Henri Bergeron : Everybody is so hateful when someone comes along and tells them their is no super genius solving all of Earths problems at the same time. It’s like people think of Elon Musk as a god that can do no wrong.

DLC ENERGY : damn, we got some salty haters in the comment section xD if it's not a vacuum, all it is, is a new metro. do you think metro's wouldn't already be doing everything they can to advance the tunneling system? ooh, but elon's got sci-fi style... ok, i'll give him that. he shoots cars into space and shit. xD

Hastur 3333 : petition to rename Tesla cars to hyper-pods

Algie Evan DeWitt V : Solar Freak'n Roadways "came out" already as well. Aren't we all driving on it now without issue and exactly as promised?

Boss Okanagan : So, did this open December 10th, as promised? Uh, no.

J T : I can confirm, nothing has been revealed

Brother Davi Sancti : Perhaps Musk should have marketed this thing as an underground highway

Гальванизированный Труп : april 2019 and the hyperhoax is not ready yet

I am Miconis : The disco lights will be thorium powered or feature frogs that have been turned gay by all the solar freakin roadways

ßri : i invented the "air" subway , its just like a regular subway but they have wings and go inn the air.

coso2 : Today? Yeah? I am curious! The Hype is so high for a metro tunnel

Kim Gosseye : Dear Thunderf00t, could you please make another video on Brexit? Something seems to happen those days but i cant understand what...

Santo Pino : Thunderf00t is criticizing the technical/scientific aspect of these "inventions" and the economical convenience. I've never heard him make any comments about Elons economical success. Attack his arguments and not the person, there is no jealousy and hatred issue. There is simply too few people around making these critical analysis, the level of Elon arse licking is simply shocking.

Nesty : Anybody remember the monorail episode of the simpsons

teebosaurusyou : Any publicity is good publicity. ;0)

Wyattchoi A : This boring tunnel project will end up being a private tunnel for elon to commute to work

Sebastião Mendonça : Elon Musk did not invent vertical rocket landing and quick reusability. He made it accessible.

Stephen46 xre : Ok! Did the Hyperloop open secretly?

Григорий Кривицкий : But it's not a hyperloop. It's just a tunnel.

Dr. Elvis H. Christ : Glad to see this stuff debunked. Doubt though it will wake up any of the Muskrats.

ItsAllUnity : Hyperloop -> leave out the vacuum -> metro -> leave out the tunnel -> train -> leave out the rails --> cars --> call them Tesla -> BOOM Profit

C Kathol : just 3 days until nothing happens!!

Siren Hound : It's December 11, I'm heading over to Musk's Twitter feed to get all the info on this surely successful first run and maybe get some stock tips.

John Lee Pettimore III : Wait. Vacuum tubes? Does this mean Elon will have to invent the transistor soon?

Tailslol : loops will only work if they are made on the moon.....

FireOccator : Well, it's December 10.

Dread Csgo : if HYPERLOOP is opened THUNDER shutsdown channel.....DEAL?

CIA : 0:55 Yeah but nobody could make it work so far, who cares what somebody thought up years ago? Did the Wright Brothers' achievement get diminished in importance since Leonardo DaVinci thought up a similar contraption that theoretically allowed him to fly? All spoils go to whoever can make it work, and Elon is not somebody I would bet against when he's pushed fully electric cars and cheap reusable rockets 20 years forward for humanity at a minimum, no one was even thinking of doing those things until this stubborn guy showed up with his high and mighty ambitions and proved us wrong not once but twice, I'd be glad if he could go three for three in all honesty.

B A : HYPErloop n. def: The Emperor's New Clothes™®©

Phlosen : "Hyper Hyper" Is everybody on the floor?

MusikCassette : so what A Metro is still a good Idea for big Citys. And for LA it is overdue. If he has to create a little bit stupid hype to make it happen, so be it.

spiritbx1337 : Maybe he can invent a hyper loop that isn't in a tunnel, BUT ON THE SURFACE, then he can power the cars with steam engines that will go choo choo! Genius!

Kevin JEWELL : The trains in France, Japan and China go faster...whats the big deal???

nexus1g : Lack of effort by "journalists" surprises you? Really?

Blanck Idiot : Wait.. but doesn’t japan and China already have maglev trains that go this fast

bighoov1 : Imagine the line of cars waiting to get on that elevator And clogging the streets for miles.

dezz dezo : The pod derails and you suffocate in the vacuum :D

Adrian Shephard : Oh how i love the common sense Thunderf00t sprays over Elon Musk fanboys...

Level 12 Lobster : 12:10 don't forget these little "hyper pods" will also drive on Solar FREAKIN ROADWAYS.

J A : I know this is late, but I didn't get a notification for this. I agree the hyperloop is absolute hype BS, but I disagree why. Your reasoning is kind-of right, but is based on stupid assumptions that this crap could/would ever be built above ground. You focus on the vacuum chambers being above ground & the issues that would result in. This would never happen, it would never be built above ground. You fail to adequately mention it could be done underground. But again, the technology isn't fully here yet, though again it could be. One of the fundamental problems with the hyperloop is safety. By design this thing is a deathtrap. You mention decompression, which is a valid issue. But one of the main reasons alone this thing could never be built is a fundamental factor of its own design. The 'pods' have to fill the near entire diameter of the tunnel. As the front and back is used for air compression/decompression magic it is impossible to evacuate out of these things. That makes the hyperloop a literal death trap if anything goes wrong anywhere in the system. Then there's the fundamental problem with the idea that people will want to travel in safety harnesses/some sort of restrain/protection for 10s of minutes without being able to get out, say for (to go to) the toilet. Then there's the high level of acceleration required to reach such speeds/proposed. These seem to me to be much more concerning than the assumption of the issues above ground and the issues of the near vacuum compression. Because arguably, the hyperloop is possible - not for people - for freight/cargo. But when you actually look at it It makes much more sense to have a maglev (EMS, transrapid like), which can feasibly travel at 600km/h today, no doubt capable of faster as the technology hasn't adequately been invested in. I would then place this in a tunnel, (to save costs on land acquisition, lower maintenance/higher reliability & safety, and straighter route for comfier ride & future speed increases), which further gives the advantage of being able to reduce energy consumption (and therefore costs) by controlling the air pressure** (though not to a stupid atmosphere where everyone will die like the hypercoffin). Why build a hyperloop for freight, in which the only advantage would be slightly higher top speeds and slightly better acceleration, when you can build a maglev with very nearly the-same journey times & can also transport passengers? **The channel tunnel actually controls air pressure to reduce energy consumption, I would like to see more projects done to this effect. Again, sorry this is late - just thought that you seem to be jabbing the hype -rloop- when you could really be knocking it out.

A I G U A : Elon musk and apple join to invent a thing to comunicate ppl its amazing.

Timothy Geneston : Me: NANI??? (WHAT ON JAPANESE)

JanicekTrnecka : 4:52 Czech Metro station :-) Line C

Bakkula : Looks like a maintenance tunnel

sc5252 : Talking only! Now five months passed, still nothing! Wonder which December they are talking about? 2019 or 2020 or 2021 or......?

Suleiman The Magnificent : The point is that you can bring your car

Testsubject276 : Hyper Pods? Acceleracers did it first.

J. C. B. of the USA : Yay! 100 yards of minihyperloop!!